"The future ain't what it used to be."
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Future Results of the War in Iraq? *DELETED*

Just a question about the morality of the war.

Was not our intent in going into this war to liberate the people of Iraq and to save them from harm/ or worse, death?

Did we not kill more of them off in 2 weeks then they would have died do to torture and or bio-chemicals?

So my real question is, is what we are doing right? And how many more innocent lives lost start making this war wrong?

What does this have to do with Time Travel?

Simple... a choice will be made, much how this war was made. And that choice may not have everyone's vote, but the ends will justify the means to who ever makes the call. To go ahead and manipulate time much the same way he has manipulated political events for an unseen hidden (biblical) agenda.

Will you support it? And if so will you be prepared to give up everything you are, every bit of your humanity?

Well guess what, is that not what we are doing now?

Biting our tongues in silent anguish as we see our troops die and innocents murdered.

Are we still telling our selves this is a justified cause?

Where are the bio-chemicals that we so feared that made us go into this war in the first place?

Anyone care to add and share any insight on this?

Re: Historical note, to TTA\'s say

Here is the link @ http://www.anomalies.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=000396
Which entails should we have traded Y2k for the twin towers disaster?

Remember however in relationship to government possibly controlling the state and nature of what this society does, rather than releace society to its own direction; which might be free and unfettered space travel.

In the supposed year 1967, the CIA had paid Auther C. Clarke money, in order to write the 2001 Space Odyssey story?

This was to make people feel and have the opinion that everyone was going to be elgable to in some way explore space.

>However look at the recient statments by the president, concerning the shuttle disaster, which was said to a reporter, "Their problems are over".

His statement, which to say the least, is the most heartless retorick, said, since statements durring the Reagan era.

G.W. Bush gave the opinion, that while their deaths were recient, well it's time to get on with busniess and maybe someday, well get to the bottom of this and t this is certainly not one of my priorities?!

The truth is, government really does not care if they releace this population into space at all.

I feel that all along government had wanted to orchestrate what people were perceiving, not what they were capable of as a race?

This same view is still being held in such movies as the Matrix, THX 1143, Dark City.
This technique is also used by governmental entities with the term such as hire spin-doctors, to place a certain sway on what any one elected leader has recently said.

So what I'm asking is, is the link argument given above, really show that those who were in power, put a spin, on how the future unfolded?

If this is the truth, rather than the exception, then supposed John Titor would be a cross between a Joseph Stalin and an Abraham Lincoln.

What I have just printed here, is a later edited prescript and no other aspect of what has been printed here, has been changed.

>My comment is now supposed below.

It does seem that TTA does have past accusations concerning some utility aspect of time travel.

One must ask within the academic sense, do these complaints now have any sort of foundation?I feel the new answer, where this was not the case so many months ago, is now defiantly yes.

THE JOHN TITOR CASE, NEW DEVELOPMENTS:I must say that in the following of the John Titor case, there was a point before, to where there was brief intimation when the Titor appearance were starting to occur, that by his associate on the web, there was a say that an event was due to happen soon, of catastrophic proportions.

We all took it, after this had happened, to be the twin towers debacle, which was the case of a couterterroism based war, later on.

There are now new developments, it seems within postulation, by the recent says at Anomalies.net, within the time travel area, that by Titor's associates sayings, that John Titor may have now been the cause of the 911 disaster, instead of predicting the disaster?

This seems funny to me, as if I am correctly reading the relaying of events, at first it was John Titor's say, that the twin towers disaster was going to happen.

However now with the passage of time and the new Art Bell relayed faxes, the telling is by interpretation, that the appearance of John Titor so affected the timeline, so that the 911 based disaster did happen.

Which is it as the relayers, it seems, are not very clear on this story.

I must ask at this point in time, for the relayment of the Anomalies.net early telling, of a tragedy to come?

The second telling as of recent at Anomalies, was the intimation that time travelers concerning the Titor era, could hitch rides with themselves, if they should meet themselves, say within the context of time travel?

