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History post on anthropomorphic varains:


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History post on anthropomorphic varains in social-moving mass situ, with errors:

Due to a royalty factor, I had access to a wide survey of body types, which had hosted both body types, hormone displacements and genetic social varians.

I had the ability to very rapidly access many differing kinds of body social archetypes, but have come to only certain conclusions.

ON TOFFELARE, ALVIN;Note that Toffelare had said in Future Shock, that there would be prime points, held in mankind, due to the over-mass population factors, where biological influences had become muddled, that some natural bio-signals would begin to break down.

It seems with great accuracy, that these factors are now inherent, as overpopulation does seem, even with superior technological prowess, not to have gelled the problems communication abilities of nature, with reference to self communications of overpopulation problems?
A large frame computer can begin to calculated overmass aleivment problems, however there was never an attempt by the then aerospace industry, to tray and transplant making wholesale, to other worlds?

The only attempt at this were unequaled fed Grays sorts of aliens as well as others, because their needs had overcome the intent of true science.

In some very rare cases, it was the alien intervention, that had allowed natural transplantation to other worlds, however this is given in book form, and is a rare find.

1.That sex in year 200 to 2004, is becoming an industry.
Note the viagra and cialis insistence in Spam e-mails, in this era, its almost chronic.
Note also instances of exploding phalluses, via over extension times, of positive vasculairty in males phalluses at this time, medical reports, news outlets?

2.That the warnings about overpopulation were not heeded, so alpha males and alpha females, may not have had the option of transplacment from this world to others.

3.Disease patterns, which derived from over.socialization patters, forces natural or other, are not represented in their true demographics.

4.Future trends, if mankind holds together with the ability of reproduction, coupled with sexually transmitted bunched archetypes, are not known and can only be guessed at, even in wartime scenarios?

5.True female to male body weights, encompassing normal supposed investitures of proper lutianized body to fat, to home process, are muddled, do to this supposed industry, not recruiting proper standard, whatever females males that is?, proper time period socializations.

6.Hunter gathering profiles have been muddled to industry, except in some rural areas, so industry is not even guessed at this time.

7.Because of the way the industry is structured, it seems prime profile females in their apex hormones are presented, however prime showcase males, for examination are not.

If they are, it seems that these are homosexuals and there is the avarice that these have a reduced hypothalamus, so this is the biological sense is not normal.(Most straight males are caught in the act of masturbating and are not profiled as one would profile say a stallion or large beautiful male horse?

This is not done in this society, as male non-breeders, seem to be showcased, so this could be an at-ends bio-signature?*Error factors of breeding bisexuals, not taken into account.

8.These surveyed peoples, in over thousands of web botted clips, seem not to be normal planetary matriculated, with some work gathering values, but are showcased for erotica.

Suggestions, a super dissemination cipher may be of value here, as catalogs tell of other varians, which may not be showcased erotica's?
The subjects held in erotica web held, were best, as the flow of influence of hormonal rises and ebbs, plus varians, could be fractially calculated within bio-social-mass.
*So a guessed extrapolation of social sexual and anthropology movements, could in some instances be extrapolated back onto the overall said social mass population, or people who are not involved in erotica.

The working eunuchs phenomenon, has not at all been accounted for, nor prison held varains.
However prison held varains, seems to polate male to male, or female to female, however the new conjugal visits allowing sexual intercourse between husbands wives and lovers, seem in some instances to be changing this once enforce same sex pairings?

*Since this is an industry, the lesser non-alpha females, seem at times to be preyed upon, which shows a noncompliance comparison to the after-chimp, which is the female Bonobus Chimpanzee.
>Examples sex for bananas as recorded by Dr. Jane Goodall.
The young females may divest this approach to economics, however the social assurity of a near alpha stance, is not assured by most picture makers at this era of history.

In otherwords, the lesser are used as if for a machine's purpose and not assured of any hierarchical stance, as the principles of governmental hierarchical stance are utterly usury.

The web at this point gives some values.

Note genetics values do come across quite clear, with the ability to discern many charistics in subjects gathered.

*No conclusion or option is offered other than this light cursory survey.

Other points, Toffelare said, that human-bio-social-mass influces, may at time cloud the normal matrication of hormonic and behavioral values.

With the way things are run at this time, Toffelare was more than right.

Only a rough conclusion, that season rises on unit mass hormones, are varied, with respects to normal matriculation, however patterns at this time, due to corrpeetion in sources, can not be properly given, only guessed.

Nature in this fold, is under its own forces of augmented influence.

Signed as an officer,
Note with respects to the said Planet X projected problem,, with reference to a said change in frequencies, it is only guessed at at these times, the effects on bio-social-mass-mechanics, with respects to effects placed by a said change in frequencies on the forgiven informations?

You see, it is not only the distorted mass social effects, involved in human population polls, but the effects of scalier mass changes, due to the appearance of said planet X.

Note this is given on past yahoo.com's Spirit-webs sayings, of how the said past Atlantians had arrived on Earth, as fourth density beings, with their change down to thread density realms?

Plaet X and said to comet comet arrays at link, http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam342.htm
Creedo, I will speak your language for a minute:

The change in frequency will not be obvious other than by the level of respect that goes beyond form, in the human psyche. Because all things are affected by the rising frequency, and frequency changes are relative. Imagine if the whole earth and everything on it expanded in size, would we be aware of the change, other than by reference to objects external to the earth?

While third level density is rising to fourth, where physicality as we know it does not exist, we will still be bound by "physical" constraints, they will just be of a more refined nature.

Due to the higher order physicality, population pressure will not be a problem, as at this dimensional level the space occupied by earth can contain many billions more individuals than it can now. A finer vibration leads to a more compact "space". In any case, it is the way we as humans treat eachother and the planet's other inhabitants that determines the population capacity. Many many more people can co-exist on this rock Earth, even at the current dimensional density.

But the above is speculation only.

Creedo, alot of the information you are referring to comes from channeling (aka spiritweb). I have read the same or similar information which is why I have a bit of a clue what you are talking about. While much information shared by channelled entities is beyond the knowledge of the channeller, which supports the idea that the entities are real beings distinct from the channeler, Channeling is nevertheless unreliable because the channelled entities are not necessarily benevelant and can spread mis-information that encourages humans to worship the channelled entity as a higher being. Some channels suggest this worship gives an otherwise incarnate spirit an identity, and infact one group has shown that most entities they channelled would become like children throwing a temper tantrum when the group questioned them with valid points of logic with regard to what the entities where saying. They appear to have a lot of information about "the other side" but this is like trusting what a salesman tells about a product. Of course they will know about the product but will they necessarily tell you the exact truth? They have their own agenda.

Channelled information makes interesting speculation, but I personally would not rely on it to shape my world view.
Wedge said>Creedo, allot of the information you are referring to comes from channeling (aka spiritweb). I have read the same or similar information which is why I have a bit of a clue what you

Creedo answers>This past summer, there was a change in frequency noted very heavily on the GLP posting board.

It was not just me, but others as well who had complained about last Summers very weird sun.

I had items appear and disappear on me, such as stamps, labels disappearing from jugs and other items.

Over forty people who posted on GLP mentioned the same phenominons, with many of their items doing the same as I had reported last summer.

Don't try and stereotype me as a new age yeah saver.

Your efforts show that you categorize others this way?
Sorry Creedo this was not my intention. I do not preclude spiritual manifestations. I have become conscious of myself out of body, and I have had high beings answer my prayers in very specific and appropriate ways, that cannot be explained by coincidence alone. I know from experience that there is more to the universe than this third dimensional reality that we think of as solid. I can see many examples of the increasing frequency, and I do tend to believe this is what is happening.

I do not however "believe" in Greys or Orion reptilians (for example), because they have not introduced themselves to me or provided any proof of their existence that I can believe from a rational point of view. I am not saying Reason governs everything, or that something does not exist because reason says it doesn't or becasue I haven't experienced it for myself. But in the context of our life here on Earth, I believe we must be discriminating in our beliefs, or we risk being hijacked by every power hungry entity/cult leader etc out there pedalling misinformation for their own ego driven needs.

If your experience leads you to believe, then have faith and believe, but always remember that our minds can also play tricks on us, and consider this also when trying to understand the meaning of your experiences.