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can someone builtd me a time machinei?


New Member
Im tryinng to baet some jerks at schoool by traveling in time. I alreedy did but i need to do it agan.i will pay mony. Okay? Im not liying!
Hey guys, quit picking on the Taz! Spelling aside he may be the only person here that's for real. Always give the benefit of the doubt...you never know.
so can somoene help me? I now that irvivine kid and hes maen! i also now steve gibs. i found 1 of the 4 crystales keys. i have travelled throw time in to the futur! i will controle all of the time and i need someonne to help me controle time! i am 13 years old soo i nead some help.
Thou hast the lost crystal key? Knave! Thou knowest not what corrupting force thou posessest! Immediately thou must/will/have return it to the Sanctuary of Null Time! Cease this vain quest for power and tread instead the enlightened path of Knowledge. Control lies not in wielding force, but in knowing its limits and respecting them. Go at once! 'Gibbs' and 'Irvine' ultimately hold no sway, and nor do/shalt thou. The crystals shall be/have been restored - it is already done...
fin! don't beliv me but im not lying1 mokrie dela plese beliv me! you seam so smart and i need help! togathr we can beet Brandon and Bryan and the rest of the world. plese replie! firends!
O.K. I'll play.............Who the heck are Brandon and Bryan and what are you trying to beat them at? I must have come in late. Now you realize I STILL think you have too many birds on your antenna.
Time Device yeah hmmmmmm
sound to me you getting the attention you wanted or expected from this message board
I don't belive you went anywhere in time except for what imagination you might have to lead you to belive you did.
Maybe you could ride your fancy new time machine back to second grade and pay attention in spelling class next time around.
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