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Ghost setting off Security Alarm???


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I was wondering what people on this forum think about this. Here's the deal:
My wife started working as the director of a county historical society a few months ago. The society has a few historic houses that predate the civil war and one inparticular that is circa the late 1700's. since she started we have been getting a lot of phone calls in the middle of the night from the security company saying that an alarm has been tripped in one of the houses. The late 1700's house specifically. They have a way of telling specifically which part of the house the alarm is from and can distinguish betwen window, door and motion sensing alarms. All of the calls we've gotten have been regarding the motion alarm in the main stariway of the house. The police are called and we meet them there after these alarms have been called in and there's no sign of anyone being in the house. The house is treated for "pests" several times a year whether it needs it or not and there is no food or anything in the house that any animal would eat so I can't imagine it's a mouse or rat or anything like that. There are no open windows and the house is very well sealed up so nothing can possibly get in, like a cat. Is it even possible for something as small as a mouse to set off one of those alarms?
We have no way of knowing if this happened before she got there since the alarm was just installed a few weeks before she started.
Any ideas on this?
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