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I don't expect anybody to reply to this:...


I don\'t expect anybody to reply to this:...

It's just a taught (from a deep inspiration)

First of all, my idea came out in a post, actually deblating about the grand-father killed by his grand-son, got back in time, who wanted to know what a paradox looks like.

Many seems to believe in reincarnation. Personnaly, by being Christian, reincarnation is replaced by resurection, just a matter of religion and faith. The point is that I do have a 'small' oppening for reincarnation, but certainly not the way it's promoted (back to any mammals of a frog!). ((Before to get to the "theory" I want to bring you, I'll continue to explain points that relates to it, be patient!))

I do believe in an other side of the body, that we don't percept yet with our scientific tools and that is eternal, after death, this body is going in a well or a hell place (and that's not the way must people from church conceive it,I'm shure).

-]To get in the direction of time travel, in the other post (with time02112) I got a theory; if use our bodies as timetravel machine, for shure you need something else to help, but basicaly this is it. So, moving forward very fast in the futur would seems that your body(and soul) was conservated. But, in the inverse and relative situation -get back in the past- what would be the result? If we use our body as a time-machine and we wasn't born, how can-we do it? This is an other question that push the 'theory' that we do have a soul, the soul being eternal because not physical (like a ball of energy, our taught and knoledge, feed by something...)-because if this is 'real' - it would allow us to travel back in time before our birthday, freely, as a gost!

So I got to my first point. My second is the following one, I've started it when I introduced the reincarnation, and after-death life; Remember the stories of people seen something after their death (and being reanimated), much of the people see theirself ded, some see their life going backward to their birth and then see a light?
There we are! Are you following me? This is maybe a sort of reincarnation, a sort of redoing our life, rewind the "tape" and live it again... the light is maybe your mother's "lower leap's opening". This idea would also explain why not everybody (who had died) have seen that - other redo their life (kind of hell or purgatory or maybe they do an other life, other body) - and other go directly to something greater then life on earth.

-My oncle died 2 years ago (that was the second time he died)
the first time he was electrocuted by high voltage, he saw his life going back to his birth, but then a lady wearing a white robe tell him that this was not his hour, and he got back to life (my father reanimated him). I compare that to a paradox - He wasn't suppose to die yet, for some reason (and trust me---it's a miracle, for the skeptic:I have proof)he saw his life going back as he was going to live it again.(?), after that 'electrical' experience he got a 6th sens.

A third point (relative to the theories showed previously), have you ever heard of St-Catherine Emerich? This sister traveled back in time thru is spirit (you might not have any idea), I won't tell her story, but that's an other exemple of time-traveling with the spirit.

Finally (gosh, that's my longuest post!)
I assume by all the theories showed previously that:

A)time-travel is possible

B)Our bodies are our time-machines

C)Where our lower bodies can't go(perceptions of the physical body) -time and space- our greater bodies can go (spirit and souls). That allows us the possibility to believe in OBE and all the relative stuffthat corespond...

D)We 'maybe' lives many times our lives, with variations and similarities, could we call that time-travel? (uncotroled!)

E)Traveling in the futur makes sens, our actual physical bodies are going in that direction! And getting back in the past will be possible by the consciousness(souvenirs) or the spirit.

F)About the famous "reset buton", it will occur when you use your 'soul' to get in your younger body, by getting backward you "erase" what have been done. You kinda "press" the reset button when you attempt to go in the futur with your soul (inside your older body), because anything you've done that alter the futur you conceive may cause an divergence of life that will retain you to go there(in simple words
you have to see it clear and right to be able to get into it.

G) Thank to you if U use the time to read the whole thing, Sincerly. I didn't writed that just for the fun of writing. I'm sorry if you don't beleive my faith, I just don't want to make wars on that and upset you, I didn't writed that to start a discussion on religion of life-after-death.

H) But, if any of you got my point and understand where I'm going, I'd appreciate to know! This could makes a book, I've tried to put it in a page, sorry for that!

Have a nice day!



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RE: I don\'t expect anybody to reply to this:...

Another great description of your theory! Honestly I can't agree 100% cuz I haven't experience it, but it's knowledge. One more step to be tested. As long as we have control without excess. I'm telling you if scientists work as a "mind collective" by meaning to cooperate no contradictions unless a suggestion, there will be more probability of success.
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