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Electromagnetic Field Velocity


To Whom this may concern:

Can try to measure the electromagnetic field velocity v using an electronic oscilloscope.
The electromagnetic wave transmitter is a loop antenna. The transmitted electromagnetic field
has about a 0.1 watt intensity at 10 volts and had a sine wave frequency f of about 30 megahertz. The receiver loop
antenna sends the received radio electromagnetic field signal via a coaxial transmission cable which is about
15 metres long to the electronic oscilloscope input. This length is d=15 metres which is the distance the
electromagnetic field has to travel from the tranmitter copper loop to then receiver loop antenna.
The transmitted voltage was measured and was used as a reference signal for time t, and the received voltage
from the receiver antenna was measured also. Both signals could be compared visually.
The voltage peaks of these electric signals were used to time the velocity v of the electromagnetic field signals.
The time difference t between the peaks was used to calculate the electromagnetic field velocity:


When the distance d between the receiver and transmitter antenna was altered there was no time difference t
measured. Some radio signals travelled through the coaxial cable grounded conductor and showed
at the receiver loop antenna but there was no sign of electric wave peaks showing a time difference t.
The time difference t was difficult to measure. With d =15 metres and time difference t=0 seconds the velocity v is
undefined. When the electromagnetic field position is observed, the velocity c of the electromagnetic field is difficult
the detect.
Experimental data shows that the velocity of the electromagnetic field can be c=3*10^8 metres per second or
v=d/t=(undefined), or both. This may indicate that there are parallel time lines, one where c exists and another where v
exists. Imagine two people measuring radio signals from the sun, one measures electromagnetic wave signals with
speed as c and the other with electromagnetic wave speed v. The one using radio wave speed v says the signals were
produced just now. The other using radio wave speed c says the radio signals were produced about 8 minutes ago.
How can both realities exist?
Each person may have their own time line and the time lines may intersect and become tempary one time line
when the people meet. Space or each point in space may have at least five dimensions; three x, y and z dimensions of space, one of time t,
and the fifth dimension made of parallel time lines.
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