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Chaos vs. Order and Mind over Matter


Hi folks..

I have observed something very strange over the past three years.

I was just downloading an episode of my favourite television show using peer-to-peer software, and I noticed that the download time was jumping all over the place between 3 and 15 hours as different users with the same file popped on and off line.

I desperately want to watch this episode, so I tried something:

I tried to visualize the number of hours to download completion getting smaller. If I saw 7 hours on the screen, I would imagine that the 7 was a six and attempt to delude myself into actually seeing a six on top of the seven. Once the seven had changed to a six, I would change my focus to a five, and so on.

Somehow, by doing this, the download time was reduced, within five minutes, from 8 hours to 3.

The only problem was, whenever I LOST my focus, either by checking the download speed or instead looking at the number of minutes left in the hour, or simply by looking away from the number representing the number of hours left in the download, the number would begin to become chaotic again.

SOMEHOW, by simply focussing my thoughts on smaller and smaller download times, I was able to affect change in the chaotic system.

I have observed the same phenomenon with such things as wind, water, flame, smoke, and other systems possessing a lot of entropy.



Once, when I was in Ottawa, I was playing my guitar on the rooftop of a hotel, pretending to be a rock star. I found the northerly wind blowing on the back of my head really annoying, as it would blow my hair in my face.

I began to think about how cool I would look if the wind changed its originating direction from north to south. I then started to fuel my desire to have my hair blowing behind me instead of in front of me.

AND IT HAPPENED. The wind almost instantaneously changed its general direction from north to south, and my hair began to blow in the fashion I wanted. Simultaneously, my guitar playing started to sound a lot better.


Once, when in Trinidad, I used to watch the ocean waves. I noticed that it was nearly impossible to predict when the waves would rise, or crash. It seemed that there was a lot of chaos involved in the propagation of the waves.

I decided that I wanted to see bigger waves. Soon thereafter, more and more big waves started to occur. Then I decided that I wanted to see the sea settle. And it did.

After noticing this effect, I started raising my hands and wishing for waves to propagate. Waves would seemingly pop out of nowhere at almost the same second I wished for them. Then I would lower my hands and wish for the same waves to crash. And they would.

My father, who was with me at the time, watched as I waved my hands about in the air and asked me what I was doing.

I simply told him: "Watch the waves, and watch my hands."

He was astounded. It was like I was conducting a watery orchestra.


Once, while at one of my girlfriend's bonfires, the flames were dying down and everyone was thinking about going home. I did not want them to leave, because I was having fun.

I started to visualize the flames getting bigger. They indeed began to grow higher. Eventually, the flames got so hot that they split a piece of wood that had not completely burned yet and the larger flame began to sustain itself without my wishing for it.

Our friends stayed an extra half hour.


At the same bonfire, someone began to rip on me. I thought about how funny it would be if the smoke from the fire were to suddenly engulf them and make them mildly choke on their own laughter.

The wind changed and blew the smoke right in their face. It was so funny! I said:

"That's karma for you" and had a silent chuckle, knowing that I do have some sort of influence over chaotic systems.

Also on smoke; sometimes when I get really really bored while having a cigarette, I visualize the smoke taking on different shapes and swirling in different directions.

Like magic, the smoke patterns seem to conform to my imagination.

Other systems

My Parents' Actions

When I used to live with my parents, sometimes I would crave certain foods. If my craving was of a particular intensity, sometimes my parents would actually cook or buy what I wanted to eat, without me asking them to do so.

One week, in 1996, I wrote a funny song about Chinese food. My parents were absent while I was working on it. That week, we went out for chinese food on three seperate occasions.

My parents had NEVER done such a thing and haven't done anything of the sort since the week I wrote that song. Usually our diet is very diverse.

Playing Pool

Playing pool, or billiards or snooker is half order, half chaos. I was playing pool once with a shark. I knew he was a shark, but I wanted to beat him anyway, or at least give him a run for his money.

Whenver I went to play I would do my best to focus on winning the game.

Whenever the shark went to play, I would begin to focus my entire desire for his ball to be spun away from the hole at which I thought he was aiming.

At the end of the game, the shark still won, but I did hear him say to one of his friends:

"I don't know what's wrong with me tonight, my game is all f*cked up"

I smiled and left the bar.

I propose the following postulates to the Theory of Telekinesis:

1) The energy emitted by a mind bearing a positive attitude, and which mind is focussed on creating a specific situation, surrounded by minds with negative attitudes about various other situations can attract the energy emitted by the negative minds and refocus them in favour of changing the probability of the situation of the positive mind's focus in favour of that situation actually becoming a real event.

2) The more minds that are positively focussed on creating a specific situation, the more likely it will be for that situation to become a real event.

3) The more minds that are negatively focussed on creating a specific situation, the more likely it will be for the opposite situation to become a real event.

4) It is easier to mentally effect change in systems which exhibit more chaotic properties than it is to effect change in more orderly systems.

5) To alter probability in favour of effecting change in more orderly systems, thoughts must be amplified, either by the cooperation of other minds, or the electromagnetic amplification of one mind's physical energy emmissions.

So, if we want to be complete masters of space, time and energy, we need a device that can amplify our thougts which is somehow powered by a quantum singularity that can provide unlimited power.

Much of ( if not all) of what you have postulated, is in fact, quite commonly spoken of in most ancient religions and new age spirituality. I would encourage you to explore sacred geometry sites, as well as searching using "merkaba". There is no reason to begin from scratch *little smile*

Be safe and dream sweetly,

I was just looking for verifiable evidence of telekinesis, which may eventually enable us unlock the mysteries of time.

It's like L. Ron Hubbard said... ask your brain the right question, it will give you the right answer.
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