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I will get my point across



I see you deleted what I am said, afraid that the people here will learn the truth about what an insult this board is to science!!! If you want to study "Time Travel" At least Get a Masters if not a Ph.D. in Physics, and perhaps a few other degrees in scientific topics too (Atomic Chem, Math, Physical Science, etc.). Leave Research to Professionals, readong your "Commandments" page, I see what a disregard to logic and the scientific meathod the Moderaotors have. This is not a Board to Study the Natural Philosophy (Physics) of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and thereby Time Travel. It is Board where (from what I see of the Moderators anyway) simply enjoy waving their delete power (never seen moderators use it so much), and Concidering the Practical Philosophy of the Posters. This is not a Science Board, it is a Sci-Fi board. lol
Everytime I post, someone will read it before you delete it, and learn the TRUTH, Time01... I'm Pretty sure you are the one deleting these, you seem to have the least respect for physics and the scientific meathod of all the moderators and members.
You say you're a physicist...
Don't you have better things to do than insult us? You don't have to be here, you know.
Hello Phys,
My personal opinion Phys, is that people who strive to get their PhD's and Bachelor's tend have "common sense" run out of 'em. I'm willing to bet your a prime example of this. I can't say I've read your posts, so would you be so kind as to send them to me via e-mail. I'd appreciate it greatly. At this point in time, I feel that the people here on this board and others like it have a better understanding of things than you can hope to have, simply because they have open minds. Thats something alot of college graduates seem to lose because they graduate thinking they know everything and there is no one equal to them, only lower because they didn't receive the "grand" training and teaching that was given to them.

I suggest read deeply in this board with an open mind and you may learn something you didn't learn in your organized schooling, much like organized religion, whereas these people learned in schooling of the best kind, within.
Hey Physicist!! It would do you some good to actively research some of the archives in the different topic forums. Perhaps then you would be enlightened to the fact that this is not a sci-fi board by any stretch of the imagination. Of course there is some topic matter that stretches the imagination some what but that is one of the luxuries that we have on this board, it provokes constructive thought on topics that are acceptable to us. Since actions speak louder than words and you say you are an actual psysicist, which Degrees have nothing to do with, then perhaps you might feel empowered to enlighten some of us on the finer points of Quantum Tantrics, Interdimensional Transference, or even you could stretch your mind a bit and imagine that you had to build an anti-gravity vehicle, how would you approach such a problem. Since so far you are the only one convinced that you are part of the all knowing all exclusive club of people like Einstein, Tesla, or even perhaps Thomas Edison, then you are more than capable of conveying thoughts on topic matter that is pertinent to you background instead of belittling people, some of which have more experience in these topic matters than you have, and perhaps ever will. I apologize for placing you in the same category as Einstein, Tesla and Edison as they were openminded, which is what made them the real scientists that they were. it is up to you to decide if you fit into that category with them, somewhere anyway......

Sincerely, Draco
<font face=tachoma bold font size=18 color=red>
"It is not uncommon for engineers to accept the reality of phenomena that are not yet understood, as it is very common for physicists to disbelieve the reality of phenomena that seem to contradict contemporary beliefs of physics"</font>
- H. Bauer
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/style/A3196-1999Oct31.html

A Scientific Heretic Delves Beneath the Surface.
By Ken Ringle
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 1, 1999; Page C1

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Do you really have a physics degree Mr physisist. My friend noticed that you have quite a bit of spelling errors. Tell me how could you graduate an eight year university with such poor grammar? All the university professors that I have spoken to will not give a passing grade to someone who's paper is not properly written. No I think that you are full of crap and that you don't know the first thing about physics yourself. Why don't you stop with your wining and post something about physics on your next e-mail to prove me wrong...If you no anything at all and please hit the spell check so as not to disgrace all the people who really have obtained a doctorate. If you really did graduate then I seriously think that you should ask for your money back. I myself was going to attend a college to get a degree but if you are the example of the product our universities are selling for ninety thousand dallars then I will pass thankyou. I and the others on this website do not need your degree to conduct our research. Remember the following...history looks poorely on those who ridicule the thinkers. If you don't believe me look at Einstien. One of Einstiens professors told Einstien that he should not pursue becoming a physisist after hearing his hair brained theories of the universe. The professor also stated to Einstien that he would never amount to anything in physics. Now everyone looks down upon that foolish old fart professor as much as they look down on the pharisees that crusified Jesus. Oh, and by the way please forgive any spelling errors that I may have posted in the above extremely hypocritical transmission.
I don't take offense in you calling this a sci-fi board. science fiction of yesterday can easily become the reality of today.

