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Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earlier

Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earlier... Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earlier...

Please reveal the wonderful secrets of the Philadelphia Experiments, the Maxtible Transition Experiment of 1883, Alien time travel when stolen by Greys...

and so on, and so on and etcetera.

I think it might be the case that people can power-fantasize about coming from a future wonderland, and knowing stuff that other people don't. Whereas pretending to be from the past, although as much fun in other ways, doesn't cater to the same basic need to be powerful and successful.

And where are all the female time travellers, and intelligent dinosaur time travellers?

Do I "believe" in "time travel"? Definitely. Do I think the reality equates to most media drivel and TV shows? Erm, no.
Re: Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earl

"time guards"? That isn't very convincing sounding at all.

Also, linguistically, if they are called "time guards" then why aren't you called a "timehistorian"? They should be "Chronoguards", shouldn't they? For that matter, if you were genuine, you would just be a "historian", not a "chronohistorian". The chrono- prefix is virtually redundant since history must, by definition, deal with time.

Assuming that you are indeed called a "chronohistorian" (and I don't for one moment believe you about this or anything else BTW) why has that word become a contraction and yet "time guards" hasn't evolved to "timeguard"? I'll tell you why. Because originally you wanted to call them Time Police or Timecops but you knew that those terms would not fly here. Even though, in a true future time, those are probably exactly what the media will call officers whose job it is to preserve history. Future media won't give a flying fig about breaching ancient copyright and in any event the works from which such terms came were highly imitative themselves. It is only in works of fiction that names need to be distinct.

I don't think that a Titor type book is in the offing for you. At least, not until you learn how to lie convincingly. And spell.
Re: Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earl

Nightsider-don't ask me about the time guards. I am not part of the decision making in the government.

a chronohistorian and a historian are different. a chronohistorian travels back in time to study the past.
Re: Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earl

All historians travel back in time to study the past.

Why does chansy smith sound exactly like you BTW?
Re: Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earl

That are/am thing is embarASSing to you. As is the repetition.
And where are all the other fake time travellers? Come on - I've given you a hoax idea! Pretend to have jumped from some point in the past like the Montauk fraudsters.
Re: Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earl

chronicpisstorian, I realise you will not get this, but how come you are (or I guess you would say "am") not getting warned or banned for spamming? This thread was for fake time travellers from the past. Remember, you're supposed to be a fake time traveller from the future? To put it into your bizarro-speak: Future not same as Past...
Re: Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earl

Roel van Houten-in my future there is no difference between "I am not" and "I aren't"

Nightsider-I aarived here in 2003.
I am not fake or spamming
Re: Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earl

Roel- This is what he has always said about himself and not pretending...

By the way I was bored...


“nicknack-I am not pretending. why would I pretend for over a month?” -Chronohistorian


“I am not pretending anyway.” -Chronohistorian

I was just bored and wanted to see for myself if he had always said that.

Re: Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earl

Roel van Houten-in my future there is no different between "I am not" and "I aren't"

Is it safe to assume that there's no difference between different and difference either?

So, English becomes a less consistent language in the future.... interesting.
Re: Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earl

We were assembled that day, in a grand procession, as an audience to be before the fuehrer before he spoke.

I saw the uniforms, the banners strung high, the structure of the path leading which the fuehrer would stride, as he would then approach the podium.

I then also saw something else. This was efficature that this place, was so similar to another time.

I then remember something of Rome and all the mistake they had so cruelly made:

POST STARTS HERE>The area that is too shady to talk about, are the associations with said members both during and before the second world war.These were either smuggled in or someone bought them off, in order to get certain relations into the U.S.

Roel is very hurt that someone would even have the audacity to say, that by perchance Aldolph Hitler would have ever done any good.

He fails to see the German architect Albert Spier and his fine works.Works which helped the Nazis at least assume some form of a vague outline of a respectable persona while based in Germany.

The interview with Speir were interesting, and are, as some of them are visually recorded.

Hitler was not based as a normal psychologal persona, but again one of franta-cism, as it was the dark animus of his father that drove him, to the greatness of his post.

Many fail to see, observe that many years before, a father by the name of Napoleon, who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's father, also drove a then young Mozart onto become one of Europe's premier musical figures.

Mozart's intellectual i.q. was great; exceptionally great.

Maybe in some perverse way, in the short amount of time that Hitler was in office, his emotional i.q. was also great.

Remember, I am functioning from the premise that was given within the Star Trek early series.This was that a regime run on fascism, however styeled benignly, not stoically, might in some way be beneficial to the people at large.

It was told that in this one story concerning the Malkoshians, that someone had drugged John Gill. They placed him infront of a microphone and it was there, that others had added the evil intent, that the other tenants within Malkoshian society, were less superior.

Look at the many societies now based today?

Arabic medicine, was once the finest of all medicines, which was practiced.
Now today, is there stigma added to all Arabic dimensions, held domestically, due to the stigma, of the said Al Quida situation?

*It is those around you you must watch most carefully.This is so, as the enemy will assemble before you, they will charge the ranks that you marshal.After the battle, sometimes, another battle ensues.
This issue deals with trust. The trust that you must maintain, or have earned, which by some mysterious process, comes into question.>Advice of a father general to a son: