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Is anyone interested in Haunted Houses &

Is this the one about the ghosts giving blow-jobs?

I remember you mentioning something about it in a now deleted post.

SHH! no one's supposed to know about the ghosts who give blowjobs, if they know then the ghost wont give me anymore blowjobs /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif
The spirit of a person which due to a sudden and usually violent death is trapped in the confines of an inatimate object, often the walls or floors of a building.

Have you ever encountered such in Australia?


Would you share more about the haunted school with those of us who are seriously interested?

<font color="red"> [/COLOR] James ! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/mad.gif

If this is the best you have to offer, please be still.

This is meant to be a sober and serious discussion, not a mokery. It is absolutely short of amazing to me, that, no matter where I attempt to seriously glean information in the areas I am intensely interested in learning more, and perhaps assisting others in their personal research endeavors, there are always some who want to behave themselves as little children with foolish and off topic remarks and inuendos.

Please, if yo have nothing realted to add, then cease and desist.

Thank you very much.

Please, if yo have nothing realted to add, then cease and desist


Didn't mean to cause offence to anyone. My comment was only pre-empting what I'm sure Derek was going to allude to. He had already mentioned on a different forum that he had once convinced someone how his school was haunted and that the ghosts gave blow-jobs.

I have nothing related to add. If you wish to question him further, I see he is willing to talk.

If you want me to delete the previous thread, just say so.


it all come's down to this... I mentioned that my school was haunted, and I truly believe it is. The ghost part was something me and my friend used to joke about, and that was brought up by you in this thread. However, I really don't care if the blame goes on me, because on that topic I was stating my opinion on how easy it is to convince somebody... and that was an example of a time I convinced someone. The fact that you took it out of context and made it mean something that it wasn't even meant to mean, was all you.

But, I'm not going to sit here and have people tell me when to be serious and when not to be. You guys want to prove something? Good. Until someone replies to this thread with proof, or turns it into a serious discussion, I'm going to do like the other 2 were doing and joke around a little bit.

Can I ask you something? Have you people ever smiled in your life? Because everytime I make a joke, it's only laughed at when it's sarcasm. Even then, people are way too serious about something I say. It is unhealthy to be so serious. One person even flamed me because I made a joke about cartoon's being real... obviously it's also a joke. That was an attempt to give people a break from all this "lets see, ghosts could be real but NOW ARE UNICORNS?!" unicorns man, out of all creatures. Hell, everything fake must be real then. I'm sorry if what I say causes you to smile just a little bit. i think this smiley should just be forgotten " :D"
Zxavier, techinically everything said in this thread was on topic until you started talking about everything being off topic. so dont even go there girlfriend *Snaps fingers in face and walks off shaking butt like Jlo"

Are they not bot a part of the same account? Please, the activities of the ghost in the school. Thank you very much.



Thanks. I had no idea, and if that does come up again, have no fear, it shall be equally treated with the same disdain.

Dear Newbie derekpacisalive,

Of course you are entitled to your own opinion. I'll take none of my precious energies or time to dispute with you over it. The topic thread shall go on until determined by the TTI powers that be of it's bein inappropirate of "off" topic.

Thank you very much.

whatever xavier. it's on topic. the topic title is I quote "Is anyone interested in haunted houses &amp; trapped spirits". My school is haunted. That was still on topic.

The ghost that you want to know about so badly is a trapped spirit, still on topic.

So you're right, this is not anything to dispute. It was all on topic, until you jumped in and said it wasn't.

Back on topic...

About the ghost, for those who didn't read it (and keep asking me to tell them about it). I once told my friend that I saw a ghost in the school (lying, we were kid's and told stories). Around this age we were just maturing and sex was all new to us. So I added that the ghost gave blowjobs. He believed me, and he believed me because he wanted to believe something like that could be true. He also told me a story that he had sex with a ghost in his room, we now look back and laugh at the stories.

Anyways, the story I made up said that the ghost was in the boys locker room, and when he asked how she died I said that she snuck into the boys locker room on a dare and got raped. I said that she had an obsession with sex also which would explain why she gives blowjobs, and that when people are all alone in the boys locker room there's stories about it. (A part you might not want to know: I said that I came on her face once and that I could actually see what she looked like)... that's the story, and a lot of people actually believed me.

The following is actual event's. Not just stories me and my friend richard shared.

(i post in colors when I change thing's up so that it's more readable what im trying to say)

<font color="red"> Here's a real ghost story I've encountered:
Me and my cousin used to wrestle and play around in the backyard when we were younger. To this day me and my cousin are still haunted by this event. We were playing in the backyard as usual, I was Bret Hart he was Hulk Hogan (you know how it goes). Well, I had him in a "sharpshooter" when suddenly these 3 kid's walked by. I didn't even see them come up. All I know is they were walking by the school corner (I live not even 15 feet from the school), crossed the street and stopped by us. One of the kid's had the freakiest voice, it was more calm then normal. It was slow, and soft (but for some reason we heard it perfectly). Instead of asking "what are you doing?" or just a simple "hi", he looked at us (his face was really pale) and said "who are you?". Usually a line like that wouldn't scare anyone but the way he said it freaked the hell out of us. We were too shook up to answer, and the 3 kids walked off. Finally (they were still visible) me and chris (my cousin) decided to chase after them and see who they were and why the hell we were so freaked out. Well, they were still visible 3 seconds ago, and now they were gone. So we ran all the way up the street, turned up, ran all the way up the next block and back left. came back down, through the alley's, no where to be found. We looked between the cracks of every house. We litterally ran chasing after them, because it was impossible for them to disappear like that. It would have been impossible to get away from us when we were running at that speed too... they didnt live around there either (i know because i know everyone in my neighborhood), so there's no way that they had took a quick run off to their house. We lost them. Then, it happened again. 5 minute's after we spent 4 minutes running around all the blocks to find them, they came from the same exact direction. Once again, this was impossible considering the block's are totally square and the actual school block is 2 block's long. They once again asked "Who are you?", I replied. "I'm Derek, who are you?" and he walked away with his friends. We made sure that we were right behind them this time, but I must have just blinked because they were suddenly gone. We once again circled all the blocks and then some... they were nowhere... we came to the conclusion that there was no possible way for them to disappear like that, and figured they were ghost's. 3 day's later, it seems my friend richard had been walking up the block at that time and had the same exact story, and it was around the same exact time of ours. How could the kid's be at 2 places at once? And we didn't even tell him our story, he was just saying "the weirdest thing happened today...". No possible way, you try to tell me a possible way someone could disappear at the blink of an eye, or that they could be at 2 different places at the same exact time.[/COLOR]

<font color="blue"> Also, my mother once told me of these haunted house stories of a house she used to live in (she lived in california at this time, before i was born of course). Here's her story as I remember it: She always heard door's closing in room's where noo ne was. One day her brother went outside to get the mail and he was walking in the air. Something was levitating him. He was 2 feet off the ground and didn't even know it. I guess some other stuff happened there because she told me that they moved out due to the hauntings, and her father tried to get a house for the night they moved out and the police wouldn't believe their story. She said that the police spent a night there because her father dared them to so that they'd believe them. The next day they found that the police left during the night because they were freaked out about something they saw. They were provided with a place to stay until his father could afford an apartment. If you ask me it sounds like something out of a movie.[/COLOR]

As for the happenings in the school I live by. Sometime's light's will flicker on and off when nobody's there, not even the janitor who leave's at 2 AM. They do that all night. Also there's this time where me and 2 of my friend's were walking by the clock tower of the school, and we could see through it as if something happened in the tower and someone wanted to tell us something. If you walk by the stadium of the school, on a completely windless day, you can hear someone walking across the bleacher's, and I believe (my friends dont) that there is this guy that walks around the school every night with his dog. I basically stalked this guy one day to see if he was a ghost. I stayed about half a block away from him at all time's so he wouldn't see me. Well, he got to the top of the school block and turned, so I ran to catch up to him and he was gone. So I ran faster to see if I could find him. He was already at the other side of the school as I looked down through the stadium's fence. I turned my head and he was gone. Then I looked back again and I saw him come out of a shadow on the other side of the school. I was convinced. That same night I looked into the window of one of the rooms that had their light on (which was strange) and even more strange, the school room looked more like a rich person's bedroom. Then there was this time a car speed out of the parking lot (we didnt even see the car at first) and it disappeared as soon as it turned the corner... that was pretty weird.

me and my cousin came to believe that ghost's are everywhere. the house im in now I've had strange things happen (nothing so strange to make me believe its haunted though, but my mothers ex boyfriend that i live with, his grandfather and grandmother died here in the attic). Sometimes me and my cousin take these walks, and everytime we find something that seems strange. from a strange area where we've heard of death stories, to haunted churches.

