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einstien's light cone theory --



einstien\'s light cone theory --

I'm just knowledgeable to come into these discussions and sound ignorant...but i know a little physics, and i was hoping that someone who may know more may explain the light cone principal to me. now, i know that its a mathematical, 3 dimensional, graphical representation of the universe, in which "now" is the point between the upper cone and the lower cone. and i know that there is the theory of traveling through time if one proceeds outside of that cone (which i believe would be achieved by traveling faster than the speed of light???)...but thats about all i know. someone please help me fill in the holes!

RE: einstien\'s light cone theory --

hey pal!

Instead of asking somebody else why don't you read "Brief HIstory of Time" by Stephan W Hawkins, it is more clear.

I could describe that if I had a book here with me.

Good luck.
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