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Future time travellers visiting the present



I asked a qualified physicist once why visitors from the future have
not come to visit us.

Well, he explained that a loophole has to be created in order for
someone to visit us. Therefore, we are not at the stage in technology/science where we have discovered how to create a loophole.
Thus, time travellers will only be able to travel into the past where
loopholes have been created.

I hope I've shed some light on this.
Hmm... A loophole?

Perhaps something like a beacon for time travellers? Or a stop sign? Without an anchor in the past for the time traveller, the traveller would be able to reach the past. And that's why travellers from the future haven't visited us yet. Because we haven't been able to give them the beacon they need. It makes sense.

It poses quite a conundrum, though. It means that we have to literally put the cart before the horse. It's like building a jumbo jet's seat cushions before ever designing the plane. We have to commit ourselves to believing that before we can ever travel through time, we have to first be able to accept time travellers into our present.

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