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Please note these brief historical notes only.

1.That time travlers from the future, may not, know the entire socil-polical settings of this erra, as discovered by these travlers.

2.That the phenominon of John Titor, may have caused a very close parallel world, to attach to this main timeline, which at times interposes realites to one another.

3.That the Pleiadean Atlantian group sent to year 1975, may have been a distractive ruse, to only perpetuate dogma, upon this Earth based society, as we in many aspects are a farmed species.

4.That the political ruleing heiarchy, of the relative time of this post, may have been deviceive to the collective peoples of this time, in order to place their own ruleing aims into play?

5.That qualified space travel and qualified many off-world extraterrestial contacts, are absolutly crucial at this time, however are being ignored by the ruleing heiarchy.

6.The equation of all the sets of time travlers from points A. to B. and that this number is as large as it can be and is always changeing, is not understood by the contemporaries of this relative post time.

7.That the God, gods heiarchy, was actually an agree upon union, due to the size and numbers of multiethnenticities here on Earth at this time.

8.Not realized;That some portions of the Angelic heiarchies, did not understand humans as they had developed into a superpopulation, due to the ever increasing complexities of social compactions, which was noted as inhearent at this time, within human civilization.
creedo I have come to the conclusion that the angelic heiarchies certainly do not understand how our minds can be traumatized. they seem to think that what ever happens you will learn a lesson from it . but continualtion of a phychosis just perpetuates the physchosis. take the catholic church for instance . some of these priest that are molesting children have probably been molested themselves . that may be the reason for becoming priest in the first place as a place of sanctuary or because they would be around other men. they also may be using it as a place to hide in order to not have to deal with there sexuality be it with a man or women . the catholic church gives them that reason as it is celibit. If they were molested and are pedifiles they probably felt like they could do this and no one would find out. I think the facts are that they are no closer to God then the average man or women on the street. they seem to have decided to bow out of the human experience .
After all of this anybody who still puts there faith in men of God need their head examined. the past history of the church should give us all a clue what has been transpiring. just exactly who is hearing and answering their prayers. It seems to me that praying can be a very dangerous thing . Just take a look at what is happening to people who are proclaiming to pray all the time . it must be like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get . clara
RE: H.S. to Clara, mora detail as asked from Creedo:

On the Catholic Chrurch, I feel that this church had always been a power issue church, with very rough and masculine issues to begin with.

This was the church under the warrior pope, durring the time of Micheal Angelo.

The concept of the early Catholic Church, was a procreative phase designed by their heiarchy only.

This reign gave the heads of the Catholic church, power over the procreative abilites of the parrishoners.

The problem with this church, was when it was founded, which was durring the plauge years in Europe, when mortality was not really that good.

So the attage was make more and more people as "God says so"! was in vouge. However the clergy should always be subservant to the ruleing heiarchy and this is why secretly, many gay men had been recruted into the ranks of the priesthood.

I guess with the way that these people had to live their lives, that one thing had lead to another and many, many, sexual violations became routene?

Most of the churches had been founded many years ago and these power heiarchial stiles, are now begining to fade.

It's not just the Catholic Chruch deep within their denial, however the Southern Baptist Convenetion, with money concerns.

Television evangelicalism, with Tammy Fae and James Baker, and the Jessica Hann affair, which had bordered on sadistic cruelity.

The Jehova Witnesses with their sexual troubles too...?

There was also the Rusty Swiggert affiar, where Rusty got a peice of ass, then a concious and had to tell the whole crowd.

All of these heiarchial set-ups suffered imensley, as when social conditions had changed from what they were some four hundred to two hundred years ago, the church upper heiarchy was so unable to change, that of course there was some falling out of certain issues.

In the 1970s and 80s certain groups of American Catholics had complained that they were not able to place input into the church, to a certain Bishop.

The answer of the bishop was, "What makes you think that the church is a democracy"?

I am not bashing spirituality here Clara, however certain social groups that are established in unmoveable set heiarchies, in recient times, have had falling outs.

Look a Marie Osmond and her supposedly shinny perfect American girl image?

This hits me the hardest, I think that she is a good kid with lots of tallent.

What I guess Marie was supposed to do, was marry an all American Athlete, however this guy was a spouseal abuseing ga'loot.

It looks like we all fall down, go boom.

Another funny, is why is the CIA as of late doing all these moves to block the investigation of the 911 trajedy, when they had previously been given orders, NOT TO OPPERATE DOMESTICALLY?

You, me or anyone can sure thump on a bible, however when it comes to clawing your way of of life's messes, well then this perdicament seems to be the great equalizer?

I want to know, why NASA is allowing all of these rich people, to suddenly start takeing shuttle flights into space, while ignoring the average person?

Corruption runs deep.Not only in the church, however in many sectors of government as well.

I feel that the church things, as it were, where someone is leaving giant social farts in and arround the church system as it were, so to speak, is only an indication of a larger and deeper problem.

This is that maybe our general societey is so corrupt, that in may ways it is falling apart.

When did people start becomeing consumers and stop being citizens?

I had to tell one of my family memebers to turn off the series Allieas, as the was some idiot drilling people's teeth and pulling them out.

One of my family memeber like Drew Carry, and this was okay at first, however the stuff that they are dropping on there now as far as language?

I feel and think that those in power, want us to be nothing but slutts and pimps, so they can work their degrading magic on us?

