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Extra Dimensions



Imagine a dot. An infinately small dot. That's dimension number zero. The dot cannot move because there is nowhere to go. Now square the dot. You have a line. An infinately thin line. There are an infinite amount of dots that can fit on this line. The people on the line can move forward and back. Square the line. Now you have a plane. Infinitely flat, extending forever. An infinite amount of lines can fit in this plane. an infinite infinite number of points can fit in the plane, or alef null. People on the plane can go forward back left and right. Square the plane. you have our universe. An infinite amount of planes can fit in it. Alef null lines. Alef one points. We can go forward back left right up and down. Square the universe. You have a dimension referred to as a hybercube or tesseract. Some people believe this dimension is time. In this dimensiion an infinite amount of our universes can fit. Alef null planes. Alef one lines. Alef Douce points. In this dimension people can go forward back left right up down Ana and Kata (the next right angles to up and sown). Now think about this. Each cube in our dimension corresponds to a hypercube in theirs. each point corresponds to a line of theirs. A point in the first dimension corresponds to our square, their cube. Now what do y'all have to say to THAT? One more point. If the fourth dimension IS time, then evidently time travel is merely going to the fourth dimension which has an infinite amount of our universes and going back to a different one in a different time. This would also avoid any apparent time paradoxes. Please feel free to contradict me and argue your poinst.
I think i have had the same thought a million times, but it doesnt prove anything...about time travle, according to me what should be time travel is actually going back in real time and cing the exffects of that in the present..
according to u there is infitverse..or some ppl like to call it multiverse...so basically they all had the same begining just displaced in time..meaning..the first started.then a 10^-43 sec later another one started, i pick that number cuz that i think is one of the constants in physics, i dont know the name but its like plank's constant, the degree to which time can be divided and hence, things can change in that time frame we would say a universe is created every 10^-43 sec...
my point being..the time travel which u describe it would really be pusdo-time-travel becuase u goto another universe, cange the past and now that universe is totaly independend of ur and the others out there..so it really doesnt become time travel now does it...c what i feel is, no mattter what scientist find..time travel to the future is really possible but back in time...i think not..may be i am just a commoner that y my common sense is not allowing me, but may be the scientist r looking to deep and the answer is right on the surface of proving how time travel to the past is really not possible in physics..cuz when i read articles that say , there is not law or equation in physics which proves the non-existance of time -travel, oh well may be that equation has yet to be found.

the truth out there, would never be found, it is law of nature, nature itself is the most mysterious thing out there..so we really dont know if what we really call reality is not just a thought in someones head, in another reality and that reality is just another thought or a matrix from another and hence..

i dont know what the realy answer is but i pray to god evryday to show me some light..i really would want to know what is all this and what are we really, what is this universe..where did it all began..cuz to begin something, something has to exists and for something to exists, there has to be something else...and so forth..so how do u explain existance in general..
i know i totaly went of the topic here, but just couldnt stop myself from typing.
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