This action to myself, as well as many experienced time travelers, would be a direct violation of standard procedure of time travel protocols.

These actions would result with the augmentation of times lines in general, which could in some sense be retranslated as painting the future they way someone wants it to be flavored?

If I am wrong here, then I deserve to be admonished.

However for the sake of argument, let's bring the early tellings by John Titor's intimation of the intimated 911 disaster, and compare them to the recient says, of the recently held said supposed Art Bell faxes.

If these comparisons are true, then what is occurring here, is an action more similar to the mythical movies, The Matrix, where reality can be elected to be changed; or the Keifer Sutherland stared movie, Dark City, where reality at others will could be also changed.

>Note there have been abundant tellings and reportings form many sectors, of the occurrence of co-effected timelines, where objects would appear such as signs and other objects, noted, where they had not been before.

I ask that this evidence be bought here, as historian visiting these time lines, might be confused as to what exactly is happening, if our current timelines are being distorted in their values, for others doings.
Re: The second debacle, related to time travel:

For those of you who have scientific backgrounds, something has happened of a nature that may not either be understood to you, or is an event not to your general knowledge.

This information has to do with a say within Barbara Marciniack's book, Earth The Pleiadean Keys To The Living Library.
This is, where in passages within her book, it is said that Earth's sun, was purposely hit with a memory awakening beam, sent by the Sirius Star System.

Where patients of Carl Jung, a once close associate of Freud had reported past other identify lives, this new sent beam, which had occurred within the 19th century, was design to awaken memories in the peoples of Earth.

The purpose of this beam, was so if there was a total catastrophy, then the people of Earth in some sense would at'least have realized who they were.

This point was to illuminate, that Earthbased humans were combinations of both aliens and ape-like gene sets, which is what the current population of humans living on Earth today are.

In myself, as well as many many other associates, I have noted this inference, said within the genetics sense.

One of the most notable of these people who have been awakened to past life experiences, was the channeller, A.Z. Knight.
This was of the nature of relayed the tellings and advice of the warrior Ramatha, who hailed from the mid moral area, of past Atlantis.

Because in my past I feel that some aspects of my being have certainly been manipulaited, with respects to time travel, I only want to illuminate a few points here.

The first set of information is that during the 17th and 18th centuries, as a result from probable Indian Shamistic meddlings, within the 8th to 10th centuries in India, a series of vampire plagues had been started by shamistic concocting.

These plauges had stared in India, and may have been purposely set to settle within Europe, which is abundantly told of in the Bullfinche's series of books, on otherworldly phenomenon.

The problem exist however, that within the mid to later 18th century, the natural vampire virus, which both can infect a person if the parent is bitten by a vampire. However does not turn into one themselves; furthermore there is a gene involved here, that where the children are born with a gene rider vampire trait.

Then what must be said, is that the nature and value of the passed-on gene trait, may not be the same as the donor, Joe Vampire had wanted or intended to his victim, which was the mother or person being bitten, so carrying on this said vampire gene?

How vampire blood in the classics stiles invest, is that there is a ultity dominic component held within the blood and flesh constituencies, of a real classic vampire.

However for some unknown reason, that when this bite occurs and the DNA RNA matrices are relayed, the demonic component is either changed, transmutatied and the offspring down generational lines is not classically effected so.

There is new evidence telling of a place within the once county of Bohemia, where the classical vampire infestation had been so bad, that an almost whole generation of children were born, who were considered as half vampires.

They had lived a daytime life, and were as any other human would have been considered.

However the one difference was, is that they could sense the presence of real vampires and had then been employed as a type of tracker, to find and dispatch real vampires, as they lay in daytime state.

What I have found aside of the apparent Goth syndrome, which is rampant within this society today, is that there is a probable population of some four to six million peoples, living within the US, as well as many other countries on this globe, who carry the recessive dormant, vampire gene rider.

Another discovery that I have found, is that the close to classical vampire virus, also known as K-17, a laboratory held virus, may have been changed within value, to greatly alter the effect of this serum.

