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Is time quantized?

TimeMaster 1a

In other words, is there a fundamental unit of time that could not be divided into a briefer unit?

John Baez is a member of the mathematics faculty at the University of California at Riverside and one of the moderators of the on-line sci.physics.research newsgroup. He responds:

"The brief answer to this question is, 'Nobody knows.' Certainly there is no experimental evidence in favor of such a minimal unit. On the other hand, there is no evidence against it, except that we have not yet found it. There are no well-worked-out physics theories incorporating a fundamental unit of time, and there are substantial obstacles to doing so in a way that is compatible with the principles of General Relativity. Recent work on a theory of quantum gravity in which gravity is represented using loops in space suggests that there might be a way to do something roughly along these lines--not involving a minimum unit of time but rather a minimum amount of area for any two-dimensional surface, a minimum volume for any three-dimensional region in space and perhaps also a minimum 'hypervolume' for any four-dimensional region of space-time."

William G. Unruh is a professor in the department of physics and astronomy at the University of British Columbia. He offers this reply:

"There is certainly no experimental evidence that time--or space for that matter--is quantized, so the question becomes one of whether there exists a theory in which time is quantized. Although researchers have considered some theories in which there is a strict quantization of time (meaning that all times are an integer multiple of some smallest unit), none that I know of has ever been seriously regarded as a viable theory of reality--at least, not by more people that the original proponent of the theory.

"One could, however, ask the question in a slightly different way. By putting together G (Newton's constant of gravity), h (Planck's constant) and c (the velocity of light), one can derive a minimum meaningful amount of time, about 10-44 second. At this temporal scale, one would expect quantum effects to dominate gravity and hence, because Einstein's theory links gravity and time, to dominate the ordinary notion of time. In other words, for time intervals smaller than this one, the whole notion of 'time' would be expected to lose its meaning.

"The biggest obstacle to answering the question definitively is that there exists no really believable theory to describe this regime where quantum mechanics and gravity come together. Over the past 10 years, a branch of theoretical physics called string theory has held forth the greatest hope, but it is as yet far from a state where one could use it to describe the nature of time in such a brief interval."

Another, somewhat iconoclastic perspective on this question comes from William G. Tifft, a professor of astronomy at the University of Arizona:

"There are several ways to answer this question. 1) There is no conclusive evidence that time is quantized, but 2) certain theoretical studies suggest that in order to unify general relativity (gravitation) with the theories of quantum physics that describe fundamental particles and forces, it may be necessary to quantize space and perhaps time as well. Time is always a 1-dimensional quantity in this case. 3) My own work, which combines new theoretical ideas with observations of the properties of galaxies, fundamental particles and forces, does suggest that in a certain sense time may indeed be quantized. To see this we need some background information; in this scenario, time is no longer 1-dimensional!

"My colleagues and I have observed that the 'redshifts' of galaxies seems to be quantized. The redshift is the apparent shift in the frequency of light from distant galaxies. This shift is toward the red end of the spectrum and its magnitude increases with distance. If redshifts were due to a simple stretching of light caused by the expansion of the universe, as is generally assumed, then they should take on a smooth distribution of values. In fact, I find that redshifts appear to take on discrete values, something that is not possible if they are simply due to the cosmic expansion. This finding suggests that there is something very fundamental about space and time which we have not yet discovered.

"The redshifted light we observe is consists of photons, discrete 'particles' of light energy. The energy of a photon is the product of a physical constant (Planck's constant) times the frequency of the light. Frequency is defined as the reciprocal of time, so if only certain redshifts are possible, then only certain energies are present, and hence only certain frequencies (or, equivalently, time intervals) are allowed. To the extent that redshifts of galaxies relate to the structure of time, then, it suggests an underlying quantization.

"In our newest theoretical models we have learned to predict the energies involved. We find that the times involved are always certain special multiples of the 'Planck time,' the shortest time interval consistent with modern physical theories. The model we are working with not only predicts redshifts but also permits a calculation of the mass energies of the basic fundamental particles and of the properties of the fundamental forces. The model implies that time, like space seems to be three dimensional.

