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Existing and earlier times indicate no end to Universe.



Our Universe creates and contains all space but also contains all present, earlier and future times.
So if the Universe ends, at that moment not only all space but also all times (the time at that moment and the earlier times) should end. However we notice that present and earlier times exist. So does this indicate that there is no end to the Universe?
I remember locking arms with the other cardinal and raceing down the isle n utter perfection.

If anybody had suspected that we were queer, it had to totally escape them.

Perfect and queer are just about the same thing in the Catholic Chruch.

Oh' nd now for your question, little flower!??

Well accroding the the Pleiadeans, the universe is some 64 trillions of years old, not only a few billions of years.

Why did you know little posey, that Dr. Wendy Freidman, of the Carnigie Observatories down in Passadenna Califorina, had done a most astounding spectogrophy, of a certain gas ghoast veil, which was a rememant from a massive explosion?

And what she had found, was that the age of the universe by spectral lines, went back much further than just a few billion.

We must all glasp hands and skip down the isle of uncertanity togeather on this one.

After all, what would the high men in the church say about too much age?

If you should by chance dance through a book shop and happen to pick up a coppy of Randolph Winter's book, The Pleiadean Mission,please read this book?

In this handy dandy little softback, with the very pretty picture of a flying saucer placed upopn it, the story text tells that our universe is trillions of years in age.

This means that our universe may go through convulsive episodes, or periods of creation?

This must also mean, that we who are affraid of being destroyed in these little episodes, must escape into saucers, and dare away from these events?

Oh I'm so gladd that I have met you, you may kiss my hand.

Give it a smoochie, like,"Smmooch"!

Kissy kiss!
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