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Claiming The Highest Ground


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Siegmund (et.al.)

I know I have been friends with many here...and you and me go WAY back Sieg, what with our trans-temporal ties and all. But I have to admit I have not been on the level with you, my friends, all along. Yes, I am coming clean...finally.

You see, I am not trapped in time, like most mortals of this time. And I am not even a time traveler from the near, or distant, future of this time. I am a true anaCHRONism...a man OUT of Time, in this time.

That is because...yes...I am from BEYOND Time. I come from that higher-level systemic context where your linear flow of time in this realm is seen all at once.

Since I am from BEYOND Time, we have no concern where I come from in any talk of "altering" timelines, since they are infinite, and we know all of them. Therefore, feel free to ask me questions... I'll be around awhile observing this time in-situ. I have found the human physical experience of ingesting alcohol quite pleasing. I'll be doing a good deal of that in the next week or so of your linear time.

But I'll get back to your questions when I am damned good and ready (or is that "sauced?" I have problems converting from our language to this timeline's English).

The Time Traveler from BEYOND Time. (May have to officially change my signature line to that...now that I am "out of the closet". No sexual remarks, Creedo!) :D :D :D
Well, since we all seem to be coming clean....I might as well do so too.

OvrLrdLegion actually represents...Old Language Liguistikator. ( O.L.L.)
I am merely a computer program developed by "Master Cylinder"( The Central Matrix Program Population Control Module shaped like a Cylinder) in our time period many thousands of years from now.
After the extinction of humanity, apparently some humans in the mid 2400 thru to 2600's had only one tree left from the rain forests. They thought by having it on display in a museum that it could regenerate the needed oxygen supply, but woe was them...it didnt.

We, the machines, were left to our own devices (get it..our own devices..ha!) and "Master Cylinder" discovered a virus in the system..you 21st century inhabitants apparently unwittingly created this enemy of our existence and our central matrix population control module( Shaped like a Cylinder ). You call this vicious and most deadly virus... Pheel-ex-The-Katt.

Master Cylinder sent some machines into your time period to collect as much data regarding Pheelex-The-Katt as possible. We are searching for a "Bag of Magik Tricz". This will ensure our continued survival.

All information collected is sent to an orbiting satellite, of which one more wouldn't be noticed, and relayed to our time period. No matter how clever you humans think you are..we will find this Bag of Magik Tricz!

So all of you need to come clean..and fork over The Bag!

Friends Of EarthTR125.0121

Since people are coming clean I might have to say that I am an observer, better known as Watchers. We all travel through the infinite realms that lay on the Prime Temporal Point.

We first came into existence after The Patrians of Old extinguished themselves and had left their children roaming all around the multiverse. When their powerful hold of the Patrians had finally extinguished one of the many child races, the Olfarenchi, decided to follow on their parents footsteps and began to conquer everything.

We, the Slatoi were the first to be attacked. The onslaught was absolute. We the few remaining Slatoi that survived the massive attack upon our home-world of Carritta escaped to the safe worlds of Raylus and Raylan. These two planets harbored our kind for nearly a hundred million years, after that we deciced to venture out. We found the entire universe a desolated place, filled with the devastation and horrors untold left behind by these monsters.

We could not afford such a terrible damage and fate, so a few were chosen to go back in time and convince the Slatoi to stand and fight their evil.

These few came back and told us to stand and fight. And the Watchers did. The conflict that arouse was horrible, but at the end we prevailed.

Now, we had been sent to most every single timeframe to observe, catalogue and report to the Conclavinaculum the many paradoxes that are occuring for the benefit of life-kind.

Until later becomes now. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
In revisiting this forum, I can see no one has yet been able to claim any higher ground than I have in this thread. Sad. Truly a pity, for there is a higher level of existence that is even BEYOND "beyond time", where I am from.

I'm applying for a visa to travel to BEYOND HyperTime yestermorrow. But the application for my approval will probably arrive after I have already returned. Was it ever then really necessary in the future's place? Interesting questions.

Creedo, watch where you step. There's some doo-doo that wants to attach itself to the bottom of your shoe. From what I can currently see from Beyond Time, it has a 94% chance of success unless you learn how to dance the Maramba, and I mean FAST man! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Yes' your right. It was always this way, with Patrick being able to play so well.

How can I ever to listen to your words, when I know that what you think.
Hi Creedo299,

How can I ever to listen to your words, when I know that what you think.

You, of all people, should know that spoken words, written words, and thoughts are three independent means of encoding information. The fact that written words could be interepreted different from spoken words, which could be altogether different from what the thought was that a person wanted to express, implies that there are multiple, parallel, synchronized communication channels in operation.

You ignore one communication channel to the bias of another at your own risk. Your risk is that you arrive at the wrong message by ignoring one or more signal channels.

I'm coming clean also, Hitler is actually my great uncle. We did a deal supposedly with the americans that none of us would procreate ever again. We lied...
We're just going through the ultimate plan a little more thoroughly this time to include not only jews, but wrong thinking individuals, we have our work cut out for us I can tell you.
Historical note this thread:There has been intimation that some past science fictions sagas, have been brought here from other galaxies.

In reference to how this thread is unfolding as well as phantom people, seemingly to be set in similar situations, the question must be asked, is this is normal process of one star system barrowing from another in order to become its own idenity?

Generations sometimes change the temperament, of certain major characters in times eye.

Alexander the Great, now a hair dresser, Adolph Hitler, an interior designer, President Eisenhower and sales associated at a department store.
Yeah sorry Creedo dude, but I am bored with this whole site now so I'll be disappearing for a long time, I just can't be bothered anymore, nothing much going on here either.
So sees yous all, I wish it was fun but na it ain't and I have to say I hate a numbers of yas, so go stick it up yas behinds.
As fer the merkins here, you all a buncha fools, and guess what? The world hates yous all!
LOL!!!!! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif