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Geiger Counter


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REcently i have been very intriuged by the man named john titor that claims to be of the future. in his pictures, i noticed that the driver seat to his car is not but 1 foot away from the door,like the car is only one seat deep, but in other pictures ther is a bed, so his car seems to be a right-hand drive.

There is a yellow box on the seat in 2 pictures, which is a geiger counter. a gieger counter that is very old and sells for about 80 dollars
As convincing as his pictures look, for some reason they seem flawed like why would john carry around with him a picture of his training? i think that you should rather than think about what it is but, why it is. Why would he have carry a pictue of his instructor with him? i could see an instruction manual.

another neat thing is that he says there is a lot more typewriter use than there was, if you notices, his manual was made with a typewriter for the most part. However, i think a few things areasual flawed, and dont make sense. what are your opinions of some of these things? are there more minute details i missed? are there more similarites that would be overlooked my the most cbservor?
A great way to have a student realy understand the distortion of gravity would be to allow them to capture their own evidence in the real world. As for the Typewritters, in a post-appocolyptic society things would get used from newest to oldest. If major industrial production came to a sudden halt we would use inkjet printers for many years until it ran out and we reverted back to the huge military/educational complex's surplus of outdated machines and printer ribbons. By JT's time 30 years in the futre you would see people using pre-apocalptic suplies dated from 30 years before the grinding halt of production perhaps.
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    Interesting theories, some of them. The rest is just fantasy or plain wrong. Also the thing about black hole because that assumes that black holes (as originally described) really exist. Rather than what I heard myself that the infinite mass thing is simply based on a mathematical error nobody seemed to challenge.
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