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Ghosts could be time travellers?

Does anyone agree with the theory that ghosts could be people, possibly ones self, that momentarily merge through different dimensions for some reasons and appear in our universe? Pheraps we ourselves appear as ghosts in other universes? Has anyone ever experienced a time slip or a strange moment where they didn't recognise their surroundings?
Paradox-here is one.

posted 25 June 2000 13:48
I'll describe one of these experiences:
I was sleeping in my old house and all of a sudden I found myself standing by my back bedroom window. wether in body or astral body I donno. I couldnt tell but it was very strange the curtains on the window kept changing over and over to curtains i had previously on the window to curtains i never saw before. as it was flashing and changing I in wonderment reached out my hand to try to grab a piece of it and my hand went right through the curtain just like it was a puff of air. and then it stopped on a particular curtain and I turned around and it was still my room but not my stuff. there were two little beds and a dresser I wondered greatly at this it was a little girls room. and then i heard a muffled cry coming FROM the other room I walked out and went to it.
It was coming FROM the closet and I walked over the closet door was opened and inside a little boy was crying I was moved with great compassion and he sensed me and looked up and was afraid.
"Don't be afraid..I wont hurt you. why are you crying?"
I felt compassion coming FROM me to him.
knowledge came to me that his dad was a truck driver,was abusive to the little boy and was on his way home. The little boy was afraid his dad would beat him again for something he did. the little boy confirmed the knowledge with his words.
I went to the kitchen, same kitchen but decorated differently. and looked out the window to see if I could see the dad. I felt extrememly light like i was a ghost and I had white on.I might have been glowing slightly.then i went back INTO the room to comfort the little boy.
I heard the door open and heard the father coming down the hall the little boy put his hands over his head and scrunched farther down INTO the closet.
I observed the little boy and stepped out INTO the hallway and put my hand up to the man "you will hurt the boy no longer." I said.
The man was scared to death and started crying. knowledge came that he would be hurt no longer and then I dont remember anymore and I woke up. thinking that was a strange dream.
A month after we moved out of the house and INTO a new place our old neighbor called and said a new family had moved in our house with three little kids. I could barely speak.
"Do you know what kind of job he does?" I asked.
My old neighbor answered. "He's a truck driver."
strange but true.

Woa, that is so spooky..did it happen to you Pamela or did you read it somewhere? Man, if it happened to you, do you think the boy would recognise you if you went to see him, or the Father? So you slipped INTO the future and were percieved as a ghost?? Wow!
Hey Everyone!! Yes, definately a mindblowing occurance to happen to someone!! Whilst I ponder the probability that such an occurance can happen, I also have the knowledge through personal experience that the viel between this and the otherworld is very thin to those that are willing to close their eyes and see for the first time in their lives. It's a matter of personal choice whether a person wan't real freedom of spirit and choice, or to be a slave to the system and never really being ably to see the forest through the trees... The Gift of Sight can be a blessing and a curse so it is not to be used lightly!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

~ Draco the Druid
paradox- I did experience it. Curiosity got the best of me and I was going to visit my old neighbor and then pop over there and try to make up an excuse to see them and if what I saw how they had the place arranged furniture wise and stuff was the same.but when i got around to contacting my neighbor again she said they had moved out already with no explaination. I thought that rather odd. but now I cannot prove it to myself which I really wanted to do. I waited too long. I dont know if they moved because of his job. (being a truck driver) or maybe something scared them. who knows. I never will know.....it is possible it was all just a very bizzare dream. and a coincidence.


<This message has been edited by pamela (edited 03 February 2001).>
Personally I feel that we are all Travelers In Time, in many ways, But that isn't the Paradox.. The Paradox is that when the Temple Of The Soul, the Body, dies, our voices don't automatically become erased. Our pictures don't fade,etc., to me that is a Paradox!!


~ Draco
Wow, those are amazing stories. Some people (like yourself Pamela) seem a lot more susceptible to these kind of experiences. I would love to have some kind of 'paranormal' experience..as long as it's a good one! Have you (or anyone) ever had a frightening experience?
Hey Paradox!!! While the stories and other "paranormal" experiences are intrueging and seemingly harmless occurences, there is also a negative side to Matrionic Overlaps, Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming,etc.. Positive Energy Begets Positive Energy, and Negative Energy Begets Negetive Energy... Your personal Matrix and Escoterical Escence is what you make of it. It's called the Law Of Return and noone excapes the law of return. While the conscience memory of the unsuspecting subject of Matrionic Overlap, Astral Travel, interdimensional tempolar interface, etc, is either clouded or blocked out. Those of us that, through extensive preperation, meditation, maintaining ultra-extensive levels of escoteric energy and oneness of mind, body and spirit can control what happens in our travels but also use a great degree protection FROM Astral Entities,etc.. It's not something to mess with if you are not prepared. Me personally, I'm a Vetran Of the Psychic Wars and Nothing Holds Authority Over Me, in my travel's. Fear is a product of the Imagination and to be overcome by fear is to give in to the self set barriers you have to overcome to achieve true enlightenment.



