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Building a time machine anyone wanna help?


New Member
If anyone is willing to help me build or should i say attempt to build a time machine leave your email and ill put you on my team.
i shell make a website for the group were we can comunicate our theories, share diagrams (time machines), and work on accomplishing the goal all people share (Time Travel).Im accepting anyone interested in time travel and no real education is neccisary, the only thing that is required is the real intention on study this subject. This is a real project no one sign up without real intentions of contributeing to the group.
-the firegod-

"knowledge will be power, power will rule the world"
Anyone want to join? Who joins will be the first to know if any expeirements work. But you only have a certain time before you cant join so if you dont join now you wont be able to later on.
RE: Personal

Sorry I already have a time travel organization called Time Machines Forever it is private and non-profit if you visit www.tectime.cjb.net you will see that I am already teamed up with the Tec-Time organization it will say public but I have changed it to private our goals are to gather information, ideas, plans, schematics within the group also on the website you will find articles for different machines as well as pictures if you would like to join then just email me at [email protected] and I'm CEO of the organization also I will be gone in two weeks but I will be back the week after if you don't hear from me then I will be on vacation but I will get back as soon as I can!
My website is now up and running it is at http://time1230.tripod.com/ I dont have the recouces up yet but the member page is up, the bulletin board, so please join my group. The chat room will be up within a day. Its not great yet but i hope itll get better with more members.
RE: Personal

To FireGod
I would be like to join your team but I'm not a professional but a beginner if you teach they will listen anyways let me know if I can or not if I can that would be helpful but if not then I will understand.
I just got a member any more? If you join remember youll be the first to know all accomplishments between the members. Youll be able to ask and get advice before you try to build some of those "time machine divices" that people say work. So please join now. Alot of people have looked at this but non of you joined why? If you answer this no smart comments. join while you can.
Sorry i cant see any responces for some reason it says 7 replies but i cant see any replys so please use my bulletin on my website thanks.
when i can find whats wrong ill reply here. but my chats up now
http://time1230.tripod.com/ than chatroom. My groups coming a long good.
Yeah sure! Oh neeeeeeto!
Can we build a treehouse even?
and make cookies when we all done?
pwetty pwease?

It shows your really smart Babalon, ya your so smart
"Yeah sure! Oh neeeeeeto!
Can we build a treehouse even?
and make cookies when we all done?
pwetty pwease?

If you dont think it can be done why are you here.
RE: Joining

Hi firegod I would like to join even though I have a organization already if your willing to let me join then our organizations can join together.
RE: Joining

dont bother replying to this. i have deleted the website because losers here went to the site and put stuff not worth mentioning, so i can find the possibilites my self as i have already found some things to work. but ive decided i need someones help who has atleast an iq of average is that to much to ask. Guess so, well by for now we may meet again in onother time or place.

-never get the god of fire mad or else this planet wont be able to be called a planet- The fire god
are you still up for it? get a flux capacitor. i think i got a descripted picture of it. don't give up. there's a lot to learn before you try these learn in what dimension does time travel. i also have tried to go in time. in the near future i'll try to build a capacitor, remember the time machine from "Back to the Future"? it's TRUE.it does work, buddy. see what you can get about the flux capacitor. and share info i'll share too.
look i have to go give it a thought. ok

thank you,
Agent J

This firegod needs a good beating round his fat useless chops,talk about arrogant!,he comes in here asking for help,he gets some help and cos hes not happy with the help deletes his website??? yeah dont say thanks or anything will ya! jezzzus,
errr duh this is just one website of many im sure, you could have just said thanks but no thanks and ask someone else ya c**t.

What a wa***r
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