I feel that this gene had both naturally and additionally been artificially altered by hidden forces, unknown on this planet.

I wish not to divulge any more sources than I have here, other than again, as said by the poster TTA, that vampires as well have been stereotyped and a it seems used for time travel related purposes.

You see, it may be that somehow these new altered sorts of vampires, and vampire carrying dormant gene people, within themselves, have let the virus augment its characteristics, so that the true vampire gene, is no longer what it once was?

The evidence that I feel that lore concerning vampires is being used is reflected within the following authors.One Whitley Streiber in his new book on Vampires.

Two Timothy Green Beckley, in his out of character for him web site on vampires.

Three the new Sean Connery action movie, including, it seems a classic s sort of vampire, who fights for good, as part of an action team.

These are all it seems, stereotypes for other's purposes?
This is said that in the tellings that classical vampires are the rule, rather than the new gene altered people as well as new sect vampires, which are now the ruling contingency.

This had to do with the survival of a gene trait, as it effects a people transformed.
Not a modus of intent to promote demonism, within certain character flaws within individuals.

I also wonder, concerning the say by John Titor about the coming out of people with special powers, that would both alarm and startle the general public?

Is this the reason why maybe within a subconscious mode, the new X-men series of movies, with people who show altered powers, appeal so greatly to us all?

Is the phenomenon of mutantism, so secretly prevalent, due to hidden alien genes among us all.
This situation to come said that those in power, must now hedge their bets, against a population who within the future tense, utilizing their powers, could easily overthrow the powers that control them?

I have found the evidence in one book on vampires and vampirelike actions that person zero, was a red-haired autistic girl, some forty years ago, who was taken out to a beach setting with her uncle-caretaker.

The man was also accompanied by a nurse, as they had attended the beach.

The attendant it seems had taken off his shirt, to revice some additional sun, not paying any attention to the girl, who sat behind him, on a picnic table.

With lightning like action, the girl leapted forward from her dull stupor and sunk her teeth, into the webbing from this man's neck to his shoulder, in one swift single action.

The bite was of the dimensions of being made with both the upper as well as lower teeth and had penetrated considerably deep into the man's flesh.

The nurse was alarmed at the man's screams and came to collect the composure of the mid-teens red-hired girl.She had immediately dropped back into her autistic stupor and had then acted, as if nothing had ever happened.

I feel that this is the first valid indication of this gene rider, of not only being there within present tense, however also possably being held to mutation within near present times?

There has also been some intimation that the military is interested in the laboputy held K-17 sorts of viruses, to help construct a supersolder, however I at this point will not go into this claim.

I have found in my study of this topic, that the classical vampires, do not like, nor care for the new gene augmentables.

In closing this say, I find that the case of the some usage of both some portions probable of the Ongs Hat and said Montauk happenings, that demonic components were utilized by others.

This was said so, as those who rule, in some said projected senses of the word, may have decrepit motives to their play?

So the recruiting of ugly demonic motives, may have been to their past interest.

Not all demons are destructive.Some general utility witches, employ nutral to light demons, within some aspects of their spells.

My chief complaint here, which I was forbidden to air at Anomalies.net, is that in some sense, the general chanticter of vampiric, as well as wizardry in magical use, had been taken, purposely distorted and used for unknown powers, for their advantage.

I don't feel that this action was a morally right thing to do and had infracted on innocent peoples, who only carry the dormant vampire gene marker, which since it has been modified through generational passage, is a threat to no'one.

If my figures are correct, then the estimated pospution of people carry light to medium to heavy vampiric gene traits, as well as the new hidden modied gene vampiric communities, is anywhere from four to eighteen million people, within the U.S. alone.

The effects from this hidden carried gene may be considerable.
This may be with same hidden refernce to expanded psyhic powers, of which I can not properly dimension here?

Maybe this is the why behind the people who would stereotype those who carry the hidden DNA vampire rider.

Thank you