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Imaging a very large rock



I had psychically imaged a very large meteor, or comment, comeing towards Earth.

This visaul was made on the morning of April the 4th 2002, while checking out with my grocieries, at the supermarket.

For some reason, I had looked at the white roof above me, of the stores, and kept going through this roof mentally, till out deep in space.This process was about three to five seconds in time.

I heard the voice come out of myself, "It's comeing and it's very big"!

I later picked up visualizations of this giant rock.

This was the secondary visualization, as shown off one of the contigual web sites, off the Micheal Horn web site, who has contacted the Pleiadeans, by his sayings.Go to Art Bell, for past guest, in archival material, and enter serch word, Michael Horn, under past show guest?

I had thought that he was in error in what was put foward, however its seems by my impression at this time, that this perception is correct.

If the Pleiadeans know about this, then what good are they, if they can divert the path of this giant raidoactive rock?
creedo, is this a rock or a planet. it may be the planet mr. sitchin is talking about. clara
No it's a big raidoactive rock, about a half a mile in hight.

You can get a picture of this, as a drawing on contigual links, off the Michael Horn web site.

Go to artbell.com.

Go to past guest archives, and or shows, find or serch for Michael Horn.

The picture, as promiced by the Pleiadeans, is a very large raidoactive rock and it's comeing towards Earth.

I had imaged this yesterday, as said at the supermarket.

I'm sure this is accurate Clara.
How far away is this thing? Is it already on a direct course with Earth's orbit or could the planet's gravity pull it in?
Not quite Pluto, however within this neighborhood.

About a mile high and this thing registers as hot.

It's supposed to be very strongly magnetic too, however I have not homed in on this as of yet.

I had instinctivly looked up through the roof of the supermarket with mind, went seep into space and then senced it.

"The return was, this thing is comeing and it's really big"!

Go the the Micheal Horn web site, who was an Art Bell guest, a while back.

Get Horne's web site, from Bell and then when in Horns web site, go to his links.

I had found the same picture, which is a painting of this rock to come.

I get the same impression as the painting, however with the Pleiadeans powers, I don't know and understand why they would only accompany this rock in, instead of diverting it somehow?

I'm only getting distance now and not an exact vector.

By utalizing star movement backround shadow contrasting, you sould be able to find this in a while?
I went to horns web page and there was nothing. could you give me more on how to reach this site. clara

ps I still think it is the 12th planet that you are sensing . according to the Zeta it is suppose to be passing by in the summer of 2003. But they could be liars. have you read their web site it is called zeta talk. they have said some things which I beleive are outright lies. Maybe they are planting some disinformation who knows. clara
Dearest Clara'

I hope that you and your family are doing well?

Getting to school, for that fledgling, is always a first big step and I hope that college goes well for daughter?!

How has the weather been down south?

Here on the in the west, it has been rainy and I have had to put my head down and bull through the yard work, plus some of the other chores on the ranch.

My Cokker mix, get her Spring clip today.I uasually do this with the sewing sizzors, which I'm not supposed to use, however these snippers, do an extremely fine job!

Will sharpen them in the shop, after I'm done barrowing them.

Did you do something to your hair?

Whatever it was, looks a bit differnt.

Has you husband been sleeping well as of late?Hope so, worried about him, he seems like a nice fella.

~~There, a small personal letter and that didn't hurt a bit!

If everyone had cared about people, to this little extent on this planet, then this world would be a much, much, better place to live.

Re Calir'..Nope I remember Michael Horne's page was gray.

I went to links at the middle bottom of his page and key into one of those links.

I may have key into another link, off a link, I don't recall, however I do remembewr that this link was European, had Dutch or something within it, but translaited to English.

On this links page, within the upper left hand corner, there is a painting.

This painitng is a picture of a large flaming ball-like rock.
This is placed on the left of the small pic, which is about one inch in square dimension and right next to the flaming ball-like rock, is a Pleiadean beamship.

This flaming ball, is shown headed by Earth, within the painting.

This is within the top left hand corner of this web page.

I will go back and try to find this page for you.

When I had read and this happens every once in a while, when I'm by electronics equipment, I sometimes remotely use the auras of the equipment to boost my reading power.

I also use the fluroesent lights, as they phase burn on differing frequencies and I can then really boost my power.

I form a psy platten base and then work up from there and then project very deeply into space.

I don't use this method all the time, however I chose within a split second, to take advantage of the situation and phase read deep into space.

This is not a normal rock, however very big.

I'm also picking up elements of raidoactivity on this rock, maybe this is why within the photogrpah of the painting, this incomeing rock-ball was flamining?

The anuhi are no longer ownus of man.

These are the big nosed aliens, that had landed at Kirtland Air Forvce Base, as shown in Linda Multon Howes book, Glimpses Into Other Realites.

These are canabals, they live off blood, and yes we also have their genes within us.

These seem to be the people who manage and are obnoxiously obsessive?Big shots in industry.

However because of time, this right of joining with humans, is now pasea.There is just no more furtivness to us associating with these ex-Sirians any longer.

This part of our realtionship, as told in Sitchin's book, is gone.

I'll try to find this web site.

But I did definalty pick up something irregular.

Thanks, best wishes, Creed
thanks creedo, are the ex sirains the ones from the 12th planet that sitchin is speaking of. He calls them aunanakki. there are to many aliens no one can figure out who is on our side and who isn't it mind boggling. clara
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