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...right now there are several discussions going on around me..."space"..."black holes"..."time travel"..."technology"...in this room.

abstract thought, people getting excited about possabilities they'd like to believe in.

(topic) john titor...supposed time traveler...

hoax or not?

this is not the question you should be asking.

^----------- thats not the kind of commanding statement i should be spouting.

commanding...more...suppose...suppose we dont question...hoax or not, its a reality somewhere.

im sorry for analysing a bit too much...

let me explain...even just acting, putting yourself in the mindset, of a time traveller raises problems...

explaining future concepts...

future concepts


appologies for the...

The very act of presenting yourself as a time traveller, talking about current issues and relating them to, either real or extrapolated/predicted, outcomes of "now", the uncertain future, putting your views on a website and creating excitiement etc...its a good thing.

Imagination, dreams, conversations, forums...its accelerating...

Will we be looked down upon by "john titor's" people, the humble future inhabitants of this realm...i hope they see the specs of light that started a cascade of good events that lead to their almost heavenly like society.

He talks of wars, of the changes in society, civil wars in america...current events we are interested in now...we spend alot of time in our little worlds, beliefts, realities...

(world) Country 1
Belief: Country 2 = Bad.

(world) Country 2
Belief: Country 1 = Bad.

The outcome...can be avoided...

Ill stop my sleep deprived ramblings...but im running out of the little mental energy i had when i started typing this.

was excited about voicing my opinion..
now it dont really matter, i suppose i feel relief a certain percentage about what im really intending to get across might have come across...and it will possably lead the open/like-minded people, the people i love, onto thinking about topics...the real/not real john titor made me type this...maybe the concept at hand is "inspiration"...