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Displacement Awareness

Hi, I'm back.

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas on a certain field of temporal displacement.

First of all don't all shout because of the the example I use. It's just an example, OK?!

If I were to put a gun againt my head and pull the trigger, I would certainly "die". I was wondering what people views would be on the immediate effect, like where would my "conscious" end up. If I jumped out of a window I would be IMMEDIATELY aware of hitting the ground. If I opend a door I would IMMEDIATELY be aware of seeing the room inside. So, what do you guys think I would be IMMEDIATELY aware of in this instance? It's true i WOULD HAVE TO be aware of the next place, dimension, event. WHat do you think it would be ???

I don't think you'd be aware at all
Personal example:
I was riding my motorcycle on the highway and on a gentle curve I hit some gravel in the center of the lane and started to slide.
I remember lifting my left leg over my tank and sitting on the side of my machine sliding down the road. Though I was cool and going to be OK, too bad about my bike, those were my thoughts. I remember all that.
Then the next thing I remember was the ambulance guys leaning over me saying I had a broken collarbone. I realy have know memory sfter the slide. Does that help you?
It's true in that last reply. I had a similar accident, in which the time between cause and effect simply didn't register. But that one is simply biological displacement. The concious thought of your mind simply shuts down so you won't feel or experiance the actual event. Thus you won't feel the pain until after all is said and done. In this case the event(ten speed bike and car accident) lasted less than two minutes in which I could only remember seconds. I remember seeing the vehicle, but I didn't register when it hit and how long I was lying on the ground. Of course I didn't feel the pain until fifteen minutes later, when I learned I had a scraped knee.
I had a bad car accident about two years ago like that. I remember swerving to the left and slamming on the brakes to avoid a van. I remember hitting the van and soon being cut out of the car and rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. It seemed like only a few minutes,but they said an hour had gone by. I must have went unconscience or something because I have no memory of the lapsed time.


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