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Holes in Einstein's Theory of Relativity



Holes in Einstein\'s Theory of Relativity

There are 2 holes in Einstein's Theory, one of which could make Time Travel possible. The first is a particle may not be able to travel faster than the speed of light, however it may be possible for a particle to vibrate or rotate faster than the speed of light. Of course if a particle was to vibrate faster than the speed of light it would become out of phase with our universe; in other words become invisible. But if a particle were to rotate faster than the speed of light and you could contain it, this is if it didn't "fly apart", then not only would you have a valuable power source, but if you had some way to pass through it then it is possible you would go backward in Time....
Re:Holes in Einstein\'s Theory of Relativity

Dear Mr. Rave,
There appears to be a contradition in your comments. If a particle can not travel faster than light, then it can not vibrate faster than light! Vibration is simply a form of traveling back and forth over a very short distance (right?). And I believe the same problem occurs with rotation. during rotation, the outer surface is "traveling" (right?).

Mathematically, at the speed of light, mass becomes infinite, and physical size becomes non-existant (an impossible condition!). Now, I'm not a mathematition nor a physicist, so if anyone else cares to punch holes in MY statements, then be my guest...

Re:Holes in Einstein\'s Theory of Relativity

Sorry, I believe that your our way off concerning traveling to the past.

The speed of light (186,000 miles/s) vs sound(1100'p/s). which currently travels to the futute?? SOUND. To us, the speed of light is instantaneous but, sound travels slow enough that it travels to the future. How?? If I were to discharge a rifle aimed at you which would occur first: the projectile colliding with your matter or you would hear the sound??? Of course the answer is SOUND. Ergo the solution for time travel might be reconstructing matter or surrounding a device into sound waves and then transmitting them in a highly directional antenna to a controlled position.

In order to travel backwards through time you would first have to create the device, which could involve years, then start the power sequence and then the zero hour{ZR}(present time)engagement. The light speed driven device couldn't work becuase you would have to travel in time and space. Matter can't share the same time and space. The device could possibly work if involve both controlled movement in-line with the ZR. Ergo the experiment would have to occur within a highly controled enviroment. The proposed path of the device would have to be sterile, free of all obstacles for the entire "past". If any object would enter the area duirng the transition time and pass through it, if even for a Nsec, the results could be catastrophic. It's possible that some type of fusion could occur from the collision of the matter.

I'll be checking back to see if you reply.

Please shoot holes in my arguments. I'm currently in the process of writing a paper about "Time Travel"
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