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Eden: Paradise or Conspiracy to Setup Mankind.


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I believe it was Creedo, who first made mention of this, and it just inspired me to think further about the Garden, and humanities fall. Truly our fall was destined to be. "Adam and Eve" would have either stayed in paradise only until one of their children would have eventually driven them out. One of them would have taken the fruit from the tree of knowledge and screwed it all up for everyone. So I fail to see how temptation could have always been avoided, even regardless of how well you raise your children. It's only a matter of time until one of them disappoints you.

But why has it become the way it's told in the Bible (In the Book of Genesis), that "Adam and Eve" being the first of Gods children here on Earth turn their backs on him? I believe this was all a set up, and not so much that Satan talked them into it. But more of using it as a scapegoat to get them to inevitably create this elaborate form of control we call Religions, which in a couple of centuries later would evolve it self into Temporal Manipulation.

Considering then if the "Garden of Eden" was really God's Genius Child, then would that make the end for mankind as we know it, is really the beginning of manipulating and exploiting everything we have learned over the millions of years? While the beginning for man, is really the end of our ignorance?

And again we start this endless cycle... From Chaos to Order, and back again. When will it ever end?

Just something I'd like others to think about... Let me know what you think.

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tta have you read zachariah sitchins books. they are about this very thing. Could adam and eve been hybrids who could not have children. they seem to have none while they are in the garden. cain and abel where born after they left. could the serpent have been the one to fix them so they could bare children. If you read sitchin you will have a whole new perspective on this incident. I do believe it was genetic enginerring to create people maybe for the gods own selfish reasons. the serpent could have been the very one who gave us our freedom. living in the garden we could not ever gain any knowledge on our own but would have to listen to every instruction of the god or gods. stupidity or intellegence. I think I would have chose the apple to. evolution requires experience without it we are mindless slaves. clara
Just a quick off the cuff thought;

The apple is a caramel apple from the traveling carnival ooooohhh, I mean carnal apple, oops I mean carnal knowlege.

Gee what if they just wanted us to THINK we escaped from the paddock.

Peel me a fig, will you dear?

>>chaos to order, When will it ever end?<<<

Long after the memory of your bleached bones has faded into the afterglow of a billion universes. But if you step in front of another bus it may not be such a long wait.

only kidn'
Sorry guys,

I dont see it that way!

According to the Bible Adam and Eve had already had all the knowledge about the stars and the planets and had understood the concept of who G-d was. They had all the carnal knowledge being created or cloned so to speak in the image of G-d!

Because we were tempted and failed we were cast out of the dimentional hierarchi realm of the Garden of Eden and lowered down to the 3rd dimention were all man kind resides today. I think the reason they were tempted by the Apple was because like the Bible states the snakes represented satin! And we must not forget what satins story and conflict was with G-d!

Satin wanted to be equal or equivilant to G-d. And as the story goes was cast out of Heaven with a percentage of the Angels that took his side.

He seeks others to follow in his reign. He is your tipical conosophical bull sh!t artist making it so easy to fall into his path! Its just like being suckered by a car salesman?

And as far as these melevolent Aliens go, they are right up there with the evil do-gooders! I think they are demonic in nature and follow in satins reign!

Last time I went to buy a car I went by myself! they said oh look here comes a dumb fluzzy female! looks too pretty to be smart! And as soon as I walked into the showroom they were on me like flys! But I'll tell you what they couldnt pull one over on me! When I flat out told them how much I wanted to spend they tried selling me a stick shift car with no airconditioning! I walked out of there with a brand new car fully loaded with the manufactures price plus I had them throw in all the goodies like nice exspensive car matts and a brand new battery because I commented how long the car was sitting dormant on the lot for? and other odds and ends! I got a great deal but my father was mad because he didnt go with me. I made sure of that! We would have been there till kingdom come still talking BS! asking all those UNESSARY questions! (your typical man) I just cut right to the chase or I walk!

RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, or it\'s \"Antimatter liftoff, or walk\' BABY\"!

Then it's you CAT, that takes my advice, travels to Switzerland, uses a GPS to find the Pleiadean hidden base and finds a way in.

You get in, look dumb and hopelss, however once in, you somehow get a'hold of a ray-gun and demand a saucer flight to another world..

"How could have i been so dumb"!

I mean like this chick looked stupid and then she gets the raygun from the Pleiadean Bio.android and the next thing you know, she takes a hostage.

Oncew that ship is out of the underground hangar, CAT is an intergalacitc fugative, "well I mean more than most criminal sorts of aliens and now she lands on a planet with a captured android, she knows nothing about"!

