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Harps Are In Our Ears


Something very specific has been going on as of late.

Abilities to "Commune" with each other psychically and to connect with those "others" that are concerned for our well-being, have been heightened.

I am unsure if it is a technical device (a resonator, or more likley many "resonator" type devices) that has enabled people to communicate. Or if it is an evolutionary physiological development. (Probably both). But I will go out on the proverbial limb, and say that this is really going on.

As far as conspiracies go, has anyone any information on the government project HARP (pun intended with the title).

Are there "bodies" that want to influence us, or enable us to reach our psychic potential, before it is too late?

Dear friends of this forum, we are all here for our own reasons, but we are also able to be apart of the greater good.

Imagine a world in which basic priciples of self-government had an element of baseball to it. Talk about social engineering, nothing would be more joyous than Baseball, where you ask those who are able to step up to the plate, and give it their best shot!

Anyone out there a baseball fan?

The appropriateness of chance is astounding
Re: Harps\'## problems in sociology

The problem with baseball as it stands now, is a sadistic one.

There use to be the attage that unified sports were a mark of achivment as well as charicter.

However where is there moral development with the way unified sports are headed anymore.

This is the fact that some coaches keep the pitcher in too long on the mound durring games, which leads to fights, due to wild pitches from the pitcher becoming tired on the mound.

Additionally, one finds that there is now parent/player homacides, invovled in juvanile sports, due to a lack of a sports policeforce being present, to quell interpalier's violence.

The movies are partially responsable for this, with classics such as (Rollerball One, the first make), justifying homacide in sports.

We are too crowded down here as a race and this crowded condition is leading to social over-interreactions, so causeing all sorts of bizare social conditions, "say road rage and self adolesent self abuse, teen pornogrpahy, for strarters".

I think the way to aleivite these problems is ofcourse, is takeing mankind to other settlements on other systems, as well as planets, "if that would be possable"?

Some of us have been more communative oriented, however what is the alternative to not being this way?
Playing Catch & Not Worrying About Who Wins

Dear Creedo,

I was thinking more along the lines of old-time traditional type baseball.

A game that people played just because they love it. And winning the game isn't so much important as the joy of playing and that it was a good game. And also I am thinking how baseball has all sorts of appeal to all kinds of people, some that like to just go and eat hotdogs and people watch, some that like to follow the game and root for their team, and some who enjoy the statistics of baseball, some that like to collect the cards and memorabilia, the kids that dream of catching a home run ball or stand in line at the gate to get an autograph, etc. I enjoy the level of skill and intelligence it takes to be a great baseball player. And the authentic characters that are the past heroes of the game. I love the combination of the seeming simplicity of the game, and yet the complexity, in it's strategies, and depth of possibilities.

I am not talking about a hyper-competitive, destructive sort of sport....I guess maybe I idealize, but my favorite games to go to are the farm teams, where a lot of this old-fashioned spirit of Baseball still exists.

Re: Playing Catch & Not Worrying About Who Wins

Dear Persephone

You really brought some memories back. My favorite temporal coordinate is in fact 1934, some years after the Great Depression. Money had turned into practically dust, all the people had left were their dreams. Baseball, of that time anyways, was a great up-lifter. The people back then had passed from being the greatest to being the lowliest, at least in their money oriented ways. But luckily there were some among them that helped as buffers, making the horrible less nausiating.

Nonetheless we seem to have forgotten all that by now. We are still poking our neighbors in their faces, we might re experience the past, luckily there will be buffers there too.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Playing Catch & Not Worrying About Who Wins

As the sun rises on days of particular import, if you meditate, and listen closely to earth's call, there is a chorus of longing.

For peace and beauty and love.

(Corny as it sounds, to put it into such awkward words, but it is there if you listen)

correct history, to all concerned

To whoever should be reading persperphone's sayings in this particular thread.

The following applies concerning the central sun, within this frequecny.

Newtoian physics devices by Sir Issac Newton.Couterproposals devised by Godfeid Whilhem Libnetz in starting three space maths.Bouliean concepts devised and opposed to early fluctions, which was base for modern physics.

Time passes till late and 1800s, device of higher maths in thoery, as well as astronomeies.

This later bullwork of science primary investigative works, yealded foundation of Einstine's treste on Relativity, the 1908 paper published.

Not well known as this time, early papaer equally by Robert Oppenhiemer, title, (holes), which was foundation papaer on black hole theory, without somehow knowing what black holes were.

Time passes, atomic device is sought by two major powers.

Primary power creates this device first.

Einstin write U.S. President telling him, that his as well as other contributions to make this device, may have been a mistake.

Device used.

Time passes.

Digs in India, find highly raidoactive sight, based in what was known as Ramman Empire.

Other archo finds, note glass sites, from past use said device detonations, world wide.

Site found in Belgan Congo, of ancient uranium mine, which at one time was mined, however left to own device, mine had acted as own accelerator, so making area dangrous for people to wander into.

Cold war erra.

All powers said to be developing major store of atomic devices.

Theory passed, that with gravity size, concerning planetary bodies, that detonations off atomic weapons, must shunt super scalerly, through semi, or real rosenbridge paths, to largest bodies.

Late 1970s, nonEarth autority in Sirus B, (big constialtion) decides that Earth people may pass, without ever realizing past.

Special beam is shot into Earth's sun, which effects memeory DNA records, lociated within Earth's central sun.

All life patterns stored in sun, by placid intron DNA combintes determinations, balances with certain frequency solar stores of informations.

Due to this trip point, past life memroies start to awake within most Earthlings, starting in 70s, to 1980s.

Most famous of these is past moral Atlantian early period warrior Rhamantha, as shown by A.Z. Knight.
All rights reserved by A.Z. Knight and group publishers.

1980s due to almost circuslike atmosphere, is filled with people's tellings, of past life expierences, or about existances on other planets.

This telling is greatly over, probable transient memeories, as told to state required records, of fellow compatriot of Sigmund Freud, Carl C. Jung, a psychoanalyist.

Jung refers to phenominon of some of these tellings, as cellular memeories, however can not explaine all phenominon he records.

Creedo writes authority and expressed concerns for both qualified space travel, within 1980s early time frame.

In 1990s creedo writes authorities and expresses rosenbrige phenominon, energy to mass pathways, and so possable adjustments to sun.Phenominon similar to adding a shot of wiskey, to a babie's infant formula, with respectrs to mass detoinations of devices, which can travel to sun.

Creedo realizes this problem, as time-mass follows travel routes in order to store events, however disruption of central sun, also wreaks haovic, in central sun memory sotes, of DNA RNA balances, every living item placed on Earth.

Appearance of series of Earth web-based chat boards on device known as internet.

Principles of chat boards describe fellon known as John Titor from said year 2036.

Titor was supposed to have come back in time, in order to secure IBM computer, computers, to take back to future tense, due to IBM allotment of variable programing features, within models code write ablity.

T had said that key year near 2012 or so, was area of disruption via both catastrophic problems, geological eletromagntically based and or world conflict using such devices.

T had said in years after conflict, reproduction was of extreme difficulty, due to lens suspended effects, in upper atmosphere, as well as particulates placed in soils, as producing food substances, per agricutural means.

>There is a problem with said John T, as there has been notes as per said function of boards of e nature, within G.E. Time Displacment Unit, as persaid, by law, to return to proposed time allotment, by board member creedo.>>This is where a time travler, must return to their time, so as to balance events within world happenings.

This was that durring zerophased jump, as said and shown by proposed Titor, that a quantum charged particle event, again a felon, had invaded the shell of Titor's unit and destroyed one board, with overvoltage within particular component of routing area, expressed as an overvoltage.

This prob Titor's was bought out in Art Bell's BBS, as the question said, (Does anyone know anything about the Maxwell Equation? ASKED QUESTION BY SUPPOSED TITOR//, which by Earth terms is mass-time mass water wall)),Titor further says> if so, then please tell me and contact me at such.

AUTHORIZATION ACT, return time travler, so as not to upset world events.

This was contact such said vendor, and if board in not accpetable to existing unit, then a route jumper must be engineered on damaged board.

Nobody here knew, what type of board this was.This was guessed only in theory.

It seems Titor may have exicuted return event shell, with probable nonperfect margins, as this repaired board, was NOT, factory tested for linnearity?

Please note, similar world lines, for a carte blanch of numbers out of said proposed multiverse, or more than one out of frequency world line, of other John Ts?

T was said to have shown up and told via recorded BBS, that he had reached wrong time line.

In recording phase histories, nobody knows as to whether Titor recieved damage to G.E. unit on way to 2001 and 2, or varied time line, due to non-proper performing boad.

There is no telling of offworld contacts, of any nature in time, after this reach to this extent in published time.