If any good form of alien is reading this post, yes we socially are quite dismayed at our collective situation, with reference to our once standard and trusted so-called instititions...


Clara, you said:
<<just exactly who is hearing and answering their prayers. It seems to me that praying can be a very dangerous thing . Just take a look at what is happening to people who are proclaiming to pray all the time . it must be like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get >>

But some how tangled and twisted through all of this self-vindication, your prayers and communion with the spirit world is okay
? I mean, you make no mention of that in the above statement and it sounds a bit hypocritical, since we all know you have made mention of it many times, and endorsed it on many occasions. After all, who here let’s their little channeling friends take the stage from time to time? I just thought I get the record straight, that’s all

--- ---- ---

Nicely put. I like it when you make sense
. Truly you know that our culture needs change. It’s hard to know this in a crazy world, feeling that you’re the only one with common sense of how things should properly be. It’s not just a good idea, it’s the principle behind it that beckons it.

Well, I just hope we won’t resort to something drastic to change it though
like New Age Cults and Time Travel. Those are still not the ways to correct the imbalance.

Have a nice day,

Thanks TTA, that was nice of you to say.

Hope your day and evening is pleasant as well?

Thanks' Dan

the difference in prayer and communication is this. I talk to jesus. I don't worship him or do what ever he says. If he tells me something I don't agree with I tell him so . He likes it when I use my common sense as he understands that I do have a brain. He is a friend not God as a whole but a portian of it. Yes creedo our system is falling apart and one day it will be rebuilt from the ashes like the phoenix bird maybe rebuilt on a stonger fondation .that is if we so choose .

The rebuilding is not so, as the spirits that dwell on Earth in humans, are in some instances barrowed.

please explain yourself creedo . I am not understanding that last statement. clara

Clara you said:
<<I talk to jesus. I don't worship him or do what ever he says. If he tells me something I don't agree with I tell him so . He likes it when I use my common sense as he understands that I do have a brain.>>

He does? You have a brain? So Jesus, a man claiming to be God, you do not worship, but instead treat and talk to as an equal, like if he’s any other channeling buddy of yours?

Okayyy, I think I shouldn’t have asked.

Aren’t you do for your annual psychiatric visit?

They would be happy to hear you’ve changed from Aliens to Jesus now


Creedo299 in his social technical phase.

Two sources, Earth The Pleiadean Keys To The Living Library by Barbra Marciniack and some of the concensus in Amora Quin Yangs Pleiadean Perspectives On Human Evolution.

Some of the souls here on Earth, are only walk throughs.

They are from other beings, in other parts of the galixy and they only want to expiernece what life is like here and then its onto the next system.

Other beings, because of socio-polical structure, are reincarnates and are localed to Earth, to be reborn again.

I love Jeasus cause he's so cool.

He was an early social warrior, for social comncious concerning the Hebrew Heiarchies, as they had become so money orineted and forgot their humanity.

If J.C. were arround today, he would constantly be thrown out of resturants and in trouble with the law.

In short, he was a bonafied criminal, but a very good guy at heart.

Jeasus greets souls that have passed on and this is one of his jobs now.

Sometimes, from what I hear, he meets you without talking and then takes you to where you've got to be.

He's kindof a hostess now and I guess he's pretty popular with the crowd?

J.C. wants us again, in some measure to be reborn again.

This is in mind and spirit, but wow, we have such corruption in the chirch and I think what J.C. would want us to do with uour spiritual belifs, is to brown bag them, or take them along with us.

Jeaus in the physical representation, was a fearsom customer and barked down a lot of heavies, that others could not have.

He was for the common folks rights, more like an Abraham Lincoln, only wearing a robe and sandles.

The concept of Jeaus is that he was for you and this spirit should be encouraged within your soul and what your about.

Not how you trash someone, but what your about as a person.

This is why the Christ concept is one of universality, say even if Jeaus did not exist at all.

Like Poncho Villa, (vee-ah), he is never gone, but always like a tiger, El Tee'grea, The Tiger' up there in them hills!

You've got a pretty powerful freind in Jeaus, don't ever let go of that Clara.

Some of these souls will be cycled through, to bear an existance in a more unbearable end.

Some will be taken off of Earth.

And again some will pass from the physical body, back to reaches of space, to be reborn within other systems.

you are correct creedo . jesus is my friend and does tell me many things. I'm glad you understand him . You did describe him well. He does wish for this planet to move up in vibration. But he cannot and will not do it for us but will lead us as to what to do to find ourselves and stive for our highest potential. not for ourselves as individuals although that is important too but to strive for our unity as humans without lables . All roads do lead to GOD some are simply longer then others .

RE: H.S. to Clara, mora detail as asked from Creedo:

<quote> I want to know, why NASA is allowing all of these rich people, to suddenly start takeing shuttle flights into space, while ignoring the average person?


Well, first off, its not NASA that is sending rich people into space. They have a strict policy on that kind of stuff.And besides, look what happened last time we tried to put a civilian in space. The Challanger exsploded on takeoff.
RE: H.S. to Clara, mora detail as asked from Creedo:

One reason, and one word is all that takes to answer that question: Money

NASA apparently has it’s price, as like everyone else here on this planet. Give someone enough money, they will allow you to do anything your heart desires. Or have enough money, and your able to control anything your heart desires. Newspapers, researchers, police, government.

Yeah I know
like the last 2 were any surprise.

Those who can’t afford to bribe to keep quiet make treats; isn’t that right Creedo

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