We now think that three-dimensional time may be the fundamental matrix of the universe. In this view, fundamental particles and objects--up to the scale of whole galaxies--can be represented as discrete quantized structures of 3-d time embedded within a general matrix of 3-D time. The structures seem to be spraying radially outward from an origin point (time = 0): a big-bang in 3-D time. Any given chunk, say our galaxy, is flowing outward in 3-D time along its own 1-dimensional track, a 1-D timeline. Inside our (quantized) chunk we sense only ordinary 3-D space, and the single 1-dimension time flow of our chunk of 3-D time.

"Now we can finally attempt to answer the original question, whether time is quantized. The flow of time that you sense corresponds to the flow of our chunk of 3-D time through the general matrix of 3-D time. This time is probably not quantized. Both ordinary space and ordinary 'operational' time can be continuous. On the other hand, the structure of the time intervals (frequencies and energies) that make up the 3-D chunks of time which we call galaxies (or fundamental particles) does appear to be quantized in units connected to the Planck scale. In the 3-D time model, space is a local entity. Galaxies are separated in 3-D time, which we have misinterpreted as separation in space.

"What matters in 3-D time is the time intervals needed to send signals between galaxies; separation of galaxies in time, not space, is fundamental. The general matrix of 3-D time appears to contain discrete 'particles' of 3-D 'time.' These particles are the galaxies. When photons travel between galaxies, the result is a quantized structure that we see as quantized redshifts. When photons travel within a single 3-D temporal structure, we see only ordinary 3-D spatial dynamics and continuous flowing time. Believe it or not, it seems that we can have it both ways--the underlying structure of time can be 3-D and quantized, but structures in time can flow continuously."
RE: Is time quantized, special guest comment?

Please note, brief note:

There is a-linnearity between Sir Issac Newton, as the trail of science leads into Einstine.

This is, Newton, did not account for mass as being a transiential obbect, subject to change...He never did, this was Lorentz, who was adjunct to Einstine's time.

On Einstine, Einstine himself steadfastly only proposed that mass did curvalinneate time and space.He knew this and had use many examples in order to show this.

Please note in reference to the only proper example of how time and space has a back door, he had used the simple corner of a wall example, with phantom lines in-back of this said corner, in order to show other proposed dimensions.

He would not go past this point, and had only hosted the geometrical real, with an opposing phantom in-back corner, to represent other dimensions which he knew was there.

Remember Einstine was only a step into understanding the many world concept in cosmological astrophysics.

Now Paul LaViolette and Brian Green's tellings, with their views of cosmology come along.

Some of both of these forsaid officers can be expressed that the squew ticket into other realms of dimension, have to be modulation of frequencies, which time space and mass are hosted to within some joining?

These were said in one variant of a proposed Eshcher's worlds, were if a vibrating liquid metal, werer placed as ferris quantiies of floating compasition, within a liquid substance, then certain geomnetrical shapes can be attained as cvertain set frequencies.This is a simple expierment, and functions in the same electrical mass, as simple audio speaker range programables do.

So in the reversed concept with a supposition to supposed null space, T,S,M & C are all therefor all corospondant to vibrational corospondants of frequency vibration.

This is scalier mass quanticized, under what are known as T-mass varibles.
RE: Is time quantized, special guest comment?


Creedo what your saying is that what lies between the mysterious "shadows" is the "frequencies." And these frequencies are geometric in form as caused from the frequency "sound" vibrations.

Yes I know this theory, but out of curiosity how do you see a similiar pattern that could apply to the occurance and formation of crop circles?

I know your response is going to be a riddle in itself!

RE: Is time quantized, special guest comment?

No CAT' geomentrical forms, are actually other states of reality, stated as dimensions indicaited by these certan frequencies.

In other words, in the older web site given to us by Clara, there was shown beings, who in only some representations had appeared as puffs of smoke.

These beings would look differnt to us, if we as beings, also existed on their frequency.

They would look as solid as anyone looks to you, however still other beings, on other frequencies to these beings, in some facits may still appear otherwise?

