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HELP! Why can't you go past the speed of Light?



HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

Ok I'm not really George Washington, but I really don't understand how Einstein's law on special relativity prevents an object from moving at faster than the speed of light. I asked my teacher but he's pretty dumb so he can't really help me out. I've read a lot of books but maybe being only 15 years old i don't have the mental capacity to understand this stuff yet. But I have an essay due next Monday so could somebody help me out please?
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

The reason why you can not in the physical go past the speed of light is due to the following:

Please realize that time light and mass as we see them, are only frequencies of adjustment that we as humans realize them to be.

Because of the operation and nature of black holes, entailing that the event horizion is a said possable door to other realites, we can deduce the following.

That via the bed spread theory of Albert Einstein's, which says that time and space do warp, concerning the effect of black hole mass gravity on the lighter space around a black hole, that the nature of time and space is curvalinnear.

*See Steven Hawlking's tennets on black hole envalopes, of event horizions, n angles to possabvle entry points, to other dimensions of the universe?

If this adjustment holds so, then all we see that is time space and mass, is on an assigned frequency.

Furthermore, then is this adjustment is so, the C or light as we humans know and understand C to be, is so thussly assigned to this frequency.

This is thus an up and down ranger stateing that by veign diagram, starting from the zero intiger as we realize standard light to be.
Starts at bloody zero with you and me and when ya goes down you is in negative frequency intigers and when you goes up, your going towards C's ass hind end up towards the top end, they call C in transit.

So mass in itself, since mass always inhearently posess photons within matter, as we as humans see it, can only be confined to this frequency of existance, via the bounderies of acceleration only.

So this means if one were to accelerait mass, to a speed near the speed of light, then what would occur to a process known as the Lorentz Contraction, is that photonage, or light photons expressed, would emerge from that particular mass which has been acceleraited.

So even at a speed near the top end of C or light as light travelers on our frequency within the universe, one would start to observe light emmiting from that mass.

Secondly due to the Lorentz Contraction, because that mass has an assinged frequency, the mass of this matterbewing whatever vehicle, would greatly increase, till no more accelearition could be achived.

If one would push the object through the light barrier, then the object would disolve, as what is portented to the nature of time and mass on our frequency, would no longer be within its legal description.

However time and space always has doors within the nature of T M and C, so other means of escape from this frequency could be attained,in allprobabilty by the modulation of frequency itself?

The following that I have given you, is one very good reason why nucealr weapons are a damageing prospect to the nature of time space and matter.THEY DISRUPT.

C in natural M modified in situ, means light as it travelks naturally within outer space, without for the most part, either being acceleraited or deceleraited by gravitonic influences, from other space time assinged masses.

Remember Albert Einstein, bless him, had builton the works of Desitter and others before him, in understand in relativistic means, that timeand space does in certain ways, affact the traverse of light as light is shown from star light.

The new boys on the block are Paul LaViolette and Brian Green extoling both frequencies and microphysics as the new methods of telling that time and space are all access blocks which give a keyway into the realms of T&S.

M moddified, means space as we see it , however with the understanding that this space is not really null and voice, but a greater part of the universe.

Please enjoy the paintings of Escher and the writings of Hunter Thomson in his telling of small fire-breathing lizards, which crawl out of coffie cups, to amaze us, as they are potentially from other dimensions.

The universe is not only as strange as we can imaginge, however stranger than we are able to grasp, or imagine.

~~This is tremenjous stuff Peachy' we's here at the top of the world and no blighten idiots is tellin the likes of you, or me what we have to do, or wheres to be!

We can rule as we want and nobody, not even the queen or all her stooges put togeather can tell us, as we's in charge.

You King Daniel and me the teller of what's to be done!

World by the ass says I..
Adaptation from Rudyard Kiplings THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING:The story of Peachy Talifeario and Daniel Dravot, ex-soldiers in what's fit tobe Her Magestie's Royal Bleeding Army.
Or, to dumb it down a lot...

This isn't exactly accurate, but basically, the equation E=MC2 means that you require infinite mass to reach the speed of light, and it's impossible to attain infinite mass.

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RE: Or, to dumb it down a bit more

everything is made out of light (EMR)

light may not go faster than its' self

RE: Or, to dumb it down a bit more

Not exactly shadow.

Again, statment photonic expression, from mass at acceleration?

So, via your statement if you look into mass you will see light?

I did not say,....that light or pho-ton-age, was contained in mass.

I had only said photonic expression as a result form M accelearited.
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

personally, I think the whole E=MC2 thing is a bunch of BS. I'm not saying he was wrong in a sense, because we (humankind) cannot think up anything better. Nothing is impossible, it just simply takes years of better developing our thinking skills.
RE: Or, to dumb it down a bit more

how would you weigh the speeding object?

accelerate it sideways

if you did that it would just be picking up speed in another reference frame

the mass increase must be one of inertia not mass or weight

no matter how you look at it, its screwy

Thats why its all done with mathmatics because NOBODY can put any sense to it.

How long is a piece of rope?

How much TNT do you have to put up a chickens a** to blow the horns off a bull?

Have fun with it guys.
RE: Or, to dumb it down a bit more

if the chicken was sitting on the bull, then about 2 sticks. I know this from experience.
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

Why would we want to go faster than the speed of light anyway ?. It would only be pitch black and we would be stood around waiting for the light to catch up with us to see where we are.
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

if we went faster than the speed of light, then the human race in general would not benefit one bit. but think of the man in charge of it. If the US got past the speed of light first, then the President would be considered the greatest man in the world.

It would be a political war, basically. like the cold war. We would have no use for it, but the fact that we can will make it all the better (for some people, anyway).
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

The general idea, is that the president is a cheif executive, not an idol?
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

Basicly, Einstein thought about how it would be to travel on a wave of light. Since it was about waves, and not photons (which is the particle of light), he found out that 'light' has a dual nature.
If you look at light one way, it appears to be photons (or particles like atoms except way smaller), or the other way, 'waves'.
The way that they can determine that is by the double slit experiment. Having two slits, and closing one, would not allow light to have a interference pattern on the other slit, but there is an interference pattern just as if both slits were open.
The only way that can happen is, if light has a dual property, its a wave and a particle, depending on how, I guess, one looks at it.
But, he was thinking about how it would be to 'ride' on a wave of light.
Since one would be on a certain part of the wave, (either the top or bottom or somewhere inbetween), 'riding' along with the wave, the other next wave of light would never catch up to you and you would always appear to the other wave at the (same place you are riding) to be travelin' away at the speed of 'light'.
Since one can never go faster than the speed of light, one can not ever catch up to the first wave, since you would be 'riding' on the second wave, still both travelin' at the speed of light.
Take a train travelin' down the tracks, at the speed of light, and you are in a second train trying to catch up to the first train, since nothing can go faster, (that we know of as of this age), one can never catch up with the first train. It will always appear to be travelin' away from you at the 'speed of light'.

Like two ocean waves coming in slightly apart, one never reaches the other, on the way in to the beach.
So since nothing has been measured faster than the speed of light, and certainly I do not think we even have instrument to measure anything faster, light is still the top 'speed demon' of the Universe.
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

Also, since Einstein played hooky from school and rode his bike out to the Country, and thought about this, at that time, he was only about 17 years old, when he 'imagined' how it would be to ride a wave of light.
It took longer, (about 10 years), for him to figure this out mathematically.
It is called 'inertial frames of reference'.
We are here on Earth and we have are own 'frame of reference' on how we are moving along with the Milky Way Galaxy.
Each galaxy and each star, planet, whatever, have their own frame of reference. All are moving in relation to every other galaxy, star, planet, whatever, so everything which is moving has its own 'inertial frame of reference'.
If in an elevator, and moving, one can not tell if it is due to gravity, or to another force acting on the elevator. ('inertial frame of reference') (moving in space and time).
That basicly was his thoughts, but proving it mathematically took a way longer time.
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

When you speak of E=MC2 It is important for one to know the true origin of the equation.

Albert Einstein himself consulted the old testiment hebrew bible (using the bible code)when he stumbled accross the mathematical equation of relativity E=MC2.

This equation is mathematicaly derived from the skipping and counting of the hebrew letters of the bible. (or Tora) Its also a univeral language spoken mathematically.

The inner demensional deapths and teachings of this book are beyond human comprehension! Those who are familiar with the bible code and its secrets will come to the conclusion that not only G-d but Time Travelers themselves also known as the great archetechs of time were the blueprint makers of the past, present and future.

Although I swim with the tide. In principle I stand firm as a rock on my beliefs that time travel (the acctual interuption and intrusion of the physical body and entities unseen being transported through time) is a crime against nature!

Because weather we believe it or not our planet is not a seperate entity from the rest of the universe. It is a living celestrial body that is dependant on every other living thing! The scars of this planet may not yet be seen but they are clear examples of our connectivity and dependancy with everything else in the universe and our own FRAILTY! HUMANITYS FRAILTY!

Einstein once quoted G-d does not play dice with the cosmos!
Who knew the great deapth and multiple dimensions and message behind that phrase in Einsteins thinking in regards to his relationship with the great creator. G-D.

RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

According to special relativity, mass increases as speed increases, within spacetime. In order to reach the speed of light a particle would have to have a mass equal to infinity, which is impossible.

However, a warped bubble which is comprised of spacetime itself could exceed the speed of light. This is the basis for the belief that warp drive systems could exceed the speed of light.
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

The simple explanation of the light speed limit is thus:

From simple Newtonian physics we know that the greater the mass of an object, the harder it is to accelerate. What modern physics says as to the speed of light is that as an object approaches the speed of light, it's mass increases. The effect is greater and greater the closer to the speed of light an object gets. At light speed itself, the equation which determines this increase of mass evaluates to infinity, thus any object with a non-zero mass would have infinite mass at light speed. Thus, the closer you got to the speed of light, the more energy and force you would have to expend to accelerate. When you get infinitely close to the speed of light ( think so close it practically is the speed of light ) you would need infinite force to cause acceleration. There is, obviously, no way to generate infinite force and energy, thus the speed of light can not be reached by an object with a non-zero mass. If your object had zero mass, the pseed of light is no problem at all. Photons have no mass, and thus they can go the speed of light. I hope this has explained it well.

RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

I have a problem with this double digit theory.
You people say that we are being controled by time travelers correct?

But wouldnt those time travelers that are controlling us , be controled by time travelers themselfs?

think about it

If the time travelser that are "controlling us" are from the future.

That means they were once in our present time, or so was their family line.

If all people are controlled by future time travelers then that means that the time travelers since they were kids are in turn controlled by time travelers.

so if you follow me ( I hope you do )
then who are controlling the time travelers time travelers, time travelers? and so on?

I went to the future, then back to the past, dont you blink because I'm coming back fast. From the instant it started, it was finished you see. Time traveling is the only job for me.
The weirdest site on the net
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

Well, im just 14 and I think I came up with
a reason why you cant get past the speed of light.

My reason is that the universe is also moving, and
light is moving at that speed. Which is the speed of light
(300,000 km/s). And light or electromagnetic waves
has no mass which means they can travel as fast as they want
but these particles has a speed limit. Due to the fact
the universe is currently moving 300,000 km/s.

15 billion years ago, probably the universe was much much faster.
But, because of its aging its slowing and cooling.
I just came up with an idea how YOU can go faster than
light. You will need to warp space itself. You have to
put a dent in space. Think of space like a little rubber sheet.
If you put something heavy or with a lot of mass it will form
a dent. And that dent will distort normal space-time and speed.

Sorry for my poor explanation but I cant find the right words
for my little story.
RE: HELP! Why can\'t you go past the speed of Light?

Dennis Kim:
An interesting ideal. However, I think we should take a closer look at this ideal. First we should remember that if two objects or movimg with the same speed then they are said to be at rest relative to each other. Therefore if light and the universe were moving at the speed of 'c', then light would not be able to move from point A to point B within the universe. However, we know that light does move from point A to point B. We must conclude that the universe does not move at the speed of 'c'.
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