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After today, I'm going to be ducking out for about 10 days - 2 weeks or so to do some travelling to the east coast. (I wish in time, but unfortunately only in space. Well, maybe a second or two from the dilation standpoint.)

I want to thank everyone here for the enjoyable dialogue we've had and I look forward to re-inserting my skepticism in the near future.

Most of you have revealed details about yourselves in ways I have been lax, so for the record:

I'm 56 yrs old, Married for the 3rd time, 4 children, all over 30, one a software engineer (daughter), and the others in the construction business.

I have Master's in Computer Science and a BA in Music. I am an undergraduate in Astronomy from Denver U. and a relentless student of Quantum Theory but admittedly an amateur. The stuff going on at Fermilab and other sites these days is over my head. I can't even keep up with the math anymore.

I am a new resident of Hawaii, having been here for a year now.

Actually, I'm going to Burlington VT to play Jazz Festival this week and will stay to visit friends. I am a professional Jazz Musician.

I also work in the telecommunications industry as a Quality Assurance Director. I have worked in Aerospace on Commercial and Defense projects, and been an IS Director in public education. I am a former U. S. Marine but not a veteran. I was fortunate enought to get in and out before Viet Nam became the horrible issue it did.

When I return, I plan to finish my web site which is devoted (for now) to a Sci Fi novel I'm writing about how Parrots evolve to become the top intelligent species on this planet and become space farers themselves. I'll post the URL as soon as it's ready.

Again, I thank you all, especially for the kinds words I've recieved, and I look forward to returning to our interesting discourses.

Bye Lee, you will be sorely missed on this board! (for 2 weeks anyway).


P.S. Don't chance Manhattan on July 12th though (joke).

You're right. While in VT I visited this friend who has an old 19th century Wells time puddle jumper. It's hell on 7/12/99 lemmie tell ya.

When it comes around this time, I'm stayin' here in Hawaii.
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