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Darby as a key equation alternate persona


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If Darby were posed as two other characters, in other than how he unfolded as the authority figure, on the Anomalies board, then the tale of TYitor story, would have been forced to be different.


Darby being another character, would have forced the amount of pressure on the story as it had unfolded.

The story itself, would have been forced to tell more of itself, so exposing more information.

Look at Darby now.

He is with the DOJ, has referred to Pamela as a traitor and now we are all expecting a social revolution to occur.

What would happen mathematically, if Darby would have been a Daniel Goldstein, or a Diel Farnston.

The first one a Jewish banker from New York, the second a counter culture person, who lives in the hills inback of Berkeley U, in California.

The pressure in a timeline of being, mathematically according to Cartesian coordinates, would have effected the final outcome of the story.

The question must be honestly asked, is a revolution due to come, or is this only an orchestrated ruse?
im failing to understand exactly what your saying. are you saying what if Darby was also posting as someone else? its possible. If you think about it Darby can do anything, so can pam. They have administration rights on the anomolies boards and im sure they have keypoint access to this board. I personally think that Darby and Pam are (if not the biggest) a HUGE key in the story and if we could figure out what their hiding we'd know the truth.
No I'm not focusing on Darby per say.

All I'm saying as since Pamela and Darby seem to be two controllers to how some of the information was let out about Titor, while the case was supposed active, what would have happened if one were to have changed the personality of Darby from aggressive and demanding, to another state?

Then the Titor story would have had to adjust itself to this factor, as it is after all, part of the timeline.

This is only a guess and I had noticed on Anomalies as of later, that the mysticfishnet web chat records, were revealed.

However this is not a complete set, but only one page of the Titor communications.

In a lot of chats and boards on Titor, some pages and post have disappeared.

This may be because of either insufficient storage, or other factors?
ah, i don't know about that. It's all possible. I think that Darby and Pam are both with-holding things that we could use though. They basically control the Titor story right now. At any moment they could reviel it true or fake.
As I have been familiar with this Titor story for about a year now it seems like this Darby and Pamela have something to do with Titor....

Maybe they wrote the story....its a strong possibilty just to get alot of people to their site.
People have tried to prove it fraudgilent, with the GRUPS thing, but what ever, i still believe in it, and with that Pamela and Darby thing, if their with holding info on the stuff it's probally for a good reason, and i don't think theyd ever tell if they with held it for this long, that is unless we all showed up at there doors step and beat the living tar out of them /ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif j/k
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