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In my interest in time travel, I only wish to note, that my knowledge of the Kerr Black Hole Phenomena, was sharpened at the time travel section, at Anomalies.net.

This is differing from my black hole knowledge as relayed by Bartsuiack, within her first series of books.

Be that this phenomenon is defined, as two proximal black holes, of uncertain singularity size, or the cores of black hole, as they relate to one another.

This is further said, that the event veniers when overlapped, form a noncertain event horizon.

This non-certain event horizon, is thought to be a natural portal to all times relevant, within the capacity of the kerr black hole.

The phenomenon of a mass charged black hole, as portrayed within the movie by the name (Event Horizon), near at the end of the movie, is not known?
This is however suspected, as an angular velocity escape mechanism, as displayed by the overcharged event horizon of the kerr black holes, under a charged exterior load?

These concepts are noteworthy in understanding time traveling mechanics, or described as balloons, with charged aethers.This is when that when in supposed null, or stringed space, such a charged double black hole, would have movements displayed as such?

This work differs from the suppositions of Hawking and the Horowitz led subgroups of the 80s?

This was said in their descriptions of specific black hole entry points, under the categories of a relative frequencies north and south poles, a supposed low gravity equator.

Furthermore' these were realized as exhaust points on the globe of any either rotating or non-rotating black hole, as relayed by Bartsuiack and the scientific publishment groups, et. al., from the primary Hawking series of investigations.

To all who help developed further theory, there is a debt of gratitude within this notation.
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