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Comets and Meteors


Thanks to a link provided on the Timebomb forum, the following subject about the two comets and meteor that is heading our way has really piqued my interest.

Of course there is the inevitable doomsday predictions that go along with events like this. However, the very lack of discussion on this incredible event has made me curious--especially since these objects will approach us close enough (.013 AU) to at least have a minimal effect on our planet since we will at least pass through one of their tails. One comet (Bradley, I think?) is reputed to be about 10,000 km wide in its corona. It was not discovered by any major scientist but by an amateur that has discovered 8 or 9 others in the past. Some see the possibility of two comets coming close enough to actually collide and therefore affect earth.

I have a great deal of respect for many on this forum and would like to hear your thoughts about it--scientifically, philosophically and religiously. I would definitely like to see how this is all plotted out. All the conspiracy theorists are out in force (the x planet "sitchinists", the governments cover-uppers, the religionist doomsayers, etc.). Anybody got any info out there?
Zer' It's Brandfield and T7-linear.

Its the math of the probable collision physics of the whole deal.

They don't know if there are any other comets in T-7's penumbra.

T-7 will go benth the Earth, the tail, as a porpose, dives beneath an oncoming boat.

They don't know if these bodies will hit one another.

I think one not too long ago, shattered going around the sun, which may come at us in shotgun pellets fashion?

I don't know, on another web known as Godlike Productions, they are following this now.

Seer David Booth has said that he saw one astral body coming in from the south and exploding over Earth.

I don't know...........?

One guy at GLP said that there are always companions in the tail, or penumbra dark part of any comet.

Say your prayers?

Thanks Zer-ube
Re: Relief

Friend Zerub

I do know that one of them will be passing pretty close to our planet. However I do not think it will cause any major disturbances. Astronomically speaking these objects are too far away. Nonetheless people, specially religious fanatics, would not hesitate at the chance of new converts. Any ways if choronohistorian is here it means that Earth has not been hit for at least 500 years into the future. Or is it that....Oh my gosh maybe they lost their historical files because of the approaching apocalypse!!!!

But no that will not occur my dear friend Zerub. Rest easy and may G-D bless you.

Until later becomes now.