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How I see time


New Member
I have thought about time a lot. And this is how my brain has. See if this makes sense to anyone else.
I see time as a constantly happening event. And time travel can only be a perceived event and not something you can interact with.
when you see something happen you see it because the light has reflected off of it then reached you. it takes a certain amount of time for the light to reach you. Say you have really good eyesight and you can see someone kick a ball from 10 miles away. and lets say that light travels 10 miles an hour just for the sake of being able to comprehend it.
ok, the guy kicks the ball. it will take 10 hours for before you see the ball get kicked. when you finally see it happen, it is already in the past. by running away from the vision at 11 miles an hour you will be able to see what happened before he kicked the ball. by running toward the vision you can get closer to when it actually happened, which would be towards the future as far as you perceive it. though not in the actual future. once you reach the guy with the ball you can go no further into what you perceive as the future.
This is just how I see it. any comments are more then welcome. I know that this is probably a flawed concept. but I never took a physics course or anything so I don’t know the in and outs of the hi tech stuff that can go on.
That is what is known as space-time. Since I am here and you are there we live in two diffrent times... therefore nobody lives in the same time as someone else.