On the crop circles, there was British evidence, that shows that these patterns were made by small orbs, which may be plasmic sheathed and remotly controlled.
RE: Is time quantized, special guest comment?

so what your saying creedo is that the plasma ship I saw really could be physical it was just not completely in our frequency yet. It could if It wanted to become very real. Do you know anything about the beings who appear as large black blobs. I hope I'm not gonna wake up one day with a ugly looking reptile standing by my bed. clara

Ps. do you think the greys are reptiles or is that something altogether different. Are these two distinct species.
RE: Is time quantized, special guest comment?

Not exactly, all a ionized plasma sheath is is a slippery covering, just like non-stick acts upon kitchen utinsils.

There was a book published, which I think had a tile somthing like, The Gift), which some peoplke accuratly had translaited crop circles.

The plasma sheath is generaited by a large inner ship electrodyne power unit.

These little orbs only make paths within the wheat fileds and nothing more.

On reptiles, there are the Blue Dracks.With the Alpha Drackoians being so over oppresive, I would only care to give the Blue Dracks a kind mention here.

Me an artist guy who had contacted them, and these beings live off freqiuency from us.

From what I had found, they were the nicest reptoids around.

This guy was really glad to have met them.
RE: Is time quantized, special guest comment?

Well guys,

I think I may have an explaination for whats occuring.

The Black Blobs could possibly be the transition of an object between the dimentions.

The theory is in order to travel through time one must speed up the Vibrational Frequecy Rate. When the VFR is slowed down the object becomes visible.

An example of this would be to try to focus on a vibrating wine glass. (Its blurry) If it vibrates fast enough it could possibly move accross the the surface it rests on and become very blurry and distorted in appearance, looking almost to the point of invisibility. And with the right high pitch vibrating frequency sound it could Shadder!

The theory I have about the crop circles relates to sacred geometry perhaps imprinted by frequencies from another dimention. I think the crop circles serve as archetypal guides on a path of invitation to advance us spiritually. Which brings us back to the subject of the aliens main goal, purpose and hidden agenda with mankind.

RE: Is time quantized, special guest comment?

cat I did think that they may be coming from another dimention but wasn't sure. they are the ones who caused me to fall down the stairs. I'm not blaming them for the fall its just they took me by surprise. They seemed to be connected to american indians. they appeared by my bed and I heard Indian drumming. weird huh!
They haven't been back.

why do you seem to think that advancing spiritually would be such a bad thing for us. clara
RE: Is time quantized, special guest comment?

crop circles are BS, they are done by 3 guys, there was a show on tv about them and they showed everything how to do them, they are university students or something and it takes them 6 hours to do
RE: Is time quantized, special guest comment?


Yes I have heard of the hoaxes

But this has been going on throughout recorded history from China to England and Stone Hedge.

I have heard witnesses that say they have witnessed a crop circle in the making and what they saw was invisible and looked something like a wind vortex sweeping over the field. This particular person told me she felt the hair on her arms stand up.

Maybe magnetic principles come into play here? Maybe it works something like lightning? Did you know that lighting is actually pulled from the ground up?

If its something thats invisible it would lead me to think that its frequency and magnetic in nature.

I have also heard something else out of the ordinary that these crop circles (the real ones) emit levels of radiation that genetically mutanizes the seeds of that paticular crop and makes them more feisy,hardy and stronger than the parent crop.

RE: Is time quantized, special guest comment?

Outch Clara that sounds like it hurt (falling down the stairs!) Maybe you are as clumsy as I am? I could fall over a cordless phone!
And I have been known to "fall up" the movie theater stairs with pop in my hand! Luckily I was able to salvage it!

I don't know what to tell you about the indian spirits playing their drums? Sounds like maybe you have some past relatives that smoked the magic mushroom and are still having a pow wow party.

You asked me why I think advancing spiritually is a bad thing?
I thought that TTA explained that in his post about the GREYS in the thread "A friend from the future" I also attempted to explained it in my post that followed. Read it again.

I am also investigating the word GUFF that is a heavenly holding place refered to in the bible that has something to do with the gathering of souls in the last days. I think the true answer rests in there.

When I understand what this is, I will report back to you.


P.S. Maybe you could try and dig up some info about it also?
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