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Faster than speed of light travel.


Before you shun me from everything science, think of this: You are on top of a train that is moving at 65 mph. You begin to run accross the top of the cars at about 10 mph. You have a friend who begins running on the ground at 12 mph from the same starting point. Now you are not exerting any more force than your friend on the ground, but you are now moving faster than him and the train.
In the same way, if you are on the equater and shine a flashlight East it is traveling over the surface of the Earth at the speed of light(just like you running over the top of the train.) Some one else shines a flashlight out in space, from ruffly the same starting point at the same time. This beam travels at the speed of light through space. But the first flashlight beam also had the speed of the earth moving it along, so it is in fact moving faster than the beam in space. Just as you were moving faster than your friend on the ground.
It's common sense, something Mr. Einstein himself admitted a lack in.
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Pigstuffer 32 ask>Say if one were in a train traveling just under the speed of light and one were to placed a series of mirrors within the train car, to where a second beam could be fired inside of this car, then possibly the second beam of light could exceed the speed of light?

Randofores 7 Answers:No I'm sorry as light or C within perspective frames, is all relative to the assigned frequency that it is in.

So therefore the second beam within the railroad car, would cohesively be the same, or relative to any such supposed beam outside or otherwise inside the railroad car.

So the speed of light can not be exceeded this way.

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>Enter the concepts of mythical Dr. Anderson.

In the interview.

If C can be short-stopped wiggeled, for only nanometers, and then strength and quality altered in these short throw beams, the nature of the tensor field could be altered without have to ever having to over-accelerate the assigned frequency of light.

Retranslation of what Anderson was trying to do, with lasic pumped light, with reference to time altering protocols.
So what your saying is light would travel more slowly accross a moving train, than a stopped train. In other words it would not get from the caboose to the engine as quickly. If that is not what you are saying please let me know so I can be sure of my theory. I would rather be proved wrong than not have anything proved at all.
John says>So what your saying is light would travel more slowly across a moving train, than a stopped train. In other words it would not get from the caboose to the engine as quickly?

Creedo 299>Yeah, I think your getting this now, good!

However what you must keep inmind, is that our reality here, is an assigned frequency.So this reality has a top, a bottom as well as a certain frequency out, which would be high scalar, at the mid point of this frequency reality, so to speak.

What Anderson was saying and doing that was so brilliant, was over.tensoring light, as extra-strong pumped lasic light.

By adding qualities to this laser light, he could alter, speedup, or slowdown light, as a laser light, via a photomultlalpier tube, or ruby red laser tube.

So all one has to do, is to establish the event sphere, and then tune this sphere as you want it and you can escape this time space protocol?

The new remake of the H.G Well version of the Time Machine does this, with a series of steam driven frensel lenses.

A brilliant and very romantic movie, to be exact.

I heartily recommend this movie for you to watch, Friend John as the remake is so very well done.

There is even a section of parallel causality due to alternate outcomes placed in this movie, which is free for your asking.

Darby is good here at TTI to ask questions to.

There is also Tran 001, who is equally adept in time travel knowledge.

Ask anything you want about time travel.

Don't forget to read and let knowledge take you were your intuition will.

Very best of luck and a pleasure meeting you John.
The illustration you used is indeed accurate for lateral movement. However light photons travel in all directions simultaneously unless blocked or refracted. Light that escapes earth intersect with waves emited from all directions. This movement being literally all directional makes the speed of light stay the speed of light no matter where it is launched from a source. Photons move in millions of directions per second. The speed refers to the speed of a photon before it changes direction. Please read my theory below.
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