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Bermuda Triangle and Time Travel related? hmmmmmm?


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is it possible for the bermuda triangle and time travel have some sort of connection?
-Billy- /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Re: Bermuda shorts with hotdog condiment stains:

Yes this is due to said underwater pyramids, now still functioning within the Bermuda Triangle.

These pyramids are said leftovers from the past Atlantian era.
Re: Bermuda shorts with hotdog condiment stains:

hmmmmm? underwater pyramids? More info please. Thanks for responding.
Re: She said that the jungle reach out and killed

"Billy! No' come with us, you can't hope to stop this thing. It will kill you!

It will kill you, like it did the others!?

Billy had the oddest look on his face.

The kind of look most buffed Indian males get, when they get a wiff of the mal spirit.These were spirits, such as the Windego, or others denizens of the American Indian world of religious philosophy.

Billy took the huge knife and cut himself access his chest. He let the blood flow from the superficial wound, so that his ancestors would see that he was a brave man and somehow help him in this supernatural dual.

With a crazy pride and defiance the Souix strode across the fallen log, as the others tried to run down the jungled hill, to escape, then freedom.

In Billy's minds eye, there was now insanity, as both the totem held in his hand, the rawhide necklace round his neck as he stroked the special stone. His powerfull, agile prowess waited for the onslaught, of the invisible spectre.

His chances were none to zero, when the thermal imaging scan, on the big humanoid crustacia homed in on the bare chested Indian.

As both of the heavy clawed feet, landed squarely on the fallen across the stream log, there was an audible felt thump that shook the entire length of the fallen tree.The indian not being able to see the creature, the vibrations let the big Indian, know his appointment with destiny was finally here.

As the two closed the distance on the tree, the height of the predator, stood nearly twice,.. Billy's size.

As Dutch, the South American native girl and the other wounded ops. soldier neared the flat, before the elevation of the land started to fall off, the all heard a man's horrible scream.

Their heads jerking around, as the jagged growth tore at their clothing, as well as flesh, so leaving so many little wounds, within a hot uncaring tropical surroundings.

They all with tears in their eyes, in the midst of their struggel, they knew that this was Billy's deathscream.

Whatever had killed the six others, plus the Green Berets, now had Billy within its clutches.

The only event that they could hope for at this stage of pursuit, was that by some chance miracle, the creature would have been appeased by Billy's unselfish self sacrifice.

As Dutch looked over the canopy of trees.This was a big form he heard.The undiscernable shape, a shimmer of something no'one could see, rapidly coming closer.

Escape...? He knew, that there was no such chance.They three were now prey, the hunted as all had been before them.

Maybe there would be a quick and merciful death, from the faceless phantom?The phantom who took, (el es quién asesinó, trofeos entonces hechos de hombre), or the being who murdered, then made trophies of man.

This chase, on the hottest of Summers, in the lush land that only the bravest hunters, at considerable risk, did chance, to roam.//FIN an adaptation from the book and movie, Preditor.

>The source is in the context of The Pleiadean Mission, by Randolph Winters.

During the war between a once known planet within this solar system, Maldek, also known as Molina by some, as huge fragmentary part of Maldeck broke loose and plunged into the western portion of the once above water continent of Atlantis.

This chunk of rock was filled with iron.

This rock, plus some of the still functioning pyramids, are the reason as to why both time and space is distorted within the Bermuda Triangle region of the Atlantic off the coast of Florida.

Additionally read the book Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle?

Hope this help Billy?!
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