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It has me thinking and now I'm very scared.


Temporal Novice
It has me thinking and now I\'m very scared.

After reading a bit about John Titor. There was a question about UFO's. And then he mentioned Mad Cow disease. Now, that got me thinking. A common occurance with farmers and UFO's are mutilated cattle. Along with several other things, like the writing in the fields, abductions, things like that.
Re: It has me thinking and now I\'m very scared.

Seal of approval eh?

I was thinking that they were doing that to those animals due to MCD. Related to what John said. Perhaps they are trying to prevent it? I recall something about a hundred thousand people dying.
Re: It has me thinking and now I\'m very scared.

Thats what i mean, the UFOS check the cows and if there is not infection or is an infection or somthing, they leave a mark to come back later and fix it.
Re: It has me thinking and now I\'m very scared.

Funny you should mention crop circles, I think the Titor case is much like crop circles.

The first, I mean origonal thought it up never been done before first crop circles were done by british pranksters, and they admited to it, and how they did it, years later. Yet now, people are going around saying there are 'real' crop circles. But the whole notion of crop circles is a farce, so how could there be 'real' ones? It makes no sense right?

Titor could come out today and admit the whole thing was fake, people wouldn't belive him anyway. They'd make up new stories.

Hey, I'm a time traveller, and I say that someone somwhere will have cancer at some point in the future... Now, thats a guaranteed truth, so I must be from the future to know it's true, right?
About a month before I knew Titor existed I was talking about mad cow disease to a friend of mine, Titor gave no set date of when it will come out, and with maybe 3,000 cases tops over the next 10 to 20 years (as it has been for the past 10 or 20 years) I would only expect as many this time around. I mean, he spoke of those 'zombie' things right? that could easily be interpreted as people affected by MCD, but that would be maybe 5,000 people max; there are billions in the US, or did they just dissapear?

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