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Did you ever have déja-vu? The feeling that you're seeing the same things for the second time? Is this a form of time-travelling, knowing what is going to happen, but finding it out when it's already happening? What if in some way you already know what is going to happen, because you've already witnessed it? That somehow when you die, your spirit travels back into time or to an other dimension and enters your unborn body. Most of your memory has been errased completely, but every once and a while you remember certain events. If that is true, we are all time travellers in a certain sense.
Oh yeah. I experience deja-vu at least twice a day. Except I think that my first visions are in my dreams. Then that event happens the next day.

-Crono S. Chrono
Very observent Leon. How's this for another possible explaination. Deja-vu is the condition of the present self, feeling a future self, in the process of accessing its memory of now.
I also have ahd deja-vu however each time I had it so strongly that I knew the events had accurred before sometimes three or four times. I then documented it and noticed that events were indeed actually repeating itself.
Hi, there!

I'm "new" to this forum, as you can tell -
but I just thought I might pop in for a
second, and give you my own "theory" on this
topic. Lets see - where to start. Okay...if
there really is an infinite number of
universes, or alternate realities/worlds,
and there are an infinite number/versions
of "ourselves" - in other universes - could
"Deja-vu", somehow be a sign that we might
be "unconsiously" aware that we are connecting with ourselves in different
universes - and, also, these universes/realities, might be "so close"/
so intermixed, that we might experience
"both" realities 'at the same time' (so
to speak), giving the 'illusion' of Deja-vu?
Well...watchya think???

P.S. I'm glad I found this site. It looks
actually i have this too..
i cannot say when or where it happens but it just hits me that..."yes ...i have done this before". Sometimes in the last waking moment before you pass out to sleeep i get flashes of people , places , and either the next day or sometime during the week it happens.

i find it is not only the actions that are dejavu but also the feelings and thoughts at the time. For instance i find myself thinking of something then a person talks to me and that also reinforces the dejavu feeling because i feel that the two go together


kind of hard to explain but im sure you all have felt it at some time in our lives?

queries? feed back?
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