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How many people wanna to travel in time?



How many people do you think wanna to travel in time? 10, 100, 1000, 100000, or 1000000? All people did something wrong in the past, so, guess all of them wanna to travel in time. One change one's time line could affect other's, if everyone change the past, what would happend to the whole world?
Why you choose to travel to the future? If I can choose, I would travel to the past, you can make a differences to your current life.
I wanna to go to past too, if anyone really has traveled in time, why not go to past and stop the WWII, and stop the AIDS before it spread to the whole world. Why don't someone go to the future and take some vacines or cure for different kind of diseases?

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What if you did do that, and stoped someone who died in WWII or from aids. What if they have a kid, who has a kid that develops a fusion bomb or something that blows up the world. Yeah, it's alot of what if's, but changing the past can just make things worse.
Why would you want to go back and eliminate the wars and diseases, etc.? Think about it - if humanity had not had certain challenges to face throughout history, what would we be now? Even less intelligent and experienced than we are now. History made us what we are. If all the hardships were eliminated, we wouldn't be human.

As for myself, I'm perfectly happy with my own life, and I wouldn't change a thing. If I did, I'd be a different person. And besides, I think the most interesting stuff will happen a few centuries from now. I'd rather go forward. The added benifit is, we already know how to go forward in time.
Janus - I was happy with my life until someone close to me died, I really wouldn't have changed a thing but now I would go back and save my loved one - he didn't deserve to die...
I would agree with Mayday, you might be happy with your life now, but what if you lost someone you love in the past. And you lost him/her because of something you could have make it different. Wouldn't you wanna to go back and change things happened? We might not want to look back in time and regret for something happened before, but if possible, in this kind of situation, I believe most people would want to go back and change it.
I can see how the death of a loved one might incite desire to change the past. I have lost people very dear to me. But I believe the rest of my argument holds - humanity as a whole, at least, was shaped by the tragedies which befell it. Personally, I think the same is true for myself. I believe everyone has a time, even if it doesn't seem like the right one when it happens. I hope this doesn't make me sound like a heartless bastard, but it's how I've dealt with loss in the past.

Besides, if you stopped them from dying they wouldn't have died, so you wouldn't stop them... or, if a new Universe is created, then they still will have died, and just a copy of them lived.
Come on people....stop dreaming if you could go to the past or future....and stop living in the quantun world....look in to "reality" as it exists today..
Anderson-What makes everyone think time jumping is fun? Have you even concidered the terror of not fitting in and being in great danger because of a mis-spoken word or jesture. The result of which could be inprisonment, torture, death or an asylum from another time that is beyond our worst nightmares. Even an expert in linguistics is in danger of a careless mistake. 100 years is aneye blink in time but it is a world away from our existance. I would love to meet you someday and talk with you. Sorry I had Extra call you. I was overly enthused.
remember..... the consequence of your actions in the past....they may(i stress may)
not have any effect in your time if they do then you will be out of your current time wich would make you a dimmensional traveler
I think most people are guilty of over thinking everything. Do you think the vikings or Columbus went through all this agonizing about falling off the world or did they just say what the heck and push off?Sometimes the answers are so simple that we ignore them.
By the way, how would anyone know if out present world has already been changed by travelers a thousand times already? Only a traveler would know the previous historyMaybe Jimmy Hoffa was president instead of missing and Rome never fell. How sure can we be of our current status as permanent? Does it really matter when we wouldn't know the differance anyway.
I would not travel to the past to change any part of my life. I have come to realize that all things in my past bring me to now, to who I have become at this very point in time. If I changed any one detail, however small, I may not be the same person. I may not be happy with who I am, but I am ME, the me composed of all that has come before.
I would also probably not wish to see my own future, for in travelling back to the present, I may make a change that would alter my future because of knowledge of the future. I would, however enjoy seeing what the future holds.
NB: Columbus knew that the world was round, and the vikings didn't think that it was flat either. Neither of them had even conceived the notion that their trip might somehow cause them not to have been born, or anything bizarre and counterintuitive like that.

One of the neat things that happens if you allow time travel in both directions is that the relationship between cause and effect breaks down. And in many matters our futures become predetermined. If I meet a time traveller from two days from now, I know that he will go to a time machine at that time, to come back to now. It's predetermined, unchangeable. In effect, the entire future could become locked in one pattern, just like the past.