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Going to Chronose's time:


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Going to Chronose\'s time:

I feel a bit weird today as part of me is starting to leave my body.

I can use another persona, as this will be a difficult trip.

I need Sarah, as she is the only one of you who I can touch, that ever meant anything that was not dirty in this time.

She will do.

I starting now and I have her hand, I am touching it now , I am holding it gently as the trance is going along.

She knows Im holding her, sees who I am and is not frightened.

She will come along.

I knew the day I saw him, his travel that he was indeed from the future, as I saw his time travel.

They beamed him from a parallel Earth as a scatter of electrons and this future Earth was not far away.

Sarah Im still holding you hand as I am now leaving this time.
You are the only thing holding me and I must have you holding me hand.

There he is I see him now and he is traveling very fast as kind of like a blur.

This is like jumping across spaces and he leaves a path from the future to the past and now he's here.

How this looks is as if an electron trail, where if you follow it, you look into Earth of the future.

I see him, they when they put him in.

He just simply dematerizes and then makes the trip back to this time.

He is so confused as they don't understand what they are missing in the future.

He does miss his family ,.........I have you hand Sarah, from the future.

Existence is cruel there as what was once thought to be common in understanding is now very rate.

They see me, but do not react as they know who I am.

This trip was very quick and I saw this a while back.

I can no longer talk.

Thank you very much Sarah, it was nice having you come along.

You should start to see some of his trip here to.//

The other realm is what I use to be.

They are seven foot in height, very powerful and live quadrillions of light years from Earth.

The other one here said that I can only say this much.
Re: Going to Chronose\'s time:

whats his claim to fame here? hah
He defies description. You really just have to experience him for yourself. I'm still working on cracking his cipher. But I think my dog is starting to speak Creedo to me! Still....he is WAY more entertaining that Chronohysterical!

Re: Going to Chronose\'s time:

I agree with you Rainman!! There's something about Creedo, he's one of the most interesting and unpredictable people on this site. You never know what he will come up next and you just can't not like him. There are even times when he makes more sense than yes, Chrono histeric!!
Re: Going to Chronose\'s time:

Isn't "Sarah", the woman in love with a man from the future the main character in TERMINATOR starring Arnold Schwarznegger?
Re: Going to Chronose\'s time:

Hey chronohistorian. Was the heat in the other thread to much for you. I see you decided to just talk with the few that are buying into your jiborish. If you are from the future, lets talk about it for real. Lets talk about the way that time travel works.

by the way, Matter trasporter by name definition, are for trans porting matter frome one PLACE to another. Not one TIME to another. Just like a GARBAGE truck transports trash from the street curb to the dump sight. Are you saying that you came from the future in a garbage truck.
Re: Going to Chronose\'s time:

billagain-if you look I am still in the other threads.

You do not know anything about a matter transporter. have you ever seen one?
yes they are for transporting matter to one place to another but if you make a few modifications then you can use it to travel through time.
I don't think you have a clue of what you are talking about
Re: Going to Chronose\'s time:

The air density was too great and the mirror was torn off.

>The dilution of oxygen, is different there.

>I have Ray now.

No come with me to over there and well look at it.

This is a big engine and it's heavy.

Yes' couple of tons, surly?

Now let's take the front of it off.

See the compressor ends into the section where it narrows into the combustors.

Now map, then simulate and output.

The spaces are too narrow Ray, this won't hold a charge!?

This is why he went to the engine suspended away from the walls.

>Put your damned helmet on and shut-up.
Re: Going to Chronose\'s time:

>Put your damned helmet on and shut-up.
I'd like to know why you had your damned helmet off in the first place!!!??? You know mission protocols, Creedo. You didn't safe the area first. You really ought to be more careful, you know... Ops Violations can show up in your inbox on a moments notice, and THEN you'd be in a world of hurt!

Colonel Creedo might get busted a rank if he isn't careful.
Re: dust is unlike Texas

Yes Sir!

Don't know how I could have forgotten about this, seems I was occupies on the APU probem, with the unit not outputting the correct current?? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re: dust is unlike Texas


seems I was occupies on the APU probem, with the unit not outputting the correct current??
Understandable. With current that low for an APU that produces several Kilowatts, I wanna know where all that excess power is going too! Did you notice that the unit's operating temperature was at least 20 Deg. C above nominal?