Draco the Druid
Scary Ones? yep i have had those as well.
But they always seem to come out ok at the end.

Draco, no i dont remember any kind of jewlry on the old guy just the lab coat. it is rather strange i remember the beginning and end but not the middle where he did most of the explaining. all I remember is it had something to do with electromagnetism and that some sort of energy was being fed INTO the cement round things by what looked like thick cable wires. but I am not an electrician so I donno. and I appeared on the wires as well as the other guy did. so people came through at this point is my guess. when I jumped up and down on the wire he knew it FROM up on the hill.so it did something and it was funny to see him running down the hill like a mad proffessor saying stop stop!!! heheeh.he was tall and lanky and he had boots and a lab coat on. and white hair. but I do know by their reactions i was not the ONLY one who had come through to their dimension. No, I don't think I knew him but I did spend all day with him. he liked talking to me is all I remmbered because I asked a lot of questions.
I remember walking around looking at the things and talking but not one word of what was said . i just don't remember at all.
But after the dream I found myself waking up in all kinds of strange places. (astrally) I guess you would say. and not always in my body which is scary as well!!!
one time I woke up in another girls body. I looked down and that was not my room and not my legs. I got up and looked in the mirror and it was not me. I went out to the kitchen and there on the wall was a calandar I looked at it. (this happened in 1998 or 1999)
and the calander said 2002 or 2003. I was shocked. everything was VERY vivid. I tried to find out all I could while i was there. then i just disappeared and woke up on my bed.
another scary time is I felt like my brain was being shocked and suddenly there was this release and i found myself falling through the air being sucked to some ship on the ocean. right before I hit the deck of the front of the ship i blacked out and then i woke up on a bed inside the ship,,, and that is another long story.
and then I saw that same ship again. I was sucked out of my body INTO this space looked like outer space but it was not. it was like light brownish red sort ofhard to explain.
outerspace but not black and no stars. just a space of nothing. nothing but a ship.
it was bobbing up and down and slowly turning right and left like it was on water but there was no water at all. it was weird. like it was dangling FROM a string or something.I was headed right for it. I remember thinking. "GOD! it's that ship again!!!" and then I blacked out again as I got closer to it. and woke up dizzy.
so its not been great something i would not try to have such experiences on purpose. for me it happens automatically. something causes it. I get sucked there and that is that. I have many experiences but I cant tell them all here. there is too many.

anyway i will tell this one because it is quite interesting:

from what I remember:
I was in this place and I was trying to rescue this little girl out of this evil house. as I was taking her out of the house she was kind of fighting me because she didnt understand. I was trying to put her to safety. all of a sudden this demon like thing started coming after me.out
from the house. you should have seen it , it was the ugliest thing I ever seen it had it's hands out as if reaching for the girl and it was moving at great speed.(faster than me!) I could have dropped the girl and ran but I was determined to save her. it seemed very angry.

While I was running I saw suddenly appearing out of nowhere to my left and up ahead ,a white round like vehicle. and I noticed three tall men were getting out of it. very calmly so. I ran right pass them and the older of the three stepped right infront of this demon-like thing. and he put his right hand up in the air .no words were said between the man and the evil thing that I could hear. I had stopped running and turned around to see this. This evil thing was crouching down in fear before this man. it then turned around and went back INTO the house. it retreated in fear.

The other man motioned for me to get in the vehicle and the third man took care of the little girl.

The vehicle was small like a car with front and back seats. but here is the strangest thing we were inside this vehicle and it had lots of viewing space. And I noticed the strangest thing WE WERE NOT MOVING. everything was moving and changing around us. it was so strange.

I leaned forward in the seat. these people had not said one word to me as of yet. and I noticed the little wing imprint on the shoulder. They all had white hair and blue eyes and white robes with this little blue cape like thing over the robe. they had a wonderful feeling about them and I really wanted to stay with them. I wanted to reach up and touch the little wing imprint on the guys shoulder because the material looked so soft but there was a holiness about them. a cleanness. a high moral standard type of intelligence. very wise. very hard to describe. they had a very deep peace about them that made you feel very comfortable.

I finally wondered greatly who they were and asked the guy seated in front of me
"who are you guys?"

I hardly heard the answer because at the same time he was speaking something was happening outside the viewing window. "We are the holy angels of God.." The voice was very authoritive.

that was all I heard. and then there was this bright flash of white light.
and I could not see anything around me but white light I couldnt even see them. the bright flash of white light filled everything up and it was all you could see.and then I heard singing up to my right but I couldnt quite make out what they were singing. some sortof praise with different voices and tones blending together. it was a massive singing getting louder and louder. like I was getting closer and closer to it but all I could see was this bright white light.I couldnt wait to see what beautiful beings were singing that beautiful music I was in great anticipation. but I never got to see it or just don't remember it. I blacked out and found myself on my bed. and when I tried to get up I felt very dizzy. so I layed there for a couple minutes more. I could still feel the presence around me although I couldnt see anyone. and then it faded away.

but then again i may just have very interesting and creative dreams.