You know, I still have a hard time believing in ghost's (even with these stories). The only reason I really remember these stories is because I've always been adventurous. I'm still like that to this day, and at the moment these stories seemed kind of adventurous to me.



There is a major misunderstanding here, it is quite clear. I was not chiding with you about your post, rather to James' remark, which we both have already cleared up in previous posts. Your contributions concerning the trapped spirits in the school house were indeed quite on topic and related to what we are wanting to glean in this discussion. My personal apology to you for the misunderstanding of what I previously stated and to whom my remarks had been directed.


how's everyone doing? i've been lurking for the past couple of days......this is a very interesting board.

i wanted to share my haunted house expirences with everyone. (i apoligize if my thoughts are somewhat scattered....it's how i think)

the house that is haunted was built around '96. (i honestly can't remember) ever since the first time i slept in it, i knew something was up. during the night, little things would happen. the one i remember the most is hearing a radio go on and off upstairs....when i was the only one in the house. (this happened a few times) over the years we just turned it into a joke....now we consider it very real. i have been playing guitar and been pushed down on the ground. my mother and i both watched as a lamp moved from the middle of a table to the edge then shattered on the ground.

about two years ago, we decided to play with the ouija board. (we'd done it before and nothing really happened)
we contacted two "spirts". the first one was very strange. he said he watched over the house. he gave off a very strange vibe (excuse my lack of better words) and he was inconsistant with some of the things he'd say.....not to mention it took a while to answer some questions. we asked his name and he spelled "a-z-e-" then totally went away.

the second was a much of an expirence. she took no time to answer questions, in fact, you know how in movies the pointer moves by itself? well...that happened. she said her name was Agatha McGaddas. she died in 1950 as the result of a hunting accident. (which is interesting because where i live is somewhat rural/somewhat urban, but in 1950 it would have been totally rural, and very likely hunting camps...in fact my neighbors' house was an old hunting camp) she proved her existance by turning on and off lights when we asked, hitting lampshades, and knocking on various parts of the house. there is no way in hell that my friends that were present could have faked what i saw. she seemed to be somehow connected to my friend, brennan. i guess that's why it was the only time the ouija board worked. (that was the first and only time she tried it with us) we ended up talking to her for about an hour or so. i felt bad for her....she said she was 18 (i'm guessing that was her age when she died) and she just wanted some friends. the expirence freaked up out enought to not use the ouija board again. you have no idea how curious i am about the situation, and how much i'd love to talk to her again....but i'm honestly scared because i have no idea what i'm messing with. she could be a trapped soul, she could be lying demon....who the hell knows.

i thought maybe some people on here would have some insight to the situation. the possibilites of her being a trapped soul (if she died well before the house was built, how could she be trapped in the walls?) or the possibilites of demons or whatever else is out there. i just have no idea.


.....although i'll add, she didn't feel evil.....

In response to your question about my visage: Have you people ever smiled in your life? Because everytime I make a joke, it's only laughed at when it's sarcasm . . . .

The emoticon used is more of a trad marke than an adequate indicator of my enotional condition at the time I am posting. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif As for attempts and joking around, I may have missed something here, but I haven't seen anything really humorous as of yet . . . I could be entirely wrong . . . and then again, why in the midst of serious discussion must there be frivoulus humor inserted? Just wondering, that's all.

I have no problem with your believe of your school being hounted and possibly the home of one or more trapped spirits. And again, the response you flinched at wa not made directly to or about your posts. Nuff sed? :oops:

I don't know about the unicorns thread, as I haven't carefully viewed it through. Therefore, I will leave it well enough alone.

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