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' Bad ' Effects..... man


New Member
\' Bad \' Effects..... man

And, given that we're on the time travel board im of course, talking about the side effects of time travel.

This has probally been discussed before (i didnt check ), and if it was sorry.

If someone travel through time and was exposed to the associated effects, what would happen to the person ? - what has happened to the person ? ;-)

We know about the Philadelhia Experiment in '43, and the effects that it had on the sailors (or test subjects) in question - being dementia, paranoia, being 'lodged' in solid steel, becoming invisible etc.

The same risks (or similiar ) could be said to put the lives of potential time-travellers at risk also.

My thinking on the dementia side is that the subconcious mind, know that it shouldnt be in the place/time constantly seeks to return home so its own place in time and this struggle leads to run-of-the-mill mental illness. Or, the simple fact that the matter of traveller is not intended for that time/place and the effects of spacial equallibrium act upon the body on the level that determones its own existence - 'cosmic balance' i suppose.

Although, the Philadelphia exp. wasnt into time-travel as such, it did put its toes into that area - was it that the ship in Q. was placed in a temporal limbo and faded from existence as well as not at the same time?

+ im beginning to ask myself if that how 'UFOs' attain those speeds they do without the raw forces of nature acting upon them. is it that they become non-existant in the same way and as such arent subjected to the forces that would seem to make those speeds impossible?

Well, i dunno .... im a 'Junior' member :)

]Truthguy -] Tiocfaidh MO Lá!

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RE: \' Bad \' Effects..... man

truthguy:] "im beginning to ask myself if that how 'UFOs' attain those speeds they do without the raw forces of nature acting upon them. is it that they become non-existant in the same way and as such arent subjected to the forces that would seem to make those speeds impossible?

Now there's an "Attahboy"!!
truthguy strikes a direct hit!
Naturally because these craft have the ability to open up a portal to another dimension, during this process they become less held to the properties of this dimension, needless to say that those craft which were created from another dimension, or world, with materiels from such, they too would indeed have quite "different properities" and behave as such.

RE: \' Bad \' Effects..... man

I would think that with any form of space or time travel. There would be ways to stabilize the gravity and distortions on board the vessel. Like a way to dampen it. A dampening Field of some kind. Like Anti-Gravity, balancing out the counter effects of weightless-ness.

Anyone get what I'm taking about
. I'm not very scientific, so it's hard for me to describe my ideas in such a way.

Some people may call Electricity -Electricity. But I like to call it, that Benjamin thing with the kite

Anyway's, just wanted to point out that there could be ways to balance out the effects of traveling in space and through time.

-Javier C.
RE: \' Bad \' Effects..... man

Oh by the way... It makes me so glad that for a change someone is considering the effects of Time Travel

It's been a hectic Time Line, and I have seen and experienced many things. But it's good to see someone taking a small activist role in Time Travel. Instead of just accepting it with open arms, without even considering it's safety.

We live in a society where at times its, try first, see about safety later. But I guess that's trail and error. But it's not hard to anticipate some things with a little common sense, if just not so easily accepted.

-Javier C.
RE: \' Bad \' Effects..... man

Electricity is inherently unsafe. I've been calling for an outright ban for decades now. Trust me this stuff is DAANGEROUS! Just last week they executed a guy with it.

You wouldn't believe some of the spooky things that can happen when using it. Even standard house current is beyond my comprehension. For example time and again I've whitnessed it bend spoons.....every time one gets caught in the ELECTRIC egg beater.

Come to think of it TTA you are right. The human race is for the most part total morons who can't be trusted with a book of matches. This is why we invented religion, its a great way to keep an eye on the guy in the next door and make sure he knows that axes are for chopping wood. (Oh I'm sorry, I dectect a bit of political incorectness here.) Which gets me around to the point.....knowlege and technology ain't the problem. The problem is IMMORALITY.....or just plain evil.

People have to guard their own door, but we've been lulled asleep. We will die, and It won't be time travel, technology, polution, fate or what have you that did us in, but our own short commings as human beings.
RE: \' Bad \' Effects..... man

Uhhh, Ok...

I take it your annoyed by something I said. I'm sorry you feel that way
. I guess being a do gooder is not a desireable personality in this message board. Oh well, tough.

-Javier C.
RE: \' Bad \' Effects..... man

Ok, time-travel is dangerous. Compared to what?

Is it more dangerous than an icepick? Less dangerous than air borne plauge? Excuse me pal but EVERYTHING is dangerous, so why do you stay on your anti-timetravel soap box?

How does an ocational alleged slip of time compare to Gulf War Illness on your scale of things to worry about? You drive me nuts, don't you have any REAL problems to worry about?

Why are you on this board?
RE: \' Bad \' Effects..... man

I think, that you should let everyone answer this question, not just me. Most of us all have our own personal reasons why we are against something in life. And trying to convince the side that hasn't been involved with it personally would be like telling your kids drugs are wrong when they haven't even experimented on them to know.

So of course some will experiment, while others will be smart enough to listen to their parents. I’m glad I was smart to listen. But it was to late for my brother.

But anyways… To me, Time Traveling takes away of a persons freewill.

But then again, I realize humanity could benefit from Time Travel. To save our lives in the event of mass illness or death. Surprised to hear me, an activist say that
. Well don’t be, I still strongly believe it’s not right.

It's when it’s regulated for ethical purposes, which I am in favor of its use. Not when those reasons are for the exploitation of a race, for a purpose later in life that involves controlling the past, for a future culture that thrives on perfection (spirituality). The end will always justify the means, for spirituality especially in the future.

We are Human, free. Not slaves. Time Traveling makes us slaves, changing people's lives and having them feel a sense of "this wasn't suppose to happen" was how I felt all my life. It isn't right... I know you may not see that, cause you might not have had personal experiences.

Just think of it, as someone making you do things without your consent. Like if you were hypnotized and didn’t know it. You would do things that you would probably not do, say, act and think in a completely different manner. And realizing that you were hypnotized, wouldn’t that piss you off? Wouldn’t that make you feel violated, and want to get back at who ever did that to you?

So why do humans feel violated when someone does them wrong, and takes away at their freewill? Because we are born free, we believe that the world we live in is under our control and can do whatever we please. And then someone gives us the reality check that it isn’t so, like in that example of being hypnotized and not knowing it, Hell it would piss anyone off. Wouldn’t it? I don’t know anyone who likes being manipulated and being controlled. How about you?

You all seen the movie Matrix right? How it's a reality that you think is real. But it's not. Time Travel will make your life like the Matrix. There will always be something in your mind, telling you something else from what your eyes and body tell you. Something different, that logic and statistics can't show. So that leaves the question, are you with us, or against us? There was a time I didn’t want to remember anything, cause I couldn’t do a thing about it. I realized that just knowing about it, isn’t going to make others who are going through it go away. I may not remember a lot of things, but others do. And they need our help. How else are we going to take back our freewill?

So what do you say? Are you in, or are you out?

Sincerely yours,
Javier C.
RE: \' Bad \' Effects..... man

Ok you win, I'm a sucker for a good mystery. What in the blazes are you talking about?

Are we all being controled by Time Travelers that won't let us in on the secret? ( I admit that I just never did 'get' your point of view.)

Let me guess again, your are living a different life than you lived last time around, and you think the evil ones are responsible for switching it on you?

The TIme COP movie is essentialy true but the bad guys won?

Here is my take on it; I can't seem to get a grip on planning what I going to do 15 minutes from now, so how is somebody ELSE going to control my life?
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