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does anyone have any information about Arlinski's Chronocraft??
IGAS is charging so much for the information on it(200+ dollars..the usual fee is around 3 dollars for information)
that im starting to wonder if it really works.

if you have some information,or have bought igas's information on the subject,PLEEEASE post.

yea i know..
im looking for more detailed information on it rather than an interview mention..

Thanks Lara but ive already seen that information,and Diego's site(which hosts the same information)

im looking for the rest of the pages.

One Arlinski Chronocraft is simply a wooden box in the shape of two pyramids base to base with quartz crystals for mind power. It has no devices for energy input. It probably does not work. Did not get the complete Arlinski book I have ordered.
Try Fry's Incredible Inquiries for Arlinki's writing and others.

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Interesting article, thanks for pointing it out! It's good to see that others are keeping in mind the "practical applications" of time control. I wonder if we could talk him out of a blueprint? LOL

Does anyone here get the journal he alluded to?

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