men on the moon, lasers , video phones ,
even airplanes were all once science fiction.
even Dick Tracey's video wrist communicator... where did I see a picture of a watch like that? oh yeah........ popular science. it is no longer science fiction! but science fact.
Einstein was way beyond his peers he saw beyond conventional physics. somewhere out there is physics you never dreamed possible.
If you say you understand all there is to know about quantum physics I dont beleive you. there are things out there undiscovered,or even that we have to re-discover.
Einstein said "imagination is more important than knowledge." for you can have all the knowledge in the world.... and create nothing.
I personally admire the way Mr. Schasteen presents his ideas.he is someone who will truly discover things. you can tell by his postings he is highly intelligent but he considers other peoples ideas so he may gain all the insight he can. and even further his own thinking. I have seen highly intelligent people do this all the time.they always ask themselves...what can i learn from this. People that post like you I cannot understand to come on a forum and try to make fun of posters but contribute nothing yourself. why do you post here at all?
where would we be today if it were not for the great discovers of yesterday? the ones who pushed on dispite what the scientific community thinks. following their ideas to produce something of benefit for mankind?
the ones who didnt listen to the voices in the background that were saying to them "never in your lifetime..." "Your gonna make that thing fly???hahahahah" "my boy..you will never amount to anything in physics."
"hahah EVERYBODY knows the world is flat! you will fall off of the edge!" "a man on the moon? immpossible!!......."everybody knows that NOTHING can go faster than the speed of light....." discoveries are not always thousands of years away...just because you cannot visualize it happening in this time frame. besides,don't you have to start somewhere??????????

.....are you afraid one of them might just succeed?
HEY PHYS, I proudly admit to being the village idiot of this board and when I die I'm leaving my body to science fiction! Instead of tearing down, if you are truely enlightened then be a guide and use the knowledge to build and inform. Otherwise you and the hair up your --- can find another forum very easily. Boy, for a group that fight as much as brothers and sisters do, we certainly came together like brothers and sisters do when there's trouble!
So physicist, if you've been reading what everyone on this board has to say, then it should be pretty obvious that your "point" really didn't make it in this forum. Oh well. Better luck next time.
Duu how dast thou art impleye dat mee and mah kin Egor are beneeth you, we done spent all dem rainy nitez diggen up gravz for Dat Frankenfurter dude and he cooked up a real wapper of a quizene. Dang monster never woke up causun we ate it but at least dat Frankenfurter guy was a genuine scienteest from Transylvenia State U. Shame is he didn't know nuttin bout hookin up a ground coard. I think therefore I am!!
Quasi and Egor
Hi....My name is shamed..................
(standing up in the unscientific support group)I am an USP (un-scientific person)I hide behind my user name because I have now discovered I have shamed the scientific community. I am an ...an...insult to science.
I started off only doing two or three unscientific things a day....but then i got hooked....I was doing more and more....until I finally became UNscientific..I went beyond the normal text book theories...I dabbled in things beyond quantum physics.....I...I did not use the scientific method...(quiet gasps are heard in the room as the shame spreads over to the other unscientific people.who went beyond the current theories of the day.)
Dear Physicist:

I am glad that you were able to earn your doctorate, I know that you must have spent endless hours studying to get to where you are now. A word of advice, try to keep an open mind to everyone's opinion or thoughts. Just a few years ago the original Star Trek series in the sixties contained far-fetched ideas that were the product of imagination; many people thought that the gadgets that they used in the show were science fiction, only! Many have become science fact. Naming a few examples: the communicator - we have that today with the hand held cell phone, medical advancements, clothing that combines technology with style, which can keep a human very warm and dry in extreme conditons, and let us not forget the Shuttle Craft that we have today and the reusable craft that we are designing today so we do not have to use the booster rockets.

Since you have your degree you can do some good with it as you have earned it, but to criticize other people and their theories, because you are a degreed physicist is unfair and stifles fresh ideas that may come from outside the academic world.

And now for the real kicker - as I stated on Oct. 9th, I am now officially the BIG DADDY of Time Travel. No, I have am not drunk or high on halucinogenic drugs, although I did make a spelling mistake on October 9th because my associate and myself were celebrating my discovery over Scotch with a beer chaser.

To the future!

Ugly Bob
Physisist you have discovered the secret to time travel and you are trying to stifle our advancements by ridiculing us in hope to stall us so as to beat us to the punch, isn't that a shame.
Dear Ether,
Are you crazy or did you just sniff to much ether as a child? Physisist didn't discover the secret to time travel...he's just full of himself.
"Pay It Forward", and stretch your mind to think outside of it's linear three dimensional container...Feed Thy Head!

Get out more & read MORE!!

I will reccomend the following.........

"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms." How much can physics explain? This free on-line, downloadable book presents a startlingly integrated world view from the forefront of physics. So often we read about the new quantum paradigm which has replaced the old mechanistic philosophy of physics, but seldom do we find "what the paradigm is" spelled out so succinctly. Throughout this book, the author returns to the principle of event symmetry -- in particle physics, in cosmology, in superstring theory, in epistemology. Coupled to the storyteller's paradigm this new idea of philosophy and physics dares to free us from the constraints of our intuition, to reveal natures truths.

How much can physics explain? "Event-Symmetric Space-Time" presents a startlingly integrated world view from the forefront of physics. So often we read about the new quantum paradigm which has replaced the old mechanistic philosophy of physics, but seldom do we find "what the paradigm is" spelt out so succinctly. "The universe is made of stories, not of atoms." (Muriel Rukeyser) This is the storyteller's point of view. Through a literal interpretation of those words we transcend causality and determinism to see the quantum multiverse as a whole.

Throughout this book, the author returns to the principle of event symmetry -- in particle physics, in cosmology, in superstring theory, in epistemology. Coupled to the storyteller's paradigm this new idea of philosophy and physics dares to free us from the constraints of our intuition, to reveal natures truths. We are in the midst of a revolution in our understanding of physics and the universe. This new interpretation of superstring theory is slowly helping to bring physicists' long search for the holy grail of knowledge to fruition.

At the debut of the twentieth century Einstein revealed how the laws of nature are independent of any co-ordinate system. According to general relativity, no matter how a reference frame of space-time is turned, pulled and stretched, the laws of physics remain the same because gravity keeps track of the changes. Einstein's only restriction was that he did not allow space-time to tear. You cannot cut out two pieces of space-time and swap them over expecting the forces of nature to compensate, or can you? Research attempting to form a theory of quantum gravity suggests that space-time can tear and reconnect in ways which change its topology. This book suggests that Einstein's symmetry must be extended to allow space-time to be atomised into space-time events which can be pulled apart and recombined in any permutation. The unified forces of nature must permit this "event symmetry" just as gravity already permits the more restricted co-ordinate transformations.

Recently theorists have discovered matrix models of superstring theories which vindicate these ideas. In this new picture pioneered by Leonard Susskind at Stanford, the co-ordinates of space-time have been replaced by anti-commuting matrices in the same way that quantum theory modified the commuting observables of position and momentum seventy years before. Now it is space-time itself which is being remoulded. In the limit where the co-ordinate matrices commute they can be diagonalised simultaneously so that their eigenvalues represent the co-ordinates of classical space-time events. The order of these events can be permuted under the symmetry of the model and thus the principle of event-symmetry is realised. In the true non-commuting geometry this is generalised to a matrix group symmetry which unifies gauge symmetry and particle statistics. These features had been previously predicted as a natural outcome of event symmetry. Other predictions to be found in this book, such as the relationship between multiple-quantisation and dimension, may further help string theorists to understand the nature of space and time.
Hey, Phys.
If you have a doctorate, then you should attempt to use your knowledge for some greater purpose than to insult our research. If you were a true scientist, then you would aid us in our research. A degree proves nothing, except that you had the patience to put up with professors, and that you kissed up enough to buy good marks.

<This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 14 October 2000).>
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