I mean what is the price of the standard sonic type of Pleiadean Beamship, that showed up at Heinwel in 75?

About 14 million for the gold that's in the hull, about another fifty million for the electronics systems, that make the thing run and about an overall worth of about one hundred million, for the worth of the craft all togeather...?

Crap' add inflation and it's about six mils...pzzzzz

What this girl does, is try out for the stage on one of the super planets, as a singer and entertainer.

And...they absolutly love her!

She does a holo of 70s Earth tunes, mello soul jazz-pop tunes.
Flack, Dionne Warwick, some mellow e-tunes from the San Fran area; you name the rendition and she can do it!

The sad part is, she is a wanted criminal by the Pleiadeans.

An intergalactic momma, with all sorts of trauma!!

Hmmm?? I would say for the ladie's grace and verve, give her clemency and let her run the music library, in one of the more obscure systems.

Aaahhh' but she can't do that and goes again for stardome.

Will CAT's saga ever end?
RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, or it\'s \"Antimatter liftoff, or walk\' BABY\"!

Thanks for the Great Gig Creedo!

So your cheesy intergalactic fantacy about me finally comes out! And to tell you the truth it might not be that far from the truth I love to sing! I am a great ventriloquist and I can carry a tune and a high pitch even higher than Moriah Carrey!

I'm hopping and bopping all day non stop even in my sleep and the tunes never end!

I'm in fantastic shape with an endurance to reach the top of mount Everest! I'm also the best skeet shooter around! who knows what rapaciousness I could do with a ray gun? I might go balistic! and be known as the great western intergalactic Billy the Cat!

RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, or it\'s on-stage in five!

Zowee, wowee, hop' shop, sha boo,.. that's a real down grove.

She ain't got-ta scatt that score, if pen and ink is new!??

RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, or it\'s on-stage in five!


In my study and research about Atlantis the lost city I came accross something of interest that could pertain to the garden of eden.

Conventional egyptology would have us believe that the egyptian civilization (and subsequently all of Western civilization) arose spontaneously approximately 4,000 B.C. without any predecessors (other than nomads who were not more advanced than stone aged man), this technologically superior and spiritually based civilization that dominated the near east and middle east for several thousands years is alleged to have come from NOWHERE!

In reality, egypt was a colony of two lost civilizations. Prior to 3000 B.C. Egypt was divided into Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt.

Lower Egypt was a colony of the lost continent of Atlantis by way of the Mediterranean Sea. Upper Egypt originated from Lemuria, or Mu, by way of India.

Mu (or Lemuria) was a continent in the Pacific Ocean stetching some 6,000 miles from east to west, and about 3,000 miles north to south. This great continent encompassed the Hawaiian Islands,, Fiji, Easter Island, the Marianas and other South Pacific islands we find today.

(No heres the catch), Suposedely according to my research on Atlantis there is speculation that Mu was the true GARDEN OF EDEN that produced modern man, and it was the seat of a rather advanced civilization. The population of this ancient continent was 64 million people, most of whom perished when gas belts underlying much of the earth collapsed resulting in the sinking of both Atlantis and MU approximately 11,000 B.C.

Twelve tribes were the origin of the people of Mu. Our five races originated on Mu, THE TRUE GARDEN OF EDEN. Their religion was a monotheistic one, with reincarnation beliefs that they one day would put an end to the karmic cycle of reincarnation and rejoin G-d.

Suposedly the Lemurians were the keepers of some kind of sacred history of the Earth, where this knowledge was preserved in the form of crystals. The cause of their spiritual degeneration was the interference in our genetic development by extraterrestrials.

And I have a hunch since these extraterrestrials did not want to end the karmic recycling of reincarnation they caused a cataclysm resulting in earthquakes and fire that sank Atlantis beneath the sea.

Some say Atlantis is still there and that maybe it escaped its fate and expanded or collapsed into a hyperspace twin dimention of the Bermuda Triangle.

Who is to say, but it is all interesting to note...

RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, or it\'s on-stage in five!

cat did you notice that you posted at 11:11. how interesting.

I had not seen numbers since I got back from my trip until yesterday. I purchase a book about what you can do for the planet . the title is ONE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE BY JULIA BUTTERFLY HILL. She is the girl who sat in the tree for 738 days to save the forest. In her book she give the accout of
Erin Brockovich Maybe you remember the movie. She was played by julia Roberts. The suit against the company was filed by 666 Hinkley residents, thats not all. the award issued by the judge to the planiniffs was 333 million dollars. clara

goooooose buuuuuuuuuumps
RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, or it\'s on-stage in five!

Clara Dear I have not been keeping up on the double digits, I have been all into this Atlantis topic that escaped my attention!

Thanks for bringing it to attention once again and because you did this I also noticed that when I posted to Ugly Bob today I had to go under search to relocate one of my past posts to Joe under the thread "Time deos not exist" (it was about my story of the Butterfly and the Ghost when the lid went missing and you later commented that every one is so quick to believe me about the lid going missing, rather than your lawn fertilizer!)

Well get a load of this! My posting number was #10 and it was dated on March 10th and it was my 136th postings on the forum. Well if you add 1 + 3 + 6 = 10.

Not only that I think I have figured out the message that the Time Travelers are trying to convey here?

Its in revelation to all our dreams! Your dream about the UFO and the fighter planes and Skye, Shadows and TTA's dream about the Amulets and my dream about being perpetually wrapped in a Angelic white light pertaining to Ugly Bob and the Amulets and a another dream I had a while back that I hadn't made mention off.
And also how about your recent mention of the new Clyde Lewis double digit story.

The numbers are once again proclaiming revelations on Time Travel.


P.S. Did you know that the real Erin Brochovich played in the movie? She was the waitress who brought Julia Roberts and her kids their food in the restaurant scene in the movie.

I also saw a television interview with this Stichen guy you keep mentioning in your posts. He was explaining about giants being related to alien beings. I was quit interesting!
RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, or it\'s on-stage in five!

I just realized that I posted another double digit 10:33! YIKES!

Those two timing Time Travelers must be having a field day with us again!!!

RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, or it\'s on-stage in five!

last night I woke up screaming. I have had nite terrors since I was little it seems that it is returning. My husband gets so mad when I do this he freaks out everytime. Yes cat Mr. sitchin is very interesting. did you know he met with the monsignor in rome not to long ago to discuss the Aunanakkis return. the is what he calls the ones who live on the 12th plantet.
RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, or it\'s on-stage in five!


Do you want to fill me in on this? I'm not familiar with it.

All I know is the Aunanakis are a race of alien giants that were said to visit the earth thousands of years ago. And according to what Mr. Stichen said in his interview that the Aunanakis have been recently sited in Israel.

RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, or it\'s on-stage in five!

Dear CAT'..I hope that your doing well and have enjoyed your hollidays, this past Easter.

It was very amusing to hear your version of as you had said, "passing gas", as I was not expecting this.

I once had viewed a very cute Japanese t.v. commercial, showing little Japanese boys taking a communal bath, where one of the boys passes gas benith the water.

The little fart bubbles rise to the surface and it was just a darling commercial!

How are events in the Bronx.Is organized crime doing well?

The Brocklyn Bridge is such a marvilous structure, has anyone as of late, tried to sell this wonderful historic bridge, that you know of?

For your question on the race mentioned.

Yes, this article was mentioned within an older coppy of FATE Magazine, where giant extraterrestials had intruded on a kibutz, belive it was in the West Bank?

Can't remember?

However these were you garden varity of farily large ignorant sorts of aliens, who were abusive to people as well as animals.

These beings had also killed some of the Isralie's sheep, for fun.

I'm sure that these particular types of aliens, go under the scum catagory heading and should not be trusted.

I hope that this helps.

Go to FATE Magazine.com and look into archives, giant aliens and Isralies?

I hope that you take care, I cherrish the thought of always talking to someone who has a wonderful personality, such as you.
RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, TO CREEDO...

Hey Fart knocker!

I thought you were trying to pass one off on me!

I checked into it and you are correct about the alien Aunanakis giants being spotted on the farm land of a kibutz in Israel.

I'll tell you what though? I sure as hell wouldn't want to be in the general vacinity when one decides to let loose! What would they call it? The Anus"nuki" cannon ball?

RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, TO CREEDO...

I do believe they are regulains I knows that not the correct spelling. there is a web site of a guy that is collecting money to build an embassy for these guys. he says he has already collected 7 million dollars but needs 20. they gave him instruction on what to build and said they would come down here if he built it. they claimed to have created the human race and started the three major religions. they have ask him to build this compound in Juerlsalem ( sorry I can't spell it correctly) I will find the site and let you know it is very bizzar and I wouldn't trust these guys for nothing. they basically want him to collect money to build themselves a palace. they even ask for a swimming pool and a steal door separating them from the area were the humans will be allowed to enter. If I were him I'd tell them to buy there own damn land and pay for there own damn palace . what a goober . clara
RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, TO Clara...