Condition of sun post said holicost, not known, condition of multiverse, as equal events track in passage, not known

These are hidden and real exposed histories, as balanced
Re: Angelic Harmony

Friend Persephone

That melody which you reffer to is known as the Divine Trisagone. The first time it was actually experienced was nearly four thousand years by some Kabbalists meditating in Syria. They reported that the words were Ateh Gibor Le-Olamh Adonay. And He Shall Rule For Ever and Ever. Aleluyah, Aleluyah, Aleluyah. Centuries Later Heindel somehow got the entire melody and wrote it down as one of the greatest masterpieces of all times, The Messiah. Try and listen to it.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Angelic Harmony

Yes! I am so shocked that you would refer to Heindel's Messiah! That is what I have heard. I thought maybe I was just remembering it from childhood, in my church when the choir would perform this, but I also thought it had something to do with the sunrise....

You have sparked my interest here, and I think I will do some personal research into the historical references that you have given me. Thankyou.

Re: Angel wait a second..

I don't want to interupt between you too and what your laying down. However what both of your efforts seem to be, is an efficacious attempted run-around the problems that this society faces now.

I too Tran001, I am not sometimes within the mainstream as you are.

However, I am in touch.

When you two are extoling the virtues of communial heiarchialism, please place down you hymnal and look carefully at what is going on.

The young oft not, want nothing more to do with organized religion, as this seems to be a heiarchial attempt to be ownus on them, by the supposed ruleing class.

The misinterpration that Tran001 is putting fowards, is that what he percieves as God rules forever.

In our case here as humans, this is truly not so much the case.

The way this goes down as represented now, is that man was physically farmed here to be the creature that he is and now appears to be.

The second tennet of this postulation is, that there is a consortium of gods, as well as one main christian God, that at times officiates here.

This is dutifully known by Betty Andreasson Luca's work and is not contested at all.

However when one says he will rule forever, since this saying is under the guise of parochialism, within the context of a supposed ruleing body.Futhermore here as represented by transferance here on Earth, is the saying that since the powers that be rule, that they are really doing God's duty?

You forgot to exclude exclusitivity in your says here.

By not doing so, you two are saying, God's nice, however we are muscial, so we in the physical will take over his job thank you?

Please be advised if you are who you say that you are.

E.T. both government bought, as well as free hiddens never came out and said they were here.

Please be additionally advised, the hidden bases said to be of both governmental as well as cobased agreed facilities, have never been exposed and said to be, what they are to be to the general public.

So nothing has changed.This is still one society based on over-heiarchialism, without a repreise in recourse, to a better means of direction.

In otherwords, still a dead-end society.

Very, very attempted smooth, however I'm sorry, you can not paint over this now very vexing problem, which effects the entirity of the globe known as Earth.

Still, still, still, still, still, still, still, case in point and I will point this ever so dutifully again.

Betty Andreasson Luca's book, The Andreasson Affair Book two,>I saw from a distance as man who was walking by where this sphere had landed.

The gem-robots, (Angels helpers), had sunned the man and then went over and picked up the man by holding each arm and started to drag him back to the silver sphere.

The man came to his sences and had started to cry aloud.

The witness seeing all this from the bushes, could hear one of the robots say, "We've got the wrong person, this subject should not be acting this way.Let him go.))

When God by ones defination is so perfect and all seeing, then this action must have been an indication to a few, that the God Angelic heiarchies do indeed make mistakes?

What is vitally inportant there, is that in us humans knowing that God has allowed this mistake to be seen, then this is an indication of the fact that once farmed as well as Earth based man, is now free to move on.

In short, in his own allowance of travel, join the galacitic community.

On the other hand you have P. Moore, who's said is, "On one of my late night web searches, I came upon this web site.Yat yata yata and this is the Ongs Hat site and guess what?, they's doing bad to get this vehicle and the Devil, just happens to be in the details.

Between the three of you all trying to spin it your way, it's enough to make one take up drinking.

This society no longer works without microproscessor control of people.

When society has to function to this extent, then it's really no longer worth living on this globe.

This is one of the main reasons that some have approched the need for allowable organize space travel with the attage of colonization.This as well as fraternization with whoever we want, with such verve.

We definalty do not need rulers who are so isolaited, theat they do not know what supermarket laser scanners are, or refer to Earthlings as human-type people.

Rule if you want, however in my own phylosphies, I do elect to go other places, if this is allowable?

In the books of the seventies, such as Alvin Tofflier's book Future Shock, as well as one of the first early work in film by George Lucas, as well as the saids of behaviourist Paul Goodman, there were ample warnings issued about these times to come.

And what did government do with all the funding?

Right' put it right into the CIA, DIA and every spook org that one can think of.

Why look at they're financial records come tax time.

The spook orgs have the most wonderful accountings forms that one can possably imagine.

Now look at NASA financial records as exposed by a GOA probe a few years back?

Annnd where was the records???Right, they were in a basement all stuffed away and somehow, just somehow there was a rainstorm and the water filled the basement so destroying all the financial records.

Now look at the differnce ibetween how each orginization is taken care of.

One has immucilate accounting proceedures, which resemble Maddison Avenue.

The other, well, Duh' think they threw them papers under a dumpster er sompthin??

Yes' I can tell by listening to the prose here, as a society we are headed srraight for the stars.

I'm so gladd I have your assurances on that?
I'm sorry, but this is how I see it, have seen it and will s contiune to do so in the future.
Re: Hold that thought

Friend Creedo

I comprehend what you put forth, yes there is a mighty problem with the religious organizations here on this world, I do not protest the possibility of humanity having been farmed on this blue planet and I do not interfere with the reasoning of our culture having been engineered by an outside force. Yes all that I understand, but what I was conveying to Persephone was that those were the lyrics of the Divine Trisagone. The lyrics a master musician wrote down for the music he had experienced during sunrise.

My belief in the Source goes beyond thinking that God will rule forever. For my God is not interested in ruling anything, it simply IS. It created and sent forth it´s creatures to populate the stars, and someday we shall all return home and make It proud with our stories and experiences. And believe me not one single atom shall remain at the end of times away from It. not one.

Once, one of my colleagues taught me that the Source is like an enormous body and that each cell in that body was an universe. And evry atom in that cell was a galaxy and every basic particle in the atom were world and we were the driving force behind the energy of the those particles and atoms. So you see, if the interpretation of my colleague is correct, then the Source is aware of it´s body and of every cell but lets them work their way following general genetical rules in order to keep the body functional.

We in turn are formed the same way, but we are barely aware of the cells and atoms that make up our body. We simly live taking their work for granted, trusting that everything in our bodies will be tomorrow as it was today. We are not being aware. Should we be, the wonders we would discover my friend, we would even dare say --Oh My God It´s Full Of Stars!--

Nonetheless I understand your points and respect them my friend Creedo, and even agree that we have been manipulated, lied to and kept from valuable information that we should have access to for a long time. Yet, here we stand, we need to ask those questions and demand for the answers.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Hold that extra mayo on the tunna

A funny note, as I myself was wondering why I was becoming so emotional over these series of post I did commit.

When I had noticed the post, the number was still 81 on the views.The next number was replies, which was the number 9 And the month is number eleven.

This is synchronicity in travel.

This is why I was biteing at you anckles, due to the synchronistic jive.

1981 is when the films were brought back from the Meier farm in Switzerland.

1977 was when Pleiadean cosmonaut had fallen and struck her head in the Meier study/library, when Billie's friend Jacobus had tried to steal a look at a real Pleiadean.

In 1981, I saw the outakes from the Swiss landing and went into social shock.

It was not untill the year 1989, that UFO Library Magazine had come out with the fact, that Cosmonaut Semjase, had struck her head on a supposed Pleiadean saucer-beamship's down-ramp.

five years later, the truth came out and it was told about the libray, where Semjase had fallen.

When Preston Nicholes saw the Pleiadeans, they were mute and did not talk.

When Penny Harper also visited with the Pleiadeans, they too did not talk.

When I saw the Pleideans, in 1989, via a ships sighting only, they did not communicate with me at all.

A wall, that does not talk and only stares.

Reagan told Gorbachev, "Tear down the wall, Mr. Gorbychev" and when this wall was torn down all the evil that this wall held back, came into the west.

Now someone like me shouts, to the Pleiadean ships before me, "Tear down the wall of silence Pleideans". and what,...would happen if this wall were torn down?

At some time within future tense, would extraterrestail hookers be working lower Manhatten?

Not ment to be funny, however what does happen, when walls are torn down, Tran001?

What I need now, is my Clara Doll.My little Clara Dolly.

Clara use to post here, she was a mother figure to me before she had started to change her stories, like the Mormon religion.

I need my Clara Dolly, Tran001.

~The price well paid for knowing what is behind a barrier, once you are told not to look inback of such, is the certain responsability that we must deal with this new factor, once its scope has been exposed to our width of knowlege.

Thank you, for the time being, this was a test imposed by synchronicity.
Re: Personal

Hi trans it's frog again I just wanted to say do you hate me or ignoring me because if I am a pest let me know and I will try not to be one if your busy then I will leave you alone I know we haven't talked in awhile I have been busy too you know with other stuff I would not like to mention so if you ever want to talk again just let me know!

You actually met an alien I haven't I have sighted strange stuff when I was younger I have actually seen a ufo, men in black, and an unmarked car in my driveway but that is all I have encountered and my dreams do and don't make any sense what other tricks do you have up your sleeve as well in my sparetime I have been reading ufo and alien books and I don't mean scifi tell me about your encounters I am interested and I will listen!
Re: Personal

Third sentance down under the heading of creedo, you said, >what other tricks do you have up your sleeve as well as in my sparetime?

I'll have you know that your sparetime is a very personal part of your, ...uagh, whatever and furthermore.....>

I have you know mister Frog-type person, I have never throught of entering your sparetime.

And if you continue to say such terrible things, such as insinuating that I would ever enter your sparetime, without a county permit, I'll go to the MOP and have you arrested?~

Hungh! The thought of me ever eaven thinking of entering up my sleeve and up your sparetime.

My gracious, what are the morals of this board comeing to?!!

This is something like Darby or T12 would say. The thought of it, well I never!!! ; :eek:
Duplicated post spot, please delete, MOP

Extra accidential post spot, please MOP, delete this extra space.Thanks creedo 299
Re: Personal

What I was trying to say was what I do in my sparetime forget whatever I said I am sorry creedo for saying whatever I said in my sparetime I read write and draw and so forth it was a mistake of what I said we are all supposed to be friends here I didn't mean any harm to you and others of this message board well if you still want to talk that is fine with me and where the heck is trans I want to talk to him I need to ask you one or two questions Have you ever encountered an alien or ufo and two Could you tell me about your experiences I would like to listen? Just know this there is more then meets the eye here alot of stuff is going on that I fail to mention that is all I can tell you at this moment!
Re: Personal

Friend Frog

No frog I would not be capable of hating, specially you. I have enjoyed the conversations with you. However I have been ver occupied during the last days. Please If you wish, post your questions again and I shall answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Do not go thinking that you are pesting me, you are not, I even consider you a colleague in the timephasing business.

Hoping to hear from you and.....

Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

Here are several more questions for you:

1. Could you describe the crew and captain of the timeship Hourglass?
2. Did you have any relationships with girls or women during your lifetime? sorry personal one
3. What do you think about this world and people living on it in general and personal?
4. What is your religion called if is or not christanity and so on?
5. Does God know what you are doing as well as other races of humans and aliens?
6. Do you agree or not where this Earth is headed for?

Sorry for all of the questions and I know they may sound weird or strange to you but if you can answer them then that would help me out also I would like to hear about stories you have been told or experiences don't worry I will not judge and make fun of them!
Re: Personal

Friend Frog of TR125.0121

1. Could you describe the crew and captain of the timeship Hourglass?

Well The crew of the Hourglass, as I have said before, consists of one captian and nearly 35 crew members. The captain is a woman in her fifties and she is wonderul. Brilliant, astute and surprisingly resourceful. The crew members belong to the military and some civilians. The military take care of defending the ship and intervene if time meddlers begin to pose a threat to the timeline. The civilians are Temporal Analysts, Temporal Scientists and the ones that take care of the ship's machinery.

2. Did you have any relationships with girls or women during your lifetime? sorry personal one

No my friend. I have not have any relationship with women nor men of this world. We as observers can not do so, since we understand that we are to observe realities from a distant vantage point we can not interfere in the general outcomes of this or any other reality.\

3. What do you think about this world and people living on it in general and personal?

Well humanity, and I include myself in that beautiful bunch, still needs a lot of maturing. We are considered by other races as younglings. In the galactic culture we are denominated as uncivilized children. However, I have had glimpses of the future and I do know that we will change into something great and wonderful.

4. What is your religion called if is or not christanity and so on?

It is not a religion, i fancy it to be a science that studies the general aspects of the universe under some principal laws. But if it will suffice it is called Orazzianism

5. Does God know what you are doing as well as other races of humans and aliens?

The god you mention might be a very different one than the one I follow. I follow a being, a super consciousness that knows everything, but does not pass judgement on our mistakes, rather it gives us the chance to learn for It knows that we are bound to imperfect choosings because we are still not perfect.

6. Do you agree or not where this Earth is headed for?

Well according to The Protocol, I can not answer that, nonetheless for calm's and peace's sake I have to confess that Earth is heading for a very promising future. Although what we experience in this subjective present might suggest a terrible future, do not be misguided nor loose your faith. Yes there might be a war between US and the middle east nations but that will not be the end, it will give place for something grand. Personally I detest war but this is the way that it will occur and by now I have learned to accept it despite my protests in the Conclavinaculum. But keep your faith my friends Whatever takes place it will be for the better.

I have learned that at this very moment we observers are trying to make this looming war the least effective, sort of smoothing it out so that it's repercutions would be less prominent. We have even asked for several time zones to be interdicted so that no further incurssion takes place.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

I have eight more questions for you:

1. Does the president of the US and other military know about your presence?
2. Does Mars and the Moon have aliens and alien bases on these two planets?
3. What is timephasing like in general and personal?
4. What do these aliens want with our planet or Earth?
5. Could you tell me what your friends have told you know different experiences or stories?
6. Will we ever develop a ufo and fly in outer space and to other planets?
7. Who are the men in black? I have seen one but they never did anything to me!
8. last question If time travel has been invented then where is the evidence or proof? now I am not saying I don't believe in time travel which I do anyways it is just a simple question that's all!

Sorry for the repeated questions I kind of got carried away so I will talk with you later thanks for the previous questions they were helpful now I must go!
Betty Freidan underarm deoternat

I'll answer for Tran, you're taxing him.

1.Does not matter as other orgs., handle this.
They only involve the pres, if these orgs want a photo-op.

2.Yes they do, they are scattered and sectored.
There are some on the moon, a certain sect of Andromedians, physical.
On Mars, I know of one hybrid Grays contingent, they have made contact.
These groups at time, do not show coheasiveness.

3.Don't know, he might be hitching a ride in a human body, don't know what he's up to?

4.Well principally, I think as Charles Fort had said, "I think we're a crop"?

5.He remembers his friends, but he's in a differnt body now.This is why nobody in goverment is intrested in him.

He can call a section 86 and everyone will think he's not stable.

6.McDonald Aerospace, group, when it was in busniess, was said to have developed one of their own and fly it in the American desert.

Was not a real hot ship, but could do a few tricks.

This was a few years back and is in a web site.

7.The men in black now, are subdivisions of the Dracks.
They have a human bioplasem field to pass themselves off as humans.

Other men in black further defined>A few years back, they sewed togeather parts of dead people stollen from mourges and what-not.>See John Keel's The Mothman Prophacies.
That was the 70s.

In the fifties, however beings from beyond the great energy barrier, towards the center of this galixy, came here to visit Earth.

This was recorded in Frank Skullie's, Behind The Flying Saucers.

These guys were pure energy and would take bodies of dead people and place their very high energy within them.

The origionals arn't her any longer.

They went back to their place beyond the great energy barrier, where no human can go.

They said they came here for scientific exploration pourposes, however to them, this world, even on the hottest days, would seem like the Arctic would, in the middle of winter to humans.

8.This system has been invested.
You only need to look real good in order to find the evidence.

All these sources are web sources.

Tran's people, look like a cross, between a very black American negro and an aquatic animal.

We have no idea of their social patterns and this might be a process, to where the female leaves an egg someplace, she goes off to work and the guy comes along later and fertalizes it?

It might be that touching and carressing, may be processes other, or outside of sex, as opposed to how humanbeings procreate.

There are some species that don't even have any idea what forplay is and hold hands and touching, without sex, are true forms of friendship.

Other species, have differing behaviour patterns and may not have any similarity in the way, we humans do as well as socially see things?
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  • L LeoTCK:
    Interesting theories, some of them. The rest is just fantasy or plain wrong. Also the thing about black hole because that assumes that black holes (as originally described) really exist. Rather than what I heard myself that the infinite mass thing is simply based on a mathematical error nobody seemed to challenge.
  • Mylar Mylar:
    Uhm ok I see
  • Num7 Num7:
    Titor bless you.
  • Mylar Mylar:
    I read this on a french YT channel about UFOs, that: Magnetic field + gamma rays can be used to create a circulating light beam that distorts or loops time, which can lead to a twisting of space and time. Looks like what R.Mallet working on it. What's your thoughts on this?
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