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Please don't think I'm flakey! But does anyone know about time traveling and crystals? I heard somewhere that the fuel you would need to create a zero energy point would take a solidfied light crystal.

O I hope I said that right. I'm really lost here, can anyone help? Than-Q =)
Hi Joe,

Check out this web site and let me know what you think?


It appears that they are using solidified light crystals here along with a combination of chemical components. It also involves infrared spectrography.

Although even myself I am not comprehending this.

I just got done reading the stuff on the website you posted. It has nothing to do with solidified light, they just shine a buncha laser beams through different types of filters (crystals/lenses/ect)to isolate and detect molecules in gases, liquids/solids ect.

Kinda boring actually =P
dear jo

the thourght of time travel has been in most peoples lives ever since h g wells but in fact time travel has allready happened the us govenment tried it in 1942 with the eldrigeto defeat the nazis with terible reasults thats why today it is stll classifed
but the first people to try it was the alaiantains then the egyptions and the indians both with suprising results i belive that the pyimids that are under water of the cost of cuba and of the sea of japan are and not at least part of an failed atempt to do this in order to concker other races and to defeat your enemy in a suprise atack is the abillty to move not only your trops but your base of command i belive that these are advanced tecknoligies whichthey came by some how ?but were unable to pefect the bumada traingle has one of these in it so dose the devils traingle it makes sense to me that these places orthougth riddleed in mistere that the ships and planes that disapere in these ares are the reasult of early exsperiment that trancesported the pryimids from they point of origin to the sea by a mistake killing many people but unable to turn it off which results in the loss of ships and planes today they are powered by some sort of crystal in the burmada site a strange crystall was found and other objects in the 70s but very little info is avalible please right back on the notice board

yours faithfully SEShAT

ps sorry about the spelling ect
Ow my head. Use periods. ^ . ^

I've seen a special on Nova about the diver who found that crystal. It was analyzed in a lab or something and showed no special properties. I think it's on display in a museum somwhere... God I love NOVA!
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