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Time can be slowed down to a crawl, but it can never be reversed or even stopped. I wrote a story some years back called, "The Sender Project"... I have racked my brain over so many theories to perfect that story, and now I can't seem to get on with my life.
I'm searching for people with some serious input concerning time travel. People who know of particle excelleration, "nearest to light" studies, as well as philosophy majors.
My email is
[email protected]
I need insight from people like myself who have studied these theorize and already understand why time cannot be reversed. I want to sustain a fixed point in time.

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How do you manipulate the light frequencies in your machine?


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It is a simple lasar unit, used to detect air-pollutants. I combine one frequncy on top of a secondary ultraviolet frequency.
I use the INTERFEROMETER (not my desired choice) because of its measurement abilities.

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There are a few experiments at this site : http://www.rideau.net/~gaasbeek/spap5.html

There has always been a problem with PARTICLE ECCELERATION. Experts use hydrogen ions because their frequencies are light compatible. They haven't had much success in MATCHING the frequency speeds with light.
I believe that temperature is the ONLY factor stopping them. The ions superheat because of friction and they expand because of it.
Because nothing will travel at the EXACT frequency speed of light, I use only those frequencies. I haven't the proper equipment and I've been disallowed the funding because "THE HIGHER UPS" don't believe that these experiments help me teach a class on Chaos Theory.

Today I am looking for information, unsuccessfully, for my question;

Nothing travels faster than light.
What light? Infared? Micro?

Anyone here know?

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I believe that they meant all types of light. I think that they theorized that all wavelengths travel at the same speed. I however believe that there are various speeds for each type. That complicates the equation.
Have you noticed whether or not the hydrogen ion path start to "balloon" or expand at one point then converge again? and if so, at what freqencies and what effects did it have? If there was this effect try heightening it by causing the beam to pass through a doughnut shaped magnet with the poles on the flats of each side.


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There isn't any converging points, the ions repel one another due to MAGNETIC POLARITIES. The use of magnetics IS used in these experiments, because there are electro-magnetic frequencies... I find that, at the resistance point, there is a need to recharge the ions because those polarities switch during friction.
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