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Celestine Prophecy & Broaching Time


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Figured I would start another thread on comments by Zerub and THEPINMEN on this book, and what its implications may be towards understanding Time:

Rainman will, I'm sure" assure you, the quest continues. I look forward to his understanding of it and its current relevance in the midst of a world that seems more than just a bit "ASyncronistic?"
The book The Celestine Prophecy is a classic when it comes to simple-to-read, well-written, and informative parables. But in anothe sense, it is yet another telling of the stories of Jesus Christ, or Mohammad, or Moses, or Krishna, or Buddha...or.... (fill in your Ascended Master here). /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

But the book is more than a parable about how a man achieves purpose in life, and continuously raises his level of energy to achieve greater purpose. The book is also written to help YOU, the reader, understand that this is the path that you are also walking in this life. You are encouraged to place yourself in the central character's role. YOU are being called to learn the insights, and raise your own vibration! You are being called to Mastery of Self, and you are being taught the progression of how these insights will "dawn" on you.

Right now, at this time in our history, there are a MASSIVE number of people who have read this book, and others like them. As Zerub said, this "awakening" has been going on since the 60s. I think with books such as Celestine (and the Conversations With God series is another good one), we are gaining a better understanding of where we are headed, in terms of reconciling Science with Spirituality. There are WAY more people on this planet who want to live in a peaceful world than those who want continued war and killing. Enough people of this mind that, if we all began to ACT, rather than sit and talk about how bad it is, we could easily change the world. There is no doubt about it.

BTW - There are 10 insights in the Celestine story. Does anyone not think that is symbolic of something? Would it be easy to see that Redfield understands Kabbalah and Tree Of Life technology? Examine the progression of the insights, and you should see the correlation.

Anyone else wish to discuss this book, and what it may mean to us understanding ourselves and our place in the river of Time?
Re: Insights = Sephiras

Friend Rainman

In what way do the Ten Insights relate to the Sephira, I have never seen it in that perspective. This will make a very good thread indeed.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Insights = Sephiras

Greetings again, Transient!

In what way do the Ten Insights relate to the Sephira, I have never seen it in that perspective.
Wow, that surprises me a bit... but I am always happy to share with other englightened beings such as yourself. First, a reference link to a synopsis of the insights (where the 11th insight represents the next cycle of creation)

The Celestine Insights

One of the easiest patterns to note is that the insights build on one another, until a great moment of creation is achieved. Therefore, the insights follow the "lightning flash of Creation" in how they begin with a central principle (Critical Mass, and the power of Synchronicity for establishing you Will and Purpose in Life). As you progress through the insights, they become much more "concrete" in how the Creation will play-out in our physical world.

Note how the Supernal triad ends with the insight on Energy. We know that Energy is the composite characteristic in our universe that is essential to any form of Creation. And Energy, in a very scientific sense, is composed of the triumverate of Mass/Space/Time: E = mc^2 = [mass]*[space/time]^2.

Insights 4-6 align quite well with the central triad on the Tree. They discuss human history, both in terms of the human struggle for power (insight 4), and the history of our Ascended Masters (mystics) who have all been trying to teach us how to end the struggle for power. Tiphareth is the perfect balancing point for "Clearing the Past" power struggles, so we can begin anew and Create something wonderful in our world.

Insights 7-9 are the most concrete yet. They discuss REAL things that each of us can do in our lives, both to "Engage the Flow" in our lives, and speed up the synchronicities. The mainstay of how we advance ourselves is by helping to advance others. The best tool to use for personal enlightenment is the tool of HUMAN INTERACTION which we have been given as a gift. This triad ends with a decription of the culture that humankind can create by following these insights. We are fully capable of creating a balanced, spiritual culture once we all learn how to interact with each other for purposes of achieving transformation of the species.

The Tenth Insight is the actual, physical manifestation of HEAVEN ON EARTH, just as prophesied in so many religious traditions. By following the Lightning Flash of Creation, espoused in the wisdom of the nine insights before, we can MANIFEST an entire new human culture.

I know I want to manifest such a culture. Anyway, that is one description of how the insights align with the TOL. As with anything that can be mapped to the TOL, I would bet if you studied the insights and their intricacies, you could probably find more correspondences.

