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Electric Generator


Can make an electric generator with two poles or a single coil of
rotor. The generator was about 0.0 7 metre diameter by
0.05 meter. The rotor coil is the output coil which gives out the signal voltage V
and output current I. The stator is an electromagnet which
produced electromagnetic field intensity B. This electromagetic
field goes through the rotor output coil to produce output power V*I.
To turn the rotor at spin speed w, a torque T can be applied
to the rotor. The torque T is:


The larger the stator's field intensity B, the larger the torque T.
The output power V*I increases faster when T is increased than when
spin speed w was increased. Then the electric ouput power should be:

V*I=T * T*w.

For example, when T=B is doubled, the spin speed w is reduced and
output power V*I increased. The T in the equation must be squared for
the increased in V*I and reduction of w. Spin speed w reduced with T=B so that
with w=1/B produces:


for w>0 radians per second. According to these equations, to
maximize the electrical efficiency (V*I)/(T*w) of the electric generator, the
stator's electromagnetic field intensity B=T should be maximized.
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