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I know that this doesn't really have anything to do with time travel but I just want to take a vote. What I want to know is how many people believe in god? please respond.
I do. definitely. infact I just got into a car wreck around 4 hours ago in rush hour traffic.A guy in front of me in a red car decided to stop suddenly and then sped up again. applying the brakes my car spun all the way around and hit the cement guards on the highway.knocked off the whole front bumper. not one car hit me and I did not hit one car. My car stopped in the middle of the highway facing the opposite direction of traffic. I got out of the car to talk to the sheriff and here I am.
still alittle shook up. The EMS guy said "you must of had someone watching over you today."
Do I beleive in God and angels? yep.


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WoW, that's amazing that that would happen to you and not get hurt... But you do realize that there's a reason you didn't get seriously hurt. Not just because of God.

There's a reason why some people's lives are prolonged (saved) when they encounter an accident.

But instead of turning this into a debate about God (which I try to avoid at all times), I'll just say that you should really look at the real reason behind why nothing serious happened to you. That should make you suspicious, a little. It would me...

After all, where was your free-will at the time? Who controled your thinking and actions? Obviously you have more to accomplish in life, and only you and those Angels who you think saved you know what that could be.

Just thought it would be something to think about. You don't need to respond to it.

Javier C.
Your right, Javier.
I do think we are all here for a reason.
you still have free will through everything. at any time you could chose to end your life yourself but then you would miss out on all the real reasons and opportunities you are here for to begin with.

wish they could have saved my bumper though!hehe
never did find my front liscence plate. maybe it hit so fast it went into a parallel dimension.
(just kidding -just kidding.!)

I too, may believe in God, but my perception God is entirely different than most of you may have ever come to know.

I do not believe that God is a "Who", but rather a "What", perhaps is a more suitable description of this multidimensional omnipresent force that everyone is constantly searching for.

God is what I have come to know as the "ISNESS" which is an intelligent force of energy that exists in all things, from the smallest molecule, to the most massive galaxies within the entire universe.

This "ISNESS" consists of an intricate interconnected multidimensional omnipresent collective conscience that extends far beyond the limitations of ordinary physics.

The Vatican has been aware of this for many years, (Luke 17:21) but in their relentness efforts to control everything around them, the church, and in the name of "religion" have declared war upon God, and upon any man woman, or beast that tries to overthrow that power will be crucified accordingly.

In conclusion, I strongly reccomend you view a movie entitled "STIGMATA" it will give you much insight, and an opportunity to reflect upon what I am attempting to describe to you.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

Is that your only example at how we have free-will? The free-will to end our lives?

Is that it? Again, you missed my point, but nevermind. I'm sorry about your bumper, and your license plate. But it's a small price to pay, don't you think?

-Javier C.
no ,Javier, that is not what I was saying. maybe I worded it wrong. You have free will in ALL things. you decide. just like I decided to respond to this posting. nobody made me do it. I did it because I wanted to.
that is free will.
How do you figure? Because you thought it, you have free-will? So posting it wasn't meant to be? Okkaay...

-Javier C.

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Javier- your right I missed the point.
what was the point? Im so confused now!!

Ralph-do you beleive in God? you never did mention. sorry to get so much off topic.
You've known for awhile now what my point's been (or did you forget =)... But it's ok, I don't want to discuss this anymore. I'm to tired, and I have lots of work to do. Perhaps some other time. Laterzzzz.

-Javier C.

P.S. I wish I could get some Z's right now =).
I wonder if anyone out there still believes in a multiplicity of gods, like the good old Greek Olympians, or some of the old cosmic religions. Do any pantheistic religions still exist, with followers?

Personally, I have no clue as to whether there are any kinds of "supernatural" beings out there. But I do think that, if they exist, they aren't involving themselves mechanically in our everyday lives. Physics just works too well for them to be messing around, altering our physical world. As for spiritually, I think that's up to the individual.
I think that the more we, humans on the whole, discover more and more about how our world and universe work, the more we tend not to believe in a God. As for more then one God or a multiplicity of Gods, I think that it is more likely a different aspect of a single God or Prime Creator. Take smaller Human cultures for example, the less knowledge they have about how and why things work in their world then more they believe in a God. And that God permeates their daily life more so then cultures with more knowledge of the word ect. When we look at our selves from the spiritual point of view, we become more lost then those smaller cultures. And our view of God becomes redefined or distorted because of our knowledge. It is a little tuff to say whether this is good or bad. I do believe that we are to learn and that this world and it’s cultures are more like a one room school, there is more then one grade level here.
I think that advanced races would always be spiritual races,(not religious-but spiritual. there is a big difference.)

the other ones destroy themselves with their own technology. or turn malicious and use others decepitively for their own purposes.
knowledge without wisdom.

just my 2 cents,
Ahhhh, don't even get me started on this one. Just for the record, I know something about this, but for the sake of argument, I'll skip it this time. 2 hours of sleep isn't good when your wanting to make a point =).

-Javier C.
As Pamela has said "I think that advanced races would always be spiritual races,(not religious-but spiritual. there is a big difference.)

I strongly agree with that statement!
Religion itself is an element of control, and it is only required for those who cannot control themselves as a race.

Face it, many years ago, we were pagans, sacrificing humans & animals alike before Judaisim came along, so looking at this from the perspective of a highly evolved race that perhaps planted the genetic seed upon this planet, would perhaps find it necessary to implement some form of "Religion" to prevent the people from killing one another, and instill some form of morals that in itself would manifest some form of order out of chaos.

Chaos "is" the natural state of the universe, so it takes quite an ordeal of complex intelligent unifyed forces to maintain order within.
Very nicely put Time02112. That's exactly what I believe too =). And with a future spiritual race, having Time Travel at their disposal, we'll be sure to continue to be in their control for thousands of years.

-Javier C.
To answer Janus's earlier question, yes there are still pagans all over the place... those that worship more then one diety and they can be just as spiritual as those with one god. Religion in the organized form was behind many of historys worst masacres. Spirituality is something a person comes to on a personal level and it has nothing to do with a particular religion.
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