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Deja Vu, Death & Time Travel : A Theory


Hi, just joined after purusing the forums for a bit, it is nice to find a place full ok like minded people with whom to discuss topics such as this with. Anyway I've had this theory concerning deja vu and death and time travel so I thought I would throw it out here and see what people think. I beleive that each person's life is like a record, beach boys, elvis whatever your personal taste is. The center of the record is birth, the outer edge is death, etc... When we die the record or neddle arm or what have you resets itself and we travel back in time to our birth and everything begins again. Deja vu is what happens when your mind or perhaps sub-concious remebers doing that activity or conversation from the previous trip. Given the size and complexity of the human mind I beleive it has a record somewhere in it of each trip around but that information is sort of closed off behind mental walls if you will. But slowly after many trips around the walls begin to wear down more and more and you have more and more deja vu.I dont really know what would happen if these preverbal walls would completely collapse, maybye you'd go back to begening with a complete memmory of how your life was going to happen. I'm not getting any feeling of deja vu as I write this which could mean this is the first time I've ever done it or maybye my mental walls havent desolved very much. Anyway thats my small idea of death as time travel and deja vu. Questions? Comments? Crullers?
Your post has intrigued me. I too share similar beliefs. But I don't know, the deja vu I suffer from seems to be different to the general feeling that it is something that has happened to me before. Instead I believe I have dreamt these tiny insignificant events. But in most cases it is impossible that I could have simply been dreaming about a past event.

It's very difficult to describe because my experiences of Deja Vu are always very mundane but unique. Usually involving something I see in a dream but cast it aside in the belief that my subconscious is mixing things up, but then when it actually happens exactly as I saw it - it blows my mind.

I put forward an extra spin on your record analogy - no pun intended. When you think about death does the idea of returning to your life again appeal to you? It does to me. I can't explain it, up until now there have been things in my life which I would love to be able to change with the advent of a Time-Machine. But now I have to say, I would be scared to do so. My life is good at the moment, and I wouldn't like to change who I am. But then there is still this niggling idea in my head that I do return at the end of my life to change something that hasn't happened yet. That frightens the hell out of me!!

Yeah, so that's my view on the scheme of things. I think it has to do with Choice. Maybe we're here on this forum because we've made the same choice and can't understand why... like we're all searching for something that we've already had!! Kinda thoughtprovoking, no? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
How about going back to the start but here is the twist.

You have your mind of your older self placed into your younger body you get to live your hole life again with all your memories intact.

Then you can fix all the things you like and live your your dream much quicker.

Or how about this
Time travelers travel back in time to the moment of your death down load all your memories then travel back to your birth and load all of your memories into a new body.

Just a dream i have.

There is a slight inherent problem to this problem. Every person would have to live in there own bubble universe for this state of knowledge to occur. Otherwise it would have happened already. There has not been to my knowledge anyone claiming to posess all knowledge of their future life in existance. I think we can assume that 'alot' of people are dead. That means that if one of them was continuingly cycling through their life - they would have reached this state of 'broken down walls' already - before we even born and would be viewed as some sort of God!! A monkey wrench in the works can also be noted if you imagine that someone with an indept knowledge of their existance would actually lead a different life... Sure major events would still happen but the person's personal life would be totally different!!

And your second hypothesis is a little unlikely. Why would someone with the power to travel through time want to grant some one else the ability to see their life in advance? I don't really see the point...
Everything you have said is true and correct and i agree with you.


I think the universe is like a record it has a start like a few notes and as it grows the music gets better and at the end the dj comes along and starts the next universal mix and joins the old with the new but only a better track will be played next we hope.

The prymids are like niddles on the record arm and the night skys are the notes and play the universe like a record and you will here music the dna of life.

It's been a while since I have posted here. I am a great fan of the ironic and this forum has always reflected the whole spectrum of ironies. The post on Deja Vu, Death & Time Travel-in its own way-has touched upon a principle that never ceases to occur when a difficult step needs to be taken to fully understand why we are even questioning basic truths. If we do not act out the basic urges to seek the truth of the matter, "the very rocks will cry out". Today's expression in music is a perfect example of this. What we cannot understand somehow gets expressed in symbolism that later is shown to be an imperfect attempt at arranging thoughts which come across the ether and impinge upon our consciousness as revelations that have no contiguous connections. They are accepted on "faith" and expressed in quite creative ways. A small example of this is the use of the word "rain". To one, it meant simply rain. To another, it became the symbol of sadness. To yet another, it became the symbol of all pain and madness. Then a play on words gave it even deeper meaning--the "reign" of rain. At one point, a black hole sun was desired to "wash away the rain".

The post on Deja Vu, points out some basic beliefs. A beginning. An end. A cycle. A DJ. Helplessness. Hopelessness. Evolution. Devolution. New beginnings. Throughout it all is a big sigh.

In the beginning,(time) God created the earth(matter) and surrounded it with space. This entire spectrum was created for one purpose--that it would be subdued by man. Many accept that we have subdued matter. We are in the process of mastering space. Time will follow. God gave us dominion over the whole shebang. Time travel is our destiny. As some have said here, the universe knows nothing of time because it is not aware of it. Time only became an entity when we became aware of it. Finite awareness=finite time. Infinite awareness=infinite timelessness. Non-local events bring this concept to the very borders of a Grand Unified Theory. We feel this in our bones and to some it is a fearfull thing. We are truly standing on the edge of forever. Some thrive on it and some seek to prevent its onset by denying its existence or pointing out all the dangers. It will come whether we want it or not. "The very stones will cry out" if we do not follow the pricks upon our counsciousness. God says, "where I AM, you may be also". "Before Abraham WAS--I AM." "I AM the Alpha and the Omega." The earth (matter) will wax old like a garment, but God will still be "I AM." If your desire is to "travel through time", you are not reaching far enough. If your desire is to escape time altogether, then you have taken the first step toward understanding the truth. Ironically, the time is NOW. "NOW is the day of salvation". If you do not know the author, you cannot hope to understand the book.
deja vu is a funny thing.... i have read many posts here and on other sites about all this time travel and stuff and these so called "worldlines"(what i dont think actually exsists....

i mean think about it this way... what if deja vu is a side effect of time travel?? maybe somehow our mind shifts dimensions and can control time?? i mean in reallity there is a 4th dimension?? what if i remeber correstly is that in the 4th dimension you can control time....

death... i have no idea what it is... does it truelly even exsist? i mean if there was a heaven or hell then truelly there would really be no death? right? death is the BIGGEST mystery in the universe besides how the universe was created(cause without the universe death woulden't exsist)...

i dunno i get all stoned and my brain starts dishing out possibiltys.... anyways good theory... maybe it is true maybe its not?? peace /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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