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How to travel ASTRALLY in time!


New Member
This is your soul moving freely in time out of your physical body...

To leave the physical body
*Lie back on bed in a comfortable position, gently close your eyes are relax.

*Letting go of any pain take slow, deep comfortable breaths through the nose.

*Without worrying avoid thinking about anything.

1, Imagine your in a lift moving upwards.

2, Vividly feel the upwards motion.

3, Get very relaxed and feel like going to sleep but keep focused on the image of moving up.

4, Tell yourself you will wake up fully out of the body.

5, Imagine you are rising up FROM your body and drift of to sleep.

To astrally move in time!
*Focus very vividly on the time(what's happening then)which you want to move your astral body i.e.soul to.


People such as Ed Morrel reported being able to travel in time while although his body! Since nothing physical moves in time it's hard to prove.

Paul Curran
One of the difficulties with traveling through time in the Astral body is the fact that anything you can imagine can be recreated on the Astral plane. If someone focuses on traveling through time in the Astral body they are just as likely to find themselves in the Astral plane watching a mental recreation of the events. Since, events on the Astral plane are largely influenced by what one expects to see or believes they should see, the person is not likely to view an unbaised and accurate account of any event they travel to see. Instead, they will see the historical event as they imagine it taking place and what they view may have no truth to it whatsoever.

That is true on your first several trips. As you develop the skill however this will deviate more and more until it is completely unbiased by you. As you become more one with the Matrix, the less of "you" there is. Individuality starts to be erased or muttered by the in flow of the thoughts of countless others.

...~The Doctor~...
"There is no time to waste, only time to change"..."The sum of all knowledge is that you and your reality do not exist; only thought and imagination are real, and therefore...I am."~ Magi Systems Forums~
These amazing instructions might lead you to travel outside your body and move back and forth in time. This could be your way to complete freedom. You can time-travel mentally at least and maybe even astrally with your awareness. Just TRY it.

Paul Curran
HI !
wpuld you like to prove it to yourself that you are out of your body try this trick .


2. go lie down comfortably and follow the instructions given in the previous post on how to leave your body.

3. When you find yourself out of your body go to the TABLE and read the card.

4. You should be able to see it with your mind and know what the suit and numbers are on the card.

5. Go back to your body and wake yourself up .

6. NOW go to the TABLE and see if you were correct in reading the card good luck

I have done this myself and was astounded. Let me know if you are successful. clara
just curious, has anyone who has on an astral voyage ever visited the akashic record?
RE: On the Etheric

Punch of EarthTR125.0121

Why are you interested in getting to the Akasha?

Do you know what will you find there?

It is very difficult to reach in an astral travel, far more easier to travel there in etheric form.

By using your astral consciousness you will take there too many emotional patterns and low level metal imagery that would make your entrance into the records somewhat troublesome.

Try access by using your etheric body, in this one you will be high above the lower though patterns and immersed in the rationality and clarity of thought needed to gain access to the records.

Until later becomes now.
RE: On the Etheric

Dear Friend Transient001,

RE: It is very difficult to reach in an astral travel, far more easier to travel there in etheric form . . .

Please explain the difference in these two forms as I am most interested. Thank you very much
RE: On the Etheric

Friend Zxavier

Our bodies are not only composed of atoms, molecules, cells, skeleton, muscles and tissue, no many other things make up our formidable selves.

For one part we are material, there is no doubt about that, however, we are also mind, soul and spirit. Each of these four states resonate at a different vibrational rate. The slower is that of the physical. It is slower because it has to conform to the other three in order to create suitable point in space where the other three could resonate without hinderances. In the physical is it that the other states co exist and make us whole.

The soul deals with our emotions, with what we feel, what we perceive and what we gather from the universe in the form of feelings. All these coalesce into what it is known as the astral form.

The mind deals with our thoughts, what we experience and process in our brains, what we come to realize and what we come to understand. All these gather into the etheric form.

The spirit deals with our desires of growth, be it to become a portion of that which is good or to become a portion of that which is evil, with our longing to be one, it is the very force behind our actions.

When the physical body becomes unfit to resonate at a proper vibrational rate then the other three forms begin to shift away until the entire essence goes unbound and it moves forward into a more suitable plane of existence.

Now, each form has access to different realities, the astral plane, the etheric plane, the mental plane and the plane of spirit.

Some of these realities have a number of "sub-existances", many of these sub-existances have a co-prescence. In other words that allow access to the same place from two different points at the same time. The Akasha is one of such places. It can either be entered from the astral, or emotional body, as well as from the etheric, the reasoning body. The problem with the astral is that it tends to attract vibrational patterns that are not to productive or tend to deviate the attention from one´s goal.

Gaining access from the etheric allows for a smoother travel, more appropiate vibrational patterns as well as more interesting learning experiences.

Until later becomes now.
Now that's a good question- and one I've wondered about the answer to for a long time. I guess if you could, then you'd get as many attempts at not screwing up your life as need be.

It would be pretty handy for winning the lottery too, I guess.

Either way- interesting thought- glad I'm not the only one having it.

Re: Corporolectroscopy revisited

Friend Mayoer of EarthTR125.0121

The term corporolectroscopy is the act of switching bodies with another person. However, this is a practice that it is not well liked here on this temporal reality. Although, many centuries ago it was a common practice in the ancient civilizations of this world.

What exactly do you want to know about astral travel?

Until later becomes now.
Re: Corporolectroscopy revisited

wow, Now that would be interesting.

waking up someday in someone elses body.
Kind of like a "quantum leap" in real life.

The weirdest part would be you wouldnt even know your own name
until someone called it out looking at you.
you would look in the mirror and freak out.

And would your voice sound the same?
Would you see colors the same?
and what of your memory? Would your memories remain
in your spirit? Would moving the new body with the old mind
be suddenly or would it take some getting use to...
Lots of weird thoughts here.
Re: Corporolectroscopy revisited

Friend Pamela of EarthTR125.0121

The thought of it is quite interesting. However remember that our essence lies well beyond any amterial concept we could think of. Thus, regarding our memories, knowledge and experiences those would travel with the traveler. The reason is quite simple. The person would be moving in terms of consciousness.

Until later becomes now.
RE: On the Etheric


Would you suppose the possibility of Astral Sleep Travel across time and space, even changing time lines and planes while the phyical body rests?

RE: Astral Temporal Marauder

Friend Zxavier of earthTR125.0121

Well I would not go so far as to say that you might change an entire temporal reality during an astral travel. However, a traveler in such a fashion would have access to a variety of different realities. And in one of such realities the traveler could perceive the truth about things to come and/or the truth behind the things that occurred. Armed then with this knoledge the traveler could easily make it manifest as action in it's own reality and temporal frame and would undoubtedly exert some change in it's surrounding envelope of time.

And all this while the physical body rests, yes. Amazing isn't it?

Until later becomes now.
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