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god and being out of time


Temporal Novice
it says in the bible that god is out of are time
and he can come and go as he pleases and knows everything before it happin's.

it allso says in the bible that he know all that happins and happind with humans
and satan before it ever did and that it was all part of his plane.
before he made the earth and all the universe and all that.
so what i was wondering is how he could be in his own reality and see everythang that happind
in this one beofore he created it since time as we know it is only a reality in this realm.
if there was no concept of time or time hadint started yet then there would be know way for him
to see into it yet since it wasint there.
anyone have any ideas on this or can expand on it?.
Re: Quantum Metaphysics My Friend

Friend Moku21

Our universe is but one of the many universes that exist in the eternal present of the One. To us and every other observer it seems that time is an ever flowing to the future occurrence, hence our perception of the time passing by. However, to the inertial observer outside the framework of realities, time has a certain characteristic that makes it traceable, this is what our scientist called timespace. In this timespace everything that could have ocurred already did, from the beginning to the very end.

When people study the concept of the Prime Temporal Point, they find it easier to understand the concept of timespace. You see, once in the PTP the observer can see the intricate designs, almost fractarial structures, of the various universes. These structures are created by the passing of time in a given reality. When time then passes it leaves behind two main particles, chronotrons and tachyons. The chronotrons align to form the timespace structures and the tachyons flow forth letting us know that time has occurred in a given period.

Therefore, when the Divine One, Who was in fact the first point decided to create all of our universes were already created and time had already occurred in every single one of them. Thus The One True Source knew of everything, because from where The Source is Standing every single action in every single universe can be seen.

Imagine a room where all of the film screens of a movie are floating in space in succession. Now imagine this room filled with all of the film screens of every movie ever made floating in an organized pattern. Within this room you could see every part of every movie from beginning to the end withou having to play it on a machine, you could already know the end of every single flick.

Until later becomes now.