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Does any known phenomenon travel backwards in time already?



One hears of particles which in some sense travel backward in time. I would think that one could receive messages from his own future self by detecting a signal composed of burts of these particles coming out of the future. Is there indeed any thing which already sends an observable effect back in time.

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as for as i know tacheons these subatomic particles actually travel back in time and scientist have recorded this in australia cant remember the name of the area but it was located in vicinity of the old rocket and satelite launching station that australia use to have australia at one time was number one in the world in launching space vehicles until us dominated. that's what i know sorry about all the spelling these particles actually travel faster than the speed of light. im very interested in time travel and i plan on making my own experiments some day i think you actually have to rip through our space time continum to do this and i have a idea.

I am inclined to agree with you on all counts except the continuum. I believe that continuums branch off from random moments. an unlimited set of possibilities for each moment. I still fail to explain the progression of these moments...E-mail me with insights

There is no experimental evidence for tachyons and none have ever been detected, I believe that you may be thinking about high energy cosmic rays. Tachyons are only theoretical, in theory they should have negative mass and as they lose energy they should speed up. However, Einstein's speed of light barrier is still in effect! It can not be crossed. So, tachyons remain superluminal i.e. would always remain at speeds greater than c, where c is the speed of light in vacuum. You may find it interesting to note that most people few anti-particles as the real particle travelling back in time. So a positron can be thought of as an electron travelling backwards in time.

Agreed. We live in a Tardon world where the speed of light cannot be surpassed (according to theory). Tachyons are alleged paricles of a superluminal universe existing as a direct opposite of our reality (where the speed of light must also be an unattainable barrier). There are showers of particles which "cascade" into our atmosphere from space from time to time. Precursor tachyon particles are trying to be detected by scientists to verify their existence (as they would arrive before tardon particles). There has been some recorded evidence from these observations that tachyons do exist. It's not enough for the skeptics yet- so, scientific experiments continue. I have long joked about Stephen Hawking's counterpart in the Tachyon world saying "why do we remember the future and not the past"
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