Yes Clara,

If you could please find me that site, I would be interested in reading it.

I have come accross bits and pieces of the Aunanaki's. One of the articals that I came accross mentioned that these aliens were said to have passed down the Bible Code. I dont know how true that is or the basis for such information. And I dont think I am abt to believe it!

The the fact that interests me is that the Aunanaki seem to be associated and find an attraction to Israel. And according to the Bible, Giants such as the biblical Goliath could be a biproduct of this race of giants. The bible clearly states that these beings started out as fallen angels that accompanied lucifer in the fall. These fallen angels interbread with earth woman and created offspring that were giants. The interpretation that I get from the bible is that their souls were to big to contain there fleshly bodies so they grew to be giants. Sounds pretty bizzare hu?

I think we should all get our sling shots ready!

RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, TO Clara...

heres the story , It seems these guys came here by rocket ship. they set up a spaceport and were going back and forth to the 12th planet and earth. the leader of this expodention was named anu he had two sons enki and enli. enki was a scientist and genitically altered an ape to use as a worker in the gold mines in africa.they also created a more supior slave to wait on them in there homes. they are supposedly the gods of the bible. well they all started fighting over rulership and were using humans as pawns. the isreal and palastiniens are there decendents because the annunaki and the slave population started mixing. thats why the bible says the sons of god took the dauhters of man for there own. It seems that every time that planet makes its pass it causes terrible cataclymic acitivity on earth. they knew this and so they decide to leave on there rocket ships before the flood came. enki who supposedly loved his creation told noah what was about to happen and instructed him on how to servive by buiding a ship. he also helped him to collect the dna of some species that enki had probably gentically create. to save them he brought them on board. well enlil it appears was pissed . he wanted man destroyed because man was so barbaric and you couldn't do much about it . Noah did survive and enki became his god. the tower of babel was this genetically altered man who was trying to leave the planet as to follow there gods to heaven which was only really another planet.
Enki lable was a serpent according to sitcin because he was ruler of the nile which from the air looks like a serpent. he was ruler of lower egypt. they also were resposibly for nuking sodom and gommarh. not because of homosexuals but for another reason which Sitichen explains in his books. I could go on and on as there are maybe 12 or 13 books. they are in paperback and not to expensive so I suggest you read them .Also look up sitichen on the web he is everywhere on ufo sites. oh! guess what else. there were 13 members of the ruling family . It seems that is were the 13 being bad comes from. you see enki was number 13 and he went against he wishes of the family and saved mankind. thats when the war between them started . Guess what my father was born on the 13, also my husband on the 13th and my son was born on friday the 13th weird huh! clara

ps I"ll tell you about my sons birth later . It is an interesting story.
RE: Eden: Paradise or Conspir, TO Clara...

The birth of your son, did you photograph this?

I have always thought if we had a girl and the fella would want to come over and have a cocktail at the bar, I could do the following.

There is an exicelinet photograph, of a lady giving birth on all fours.I got this from a fully illustraited book on child birth, wonderful wonderful text!

Within this book, the head is starting to crown and she is, "well' somewhat happy on her hands and knees pushing the little rascal out"!

"I mean she on all fours there, gruntting like a dog, naked as a Jay-bird, giving birth"!

If I had a daughter and her fellow would have come over to meet the prents as it were, I would like to get this photo and blow it way up...You ask how big??Oh' say about a yard and a half high by six foot or so and in blazing full bodied color.

I would then frame this photo and place a slidding roll-away cover over it and place this behind the bar.

When her signifigant other comes over to have a drink and a chat as it were, I would press a hidden button.

" oh what the hey, install a remote control" and the cover over the photo slides up and this lady posed on all fours giving birth doggy stile, is stareing him right in the face!

I mean like its right there!!

Gee wouldn't the look on his face, be worth all the tea in China?

"Well no son' what's wrong, is something wrong"?

You came here to talk to me about something, well what is it son?

I mean the look on your face, is something wrong or on your mind?

You said a Rum and Collins,.. Bert?

The woman up there in the photo?"Oh she's having a good time while all the time you go mental mess and worry about nothing.

The real treat is diaper poop suprise, at screaming two O'clock in the morning Bert.

You never know when you look in there, whether they will be runny or soild."I mean Bert, sometimes you eaven PRAY, that they WILL, be solid.

My opinion???Mmmmmmm, well it's fun putting them in there, but oh brother', WHEN THEY COME OUT, is another story???!

Your drink seems to have gone all over that nice polo shirt of yours?
?Nother R&C?

You had wanted to talk to me about my daugher, Bert???
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