Hey Pamela!! As you know, I too have experiences like yours, some I chaulk to abduction, some on seemingly coincidental experiences, some on Lucid Dreams,etc... I'm a Dream Warrior, and have a long history of Battles on the Astral Planes, Battles while lucid Dreaming,etc.. All of the Battles were of Good against Evil, always I fought on the side of Good. Up to this moment in time right now I ponder on what may connect all of these events, good or bad, and find a common theme or purpose to why these things happen in my life on a regular basis.... The war TTO speaks of is already raging, on other Planes, and will reach us on this plane in it's own time. It's a war I'm already fighting in, just not on this plane. And on a lighter note, WUSSSSSUPPPP!!!

~ Draco
Hey again Draco!!
yep we have discussed alot of this in detail.
I am hesitant to share it sometimes on here.

A friend of mine said to me once:
"once man is able to travel in time,there is no more absolute truth."

for everything changes then with everything you do or say. I think that is what he meant but he is so much more intelligent than I.

ps. I hate that WASSSSUP thing! heheheeh
Hey Pamela!!! You have a very wise friend and what he said holds alot of credence!!! I too have inhabitions of revealing too much of the personal experiences I've encountered in my own journeys!! What I do mostly is convey the Knowledge and Wisdom as I see most fit in accordence to the topic matter. We've both been given a Gift that can be ignored or used as a tool to help others, and in helping others we strengthen our Matrical Escence with Positive Energy that eventually will lead to oneness of mind, body and spirit. This will in turn help us and the rest of the MAGI in readying ourselves and others for the Next Level...


~Draco the Druid
I was a memeber of the SPR (Society for Psychical Research) for some years (coincidentally, populated mostly by scientific minds biased more towards non-belief)
They conducted many studies and created a file of ghost accounts which they deemed - for various reasons - to be genuine - if unexplained - phenomena of this kind. Out of this pile of sightings, in over 80% of those investigated - the ghost was revealed to be someone still living. They concluded that the phenomena is nothing to do with consciousness beyond death (a pity!!) but more along the lines of a recorded 'after-image... You could - I guess - equally assume a kind of time travel aspect in that these people were inadvertently projecting their image INTO the future.
My first experience with ghosts was as a child. I have seen ghosts for most of my life. People with me see them too. I have never seen a complete form (since I was small) but part of an arm or leg as it passes. The ghosts also occasionally leave smells, cinnamon, cigar smoke, flowers and curry (yes curry!) which can only be sensed within a very small area of the room. Incidentally I often do not sense these smells and can be on a room with others who smell something like cigar smoke in an area of a room and I don't always smell it myself. My experience with these visitations has become so everyday that they do not concern me in the least. They (ghosts) seem to hang around (on and off) for weeks then disappear for a few months to return again. If anyone doubts their existance - then live with me for 6 months and I guarantee you will experience something paranormal. I have NO fear of them due to their regular visits, but they have the ability to make me have head to toe goosebumps, which can last for ten minutes. I see that as their bit of fun.
Whether they are time travellers I don't know but I kind of think they are.
I also had several UFO abduction dreams FROM the age of 12 upwards, after I left my parents home these stopped. I returned to holiday there with my children and partner and occasionally had ufo abduction type dreams again. When I returned here to stay a few years ago I had a very odd UFO type dream and it like the others felt real. I started to mentioned it to another party and they finished the dream for me - as they had the identical dream. I spoke about it on National radio during a phone in (UK) and by error missed out one very precise detail. Others called in claiming to have had the same dream, which could have been nonsense, except one lady some 100 miles FROM me said she had the dream and mentioned the detail I had missed out.
I have also had many other strange experiences, like being in a car with 2 others and seeing in broad daylight a crop circle in a field, all saw it none could remember where we were when we saw it at the end of the journey.
Sure I believe in time travel because my mind is open. Also dont care if you dont believe what Ive said, cos' my friends and family do (they experience it too).
My guess is that ghosts are people who are using remote viewing or something like that for time travel. I have had an experience with ghosts. Once, when I was 11, I was in France, and one night I heard voices speaking French right next to my bed (I didn't understand them), but when I looked up, they stopped. There was nothing there. Maybe I have French descendants? (I live in the US.)
i have had several paranormal and unexplained expieriences. i dont feel like being criticized so i wont tell them hear. if anyone who truley believes in this stuff wants to hear about them just respond to my meesage. just so u no, my experiences are nothing compared to pamellas.
Thats pretty cool stuff your sayin. If its real its truely amazing. However, if your just getting a kcik out of lying to us (which im not accusing you of) you should really get in the story buisness cuase your a good writer and creative. If your not lying i say you should write stories on your dreams (i think this would be a sucsessful career for. I would really like to hear about more of your strange dreams.
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