Kind Regards,
Re: The Otz Chiim of Creation

Friend Rainman

Perhaps the tenth insights are simply stepping stones towards the greater purpose of lifekind. I explain. I am sure you have heard of the 32 paths of wisdom. Well they are supposed to help you travel up and down through out the Tree of LIfe. However most Kabbalist will not tell you the following; the 32 paths of wisdom as the TOL in itself are but a superphysical manifestation of our living consciusness. Every path in the TOF is but a consciousness level that we must achieve in order to reach the Celestial Station(sephiroth) and prove our mettle to the Highest of ALL.

As we progress in each path we have to deal with the Spiritual Tension that will arise between the Two Intervining Sephiras that are forming the particular path. This Tension will be made out of many forces that we must learn to understand in order to keep on our ascension into the highest point of the TOL the Ain Soph Aur or Everything revealed by Nothingness.

As we begin this sojourn, we do so with a state of cosciousness called La'Movdaa or Sleepiness. later as we incorporate the needed conscious level we acquire Bhakara which is Awakening. Then as we pass on to Tiphareth we arrive experience two distinct consciusness level Makyar and Al makyar, that is Conscious ans Conscious of G-d. Then finally as we trascend into Daath-Kether we become AL Bedar or Aware.

I shall study this insights and happily share my findings with you .

Love, Life and Liberty.
I've not seen this before, and I must confess that I've only skimmed through that list of insights. I've not looked much closer, because I'm pretty much stuck on the first one. Here:

A new spiritual awakening is occurring in human culture, an awakening brought about by a critical mass of individuals who experience their lives as a spiritual unfolding, a journey in which we are led forward by mysterious coincidences.

It's the mysterious coincidences bit that gets me. Maybe it's just cynical old me, but this (along with number 7) basically seems to be talking about confirmation bias. In other words, if you believe that coincidences are going to lead you somewhere, then you'll notice more of them, and you'll notice tenuous links which will seem more significant and more connected over time.

It's like you think about someone you've not thought of for ages and they phone you that day. Could easily be seen as significant. Except it's not, because you probably think of loads of people every day, and you probably get phoned by loads of people every day. It'd actually be stranger if that never happened once in your life, if you play the odds. But, if you're looking for something to be indicative of something (especially if you don't know what it's supposed to be indicative of, you just know that it's indicative of something), then you can read loads into that.

Am I reading what it's saying totally wrong, or am I reading it right, just from a more skeptical point of view?

FWIW, steps 8 & 9 seem to me to just be communal reinforcement, too.
Are You Still Lurking, Transient?

Greetings Friend Transient:

It's been a long TIME since we have heard from you. Tell us how you are and what you have been up to.

Then finally as we trascend into Daath-Kether we become AL Bedar or Aware.
I just recalled this statement of yours today, and decided it was an appropriate Time for a response. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Yes....Awareness at the top of the TOL. This reminds me of one of the "four level themes" that I use to teach student engineers how to approach the analysis, design, and construction of any new system. The approach is what I call "The Manifestation by the Method of Three As." It is a top-down method that begins in one's mind and flows downward to Create something in the physical world. Not surprisingly it is directly aligned with the TOL model. "The Method" is described as follows:

Before someone (anyone) can learn how to manfest (Create) some specific system in the physical world, you must first obtain AWARENESS of: What it is you wish to Create, and how the Universe will respond to that Creation. So the first step in any Creation that you wish to last for a long Time, is to eagerly and thoroughly develop your AWARENESS of the thing you wish to Create and its Environment.
Once you have awareness of your intended Creation and how it will work in its environment, you can then develop certain ATTITUDES towards what types of a design will "work" and what types will "not work". Developing these ATTITUDES is equivalent to doing the required engineering ANALYSIS to describe the required performance of the system you are Creating.
Now that you are armed with AWARENESS and ATTITUDE/ANALYSIS about how your Creation will have to function and perform, you can begin to dedicate your detailed ATTENTION to the physical details of your Creation AS YOU BEGIN TO BUILD AND TEST THE SYSTEM. This phase of System Creation consumes an awful LOT of ATTENTION in order to pass all the tests to ensure it is safe and meets all the regulations for such a system. However, once you have put in enough ATTENTION to get the system to a point of being "Certified For Operations", you will see that this Method of the Three As has lead to: