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Deja Vu, Death & Time Travel : A Theory


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Hi, just joined after purusing the forums for a bit, it is nice to find a place full ok like minded people with whom to discuss topics such as this with. Anyway I've had this theory concerning deja vu and death and time travel so I thought I would throw it out here and see what people think. I beleive that each person's life is like a record, beach boys, elvis whatever your personal taste is. The center of the record is birth, the outer edge is death, etc... When we die the record or neddle arm or what have you resets itself and we travel back in time to our birth and everything begins again. Deja vu is what happens when your mind or perhaps sub-concious remebers doing that activity or conversation from the previous trip. Given the size and complexity of the human mind I beleive it has a record somewhere in it of each trip around but that information is sort of closed off behind mental walls if you will. But slowly after many trips around the walls begin to wear down more and more and you have more and more deja vu.I dont really know what would happen if these preverbal walls would completely collapse, maybye you'd go back to begening with a complete memmory of how your life was going to happen. I'm not getting any feeling of deja vu as I write this which could mean this is the first time I've ever done it or maybye my mental walls havent desolved very much. Anyway thats my small idea of death as time travel and deja vu. Questions? Comments? Crullers?
I think the universe is like a record it has a start like a few notes and as it grows the music gets better and at the end the dj comes along and starts the next universemixing the old with the new but only a better track will be played next.

The prymids are like niddles on the record arm and the night skys are the notes and play the universe like a record and you will here music the dna of life.

I like your storie.
Deja Vu yes death only if you tell me so.
Ps. i feel like im talking to someone who has read my book that will not be read till long after im gone. possibly this book of mine should not have been read till the year 2112 and only found in a painting with lots of arms and a copper casing with baby photo in it.

You are the first person who has said what i think.


Your theory seems similar to Indian beliefs about a never ending cyclic universe. Maybe we are all here now because we are aproaching the point where these fire walls protecting us from remembering the last lifes are about to colapse. Then we'll hear all the "music" at once the way commader DATA listens to music. I wish my record would get better, sitting in front of a computer screne must be the silence between two tracks.

If you like music, check out my top hits:

I saw an earlier post where they talked about slowing down sound waves as slowing down time.
I think we will witness some great discoveries in our lifetime, I'm looking forward to eating a hamburger created from soundwaves...
Im working on a music program at the moment and making it as well. And im also going to use it for time travel communication